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I’m Now Blogging for “The Huffington Post”

As of today I’m blogging for The Huffington Post. I’ll supply le’ skam on the skinny either later this evening or the first thing tomorrow morning, but in the meantime (if you would—and comment, too, if you would!) … check it out: My first post on The Huffington Post. Life. It’s so … interesting, sometimes. [Read More…]

Adam and Eve talk it out

Adam: I sure wish we hadn’t eaten that apple. That was dumb. Eve: Really? Ya’ think? Adam: Where are we? Eve: I dunno. I know where we’re not. Adam and Eve [dreamily]: Paradise. Adam: I miss it already. I want back there so bad! Eve: Me, too. Maybe if we begged him to let us [Read More…]

If This Doesn’t Improve Your Day …

To quote the ever-quotabe Tim Hornor (upon whose Facebook page I found this video—and whom I once interviewed in Interview with an Actor in an Upcoming Super Bowl commercial, and featured in From Budweiser to Hardees—And Beyond!), if this doesn’t improve your day we have nothing in common. A critical issue has arised arosen come [Read More…]

You’re Not a Real Christian!

Can we all agree, when discussing religion, to refrain from being completely dickish? [Read more…]

The Wicked Witch: Retired, But Still a Buzz Junkie

I just came across this old TV commercial. About five seconds into it, I felt my brain starting fizzing over how many things in it were just … wrong. Be afraid. [Read more…]

Christian Teens and Gay Teens: It’s in the Cards

On the Day of Silence, meant to bring attention to LGBT bullying, should Christian students hand out cards of their own? [Read more…]

Once Upon Atone

Yesterday I looked at the Atonement at the micro/personal level. Here I step back to consider it in its broader context. [Read more…]

Christ and Your Guilt

Perhaps due to it being Lent, I’ve recently received a few emails from people asking me to explain what the Atonement of Christ is—what exactly it means, basically. So: The Atonement (think “at-one-ment,” because it’s about reconciling yourself to God) refers to the act by which Christ, who was God incarnated as a man, absorbed [Read More…]

My Interview with Writer’s Digest

About three months after my book Penguins, Pain and the Whole Shebang, came out, Writer’s Digest magazine contacted me for an interview. By way of planning for a special “Spirituality” issue of the magazine, they had asked their readers to recommend a book on the topic. A lot of people apparently named Penguins, and that’s [Read More…]

Can the Christian and Muslim Both Be Right?

In yesterday’s Religious Tolerance: Lack of Conviction, or World’s Only Hope? I asserted that ultimately the only hope for mankind is if everyone who fervently believes in their religion “adheres to their belief the idea that just because something is right for them doesn’t mean it must be right for everyone else.” This idea—that the [Read More…]