The universal value of Shore hardness

Just moments ago, whilst sitting here in Starbuck’s cruising le’ web, I discovered that people the world over know, use, and I’m quite sure savor the phrase Shore hardness.

And suddenly everything seems so right with the world.

Ha, ha. No, but anyway, I’ve never known much at all about my grandparents on either side: except for one brief visit to our house from my father’s mother when I was six, I’ve never met my grandparents, nor or any of my uncles, aunts, cousins, or anyone like that. Tracing back my genealogical roots takes me as long as it takes to say, “Mom, Dad.” Then I’m done. That’s about all I know.

Now, thanks to the Internet, I can add to my knowledge of my forefathers that in 1930 my paternal grandfather, Albert Shore, founder of The Shore Instrument & Mfg. Co., of Jamaica, New York, invented an Apparatus for Measuring the Hardness of Materials, the original patent for which you can see here.

A bit more Internet research taught me that the modern iteration of his invention is the still-used Shore durometer. It turns out that within the world of metals testing, my grandfather set “the international standard for hardness measurement.”

The Shore international standard for hardness measurement.

Man, I wouldn’t touch that one with a ten-foot pole.

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  • Redlefty (Michael)

    It's well known that if your grandfather set the international standard for measuring rubber hardness, you're bound to be a familiy disappointment. I mean, how do you follow that? Might as well lounge in Starbucks and drink a hot one in honor of the old man.

  • Mark Lattimore

    Well, you know…nevermind.

  • Brian Shields

    Oh and John… you ARE rich… just not wealthy

  • John Shore

    I just think it's amazing the things you can learn poking around the Internet. (Get it? Get it? Huh? Didya get the joke I slipped in there?)

  • Helly

    I think we'll need your wife to come on this blog and confirm the veracity of your title 😉

  • John Shore

    John Shore: Offending his best readers since 3:37 September 15, 2009.

  • Ken Leonard

    Wait! I was reading this blog back then. How did I miss this?

  • Lynn Wynar


  • John Shore

    (Seriously, though: I hear ONE joke about "thy rod and thy staff" comforting anybody, and I will shut this blog down. BRIAN.)

  • Kristi

    Kill joy.

  • Diana A.

    Saving that one for yourself, hey John?

  • Brian Shields

    That Shore is interesting.

  • ric booth

    You should prop-up and stump your own family brand.

    Your tag line could be "Be Safe. Be Loved. Be Shore!"

    You're probably going to need a new front man. Hearing Cat laugh off-camera from the kitchen just isn't likely to ahh… work.

  • yeu@nn

    Oh man this is just so… wrong! Hahaha!

  • skerrib

    Heh heh. Heh heh.

  • Sue Hulett via Facebook

    LOL! You’ve Famous Ancestry. Like somebody named Kleenex, only better, eh?

  • Sue Hulett via Facebook

    LOL! You’ve Famous Ancestry. Like somebody named Kleenex, only better, eh?

  • Lee Walker

    You have a 10-foot pole?? WOW

  • Diana A.

    Good one, Lee!

  • Perry Aliado via Facebook

    My inner immature 8th grader is giggling horribly at the imagery of Kleenex with “Shore hardness” — I’m sorry. Really I am… 😛 (PS…this is AWESOME.)

  • Blake

    It’s like you’re famous. Hey! You should write a book!

  • Diana A.

    Love this!

  • Richard lubbers

    I agree with Redlefty. That would be a hard act to follow; one to test your metal, for Shore, John.

  • Ken Leonard

    If you’re familiar with the show “Firefly,” and specifically the episoe “Trash,” then think of Wash at the end of the episode … his sputtering and semi-laugh right before he turned around and walked back into the ship.

    Yeah … that’s me right now. I’m trying to say something — either witty or childish — and can’t.

  • Jason M Dye via Facebook

    but what about a ten INCH pole?