Comin’ Straight At Ya’ Through 50,000 Watts of Broadcasting Power, Baby: Me.

Like This!

So today, whilst hunkered down in this new book I’m writing, I got an email that said … well, exactly this:

Name: john hall



Hi John,

I’m the co-host and producer of a daily radio show in Pittsburgh. We’d like to invite you to join us on-air for a live 15 minute segment. Would you be willing to jump in with us?

All Best,

John Hall



So, media-savvy savant that I am, I typed back (basically), “I dunno. Who are you guys?”

“We’re a daily radio show in Pittsburgh on a 50,000 watt Christian station that covers parts of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio,” Mr. Hall wrote right back. “Each day we talk to artists, priests, poets, saints and sinners, about God and the world, and all that’s in it. Pick a topic and come and be part of this.”

So I said sure, sounds fun. I think we’re going to talk about the relationship between Christians and atheists.

Watch: the station’ll end up being owned by Anne Rice. It’ll prove the means of her revenge for “Anne Rice: “I Quit Being a Christian!” Yaaaaawn.

Like I’d be able to blame her if it was.

The station–which I see is actually owned by mega-Christian media company Salem Communications–looks pretty … well, you can look at it for yourself. I think the official WORD-FM station motto is “In God We Trust.”

They’ll call me at 4:35 tomorrow, EST. It’ll broadcast live–but you can listen to archived shows off the show’s web page or via iTunes.

Between then and when they call I’m going to try to contract a terrible hacking cold, so that when I talk I’ll sound like Berry White.


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  • Diana

    OMG–That's so cool! I'm spreading the word on this one.

  • Melissa

    Now we'll have a voice to go with the words! I already have one in my head, of course. I wonder how close my voice will be to what you really sound like… Or if it will be like the first time I heard the voice of Garfield from the cartoon series (Carlton the doorman, whaaaat?) or similar to my own imagining, say something like The Most Interesting Man in the World. Now that would be something;)

  • John Shore
  • Melissa

    The Most Interesting Man in the World. Just like I said…

  • John Shore

    It's true. I'm almost unbearably fascinating.

  • Kim

    True, you're almost unbearably fascinating. And almost equally unbearably humble.

    p.s. "Watch: the station’ll end up being owned by Anne Rice. It’ll prove the means of her revenge for “Anne Rice: “I Quit Being a Christian!” Yaaaaawn.“

    (TOO FUNNY!)

  • skerrib

    Break a leg!

  • Elizabeth

    Honestly, the first thing I thought when you posted this was, gracious, what won't you do to avoid getting down to work? Then I thought, I hope they've seen your videos. Not that you aren't witty, charming, and intelligent, but your monologues are a trip. You'll be great. If they haven't done their homework, though, they might be left speechless. Knock'em dead.

  • Mary

    Wow. Just… wow. Unleashing you upon the world… are they sure their audience is ready for this?

    Have a great time. :)

    Rejoicing in the day,