Why I’m Hopeful For Our Future

Today I was searching around YouTube for some didgeridoo information, when I came across this excellent reason to feel completely optimistic about the future of our race. What a trippy kid. (It cracks me up how he starts it off with, “Time to combine your skills.” Like everyone’s just sitting around with their home-made didgeridoo and a Rubik’s cube, thinking, “You know what? I think I’m ready to try doing both of these at once.”)

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  • Love this!

  • Ace

    Ahahahah GENIUS!

    But the real question is, can he solve the Rubik's Cube while playing an ACCORDION?

  • Argy-bargy

    Duh! That's what feet are for. 😀

  • Mary

    My fave recent use of the didgeridoo by Crystal Bowersox. The guy learned to do it just for her for this song.


  • Tim

    Kewl kid…looks a little like a young John Lennon.

  • I hate to be a spoilsport, no you're right, I LOVE being a spoilsport, but this kid wasn't really circular breathing just hoping to do enough quick exhales to keep the sound going while catching another breath. And there were a couple of times when the sound sort of petered out.

  • No, he did it. He falters, I think, twice, but otherwise he totally does it the whole time. But the drone only does stop twice. Quite good!

  • Ace

    Well, when we see your expert digeridoo-rubiks-cube-er youtube video, we can do a proper comparison!

  • Nonsense. I didn't post a video on YouTube claiming to do circular breathing when I couldn't. If dishonesty is the reason to be hopeful for the next generation, I despair for the future.

  • I had a friend who is a trombone player who is an expert at circular breathing watch it and he pointed out the times the kid puffs out some air and then gasps for breath. And as you note, it goes silent twice. Perhaps he should have done a take two before posting to YouTube

  • JohnB

    Crap, now I need to work up a rendition of "Bad to the bone" complete with harmonica and Rubik's Cube.

  • "Nonsense"? This kid is dishonest? Yikes, dude. Why so harsh this morning?

  • I'm saying it's nonsense that I should have to be able to digeradoo and rubik's cube in order to point out that the kid wasn't doing what he claimed to be able to do on his YouTube posting. If he had posted that he was "playing" the didgeradoo while solving Rubik's Cub, that would have been one thing but he used the term circular breathing which my expert says he wasn't doing. That's dishonest. Don't claim to do more than what you can do. And since you were holding him up as a reason to be hopeful for the future (I know you were being tongue in cheek about that) I thought it worth pointing out that overclaiming your abilities is not the way to inspire such confidence (for me). I'm sorry if you think that's harsh but it's the way I see it.

  • Ace

    Man, you really are a spoilsport today.

    Lighten up, it's just a goofy youtube video, no need to be a wet blanket.

  • I started out kidding and you responded with an insult so I took it from there.

  • DR


  • DR

    Why doesn't everyone relax and take an online anger management course today. Seriously. This is a sweet video of a kid. He's not negotiating for peace in the Middle East.

    OR IS HE?

  • DR


  • I'm serious that it's an impressive enough feat as it is that he didn't need to claim circular breathing when it wasn't.

  • DR

    (backing slowly away from the computer)

  • DR

    When are you going to learn that something done imperfectly is actually not doing it AT ALL.

    Dumb Dumb!

  • No that's not what I'm saying. Being imperfect is fine. Just don't claim that you're circular breathing when you're not. Say you're attempting circular breathing, just say you're playing the damn instrument. But boasting that you're circular breathing and then anyone who watches the video can see that you're not is lying.

    That's it, I'm done.

  • Ace

    My response was kidding as well, actually. I'm sorry if you took it as an "insult" but it was not nearly that serious. I mean, if I wanted to insult you, I would have commented on your mother's weight, your intelligence and/or your grooming habits.

  • Robert Meek

    Do both of these at once? Oy vey! John, I iz a lot older than you, and far more an antique, like 53 going on 93, but I thunk I can safely say that neither of us iz up to that – it iz called permanently hurtin' ourselves!

    Youza! I dunno but thunk you shouldn't do it……! Maybe alternate? Eh? 60 sec of didgeridoo then 60 sec of Rubik's cube back and forth?

    Who the hell iz Rubik anyway? All I know is I gave one of those thing one or two goes, and it about fried me into a cross-eyed misery!!!! UGH!

  • Mary

    Impressive! Note that this kid lives in a house with books. Boring, book-less houses produce boring, book-less kids.

  • Yup, he maintained circular breathing for the vast majority of the clip, but slipped a couple of times towards the end. For the first minute he keeps pretty consistent with his circular breathing – you can see him taking sharp inhalations with his mose while still blowing out – but it's tiring to maintain.

    Awesome, awesome clip.

  • Yeah, he does a good job, doesn't he? I love it.

  • This kid is awesome.

    And yeah, I love the whole set-up of, "Given that you already have a didg and a Rubik's cube, why not combine them!"

  • Okay, now I have to go put up the first clip I saw of his…..

  • Matthew Tweedell

    Dreamtime, anyone?

  • LL

    This is exactly why I have opted not to start my own blog. Seems you can’t post anything (no matter how innocent) without someone raining on your parade and picking apart your original post. Isn’t life too short? How sad that so many focus on what’s wrong instead of what’s right.

    But if you continue to feel you need to be right, I guess you’ll have more to say.

    I’m just saying….