“John’s Band.” I Sense a Movement! (Oh, Stop! I Swear, I Can’t Take You People Anywhere…)

Yesterday, in one of the zillion little comment threads on my Facebook fan page, reader (and blog commenter extraordinaire) Mindy Brown Carney said something about the “band” of commenters on my blog. I responded with, ‎”John’s Band. I like that! Those are T-shirts I’d …. have designed.” Mindy joked that she would wear such a shirt; I then (since apparently I never have anything to do) responded with, “This is how shameless/bored/proud I am: I was just looking for a piece of clip-art that actually matched the cartoon drawing of a little band/singing collective that I now have in my head. Cuz I’ll do it, man. I’ll make T-shirts.”

And then today, just now, reader Wren Paasch (don’t you love that name?) sent me (via my fan page), this drawing (which you can click on to enlarge).

In a note accompanying the drawing, Wren explained that the “keyboards” we see me playing here are “supposed to be laptops with penguins on them.”

You guys kill me.

But seriously. T-shirts. I’m not sure this would actually fit on a T-shirt, but, you know. Something.

Thank you, Wren! This is just … way too fun.

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  • http://dianer.blogspot.com/ DR

    This is so incredibly fantastic.

  • http://www.johnshore.wordpress.com John Shore

    I know. It's awesomeness. And it has that totally retro school kid look: it looks like every note I ever drew and/or passed on in fourth grade. I love it.

    Now I really want "John's Band" T-shirts, with a little logo and everything. I know I could totally sell up to four of them.

  • http://www.johnshore.wordpress.com John Shore

    I just looked at it again. Yeah, there's no way I could have actually done that in fourth grade. I couldn't even do it now.

  • Mary

    Wren is way cool.

  • Susan

    Wren u Wrock!

    How cool that you did this. Love it!

  • Mindy

    I get royalties, right? On all four of the sales?

    Because, well, I need the cash, OK? Thank you.


    This is way more fun than sitting at the podiatrist's with my daughter learning she has an extra bone in her foot that needs to be removed. I even got to see it on the xray. Yep, that looks like it's in the way. And no, the right foot doesn't have one. Weird things, feet.

  • http://allegro63.blogspot.com/ Sylvie Galloway

    My daughter had that as well, but it just took some monitoring and she eventually outgrew any trouble it was causing. Hope everything goes ok with her treatment.

  • http://www.johnshore.wordpress.com John Shore

    YIKES! I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's … extra foot bone.

    Yowzer. Feet ARE weird. I almost had to get mine amputated once. But … another blog post, another time.

    Yes: if you secure the logo, and get the T-shirts all lined up and ready to go, you can be sure that you will get enough of a cut to ensure that you'll be able to afford, say, getting your daughter's extracted extra bone bronzed.

  • http://blueberrypancakesfordinner.wordpress.com blueberrypancakesfor

    hay! i am gunna see a podiatrist soon, my right foot hurts.

    john? could you please make a Bumper sticker?



  • http://spiritualmeanderings.wordpress.com/ Sentinel

    "No silly putty is permitted in the amphitheater. Violators will be snappethed!"

    Priceless. :)

  • denver