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Single Women: Do Not Try To Change Him

A bit more on the general subject touched upon with yesterday’s, “Stop Wasting Time Looking for Mr. Right.” If you’re a single woman, a good thing to understand about any man with whom you’re thinking about getting more deeply involved or even married is that men don’t change. They are who they are. Love and [Read More…]

Stop Wasting Your Time Looking For Mr. Right

A single woman recently wrote me this: What do guys want? I’m an intelligent, good-hearted woman with a lot to offer any man. But all the men I meet seem to have some sort of congenital aversion to commitment—to settling down, getting serious, getting married. But isn’t that the best life has to offer — [Read More…]

Why Love is Like a Tapeworm

People always say that love is an unfathomable mystery no mortal can fully understand. I, on the other hand, think love is like a tapeworm. It’s invasive, sucks the life out of you, makes you take drugs, makes you walk funny, and causes you to spend a lot of time alone in the bathroom, crying. [Read More…]


WHOA! Three years, and it’s the first time this has happened. If you subscribe to my feed, or visited my blog here this morning, you might have seen a post called, “Five E-Z Steps to Making it Rich as a Creative Genius.” The text of that post read as follows: [Read more…]

Let’s Try Blogging About Current Events!

On my Facebook page, a reader commented about my blog, “All your posts refer to the Christian faith. You don’t comment on the oil spill, the firing of a general, the World Cup, etc.” Good point! I should blog more about current events. And what better time to blog about current events than right now? [Read More…]

Why I Don’t Run a Ministry

Yesterday I was talking to a big deal ministry leader because that’s how important I am, and he said, “How’s that blog of yours coming along? Don’t you hate having to do that? It’s every day, isn’t it? I hate it when I have to do stuff like that, because then you have to turn [Read More…]


As I sit here feeling for some terrible reason I sense but can’t grasp that I’m finally going to spill my morning cup of coffee all over my laptop that I never actually put on my lap because as much as I enjoy lounging and writing I hate it when my thighs get fried, I [Read More…]

The Devil in God’s Bedroom, Part 2: The Wager

(This is the second half of The Devil in God’s Bedroom. It begins with the final line from yesterday’s half.) GOD: [Adam and Eve] would never dream of disobey­ing me, because they will love me, and honor me, and do every­thing that they possibly can to please me. DEVIL: Of course they will. It’s beyond questioning. [Read More…]

Little Joe Cartwright at Seminary

Not many people know this, but there was a time when Bonanza ‘s Little Joe Cartwright attended seminary college. Apparently concerned that he was a bit too avidly embracing the spirit of the place, Timothy “Toots” LaRue, the chancellor of Dusty Trails Divinity, sent Joe back to Ponderosa after only one semester. This is the [Read More…]

The Devil in God’s Bedroom

(In one of the comment threads on my blog here the other day, the idea came up that, in The Book of Job, God and Satan act like frenemies. That notion reminded me of something I haven’t thought about in a great many years, which is a dialogue I once imagined taking place between God [Read More…]