My New Love Looks and Acts Just Like My Ex!

I love my blog. We’ve been through a lot together. Confusing license plates. Baby future astronauts from the past. Appliance porn.

Me on drugs.

Good times all.

But, alas, those times have ended. Why? Because I broke up with my blog, man.

It wasn’t the blog. It was me.

Okay, fine: between us, it was the blog. What can I say? I just … outgrew her.

Up until now, I have been blogging on a blog. But as of around 3:30 a.m. this past Friday, I’m blogging on a self-hosted blog.

Can you believe how different the two are?

Right. Me, neither. My new blog is exactly like my old one. Which is kind of the point; it means the switch-over was perfectly successful.


The good news is that my brand-new same old blog can do things my blog couldn’t. The bad news is that I have to figure out how to make those new and exciting things happen. The good news is that I will. The bad news is that doing so will mean having to read computer manuals. The good news is … well, there’s just nothing good about that.

But it’ll sooooo be worth it. I will soon, for instance, be launching a whole new system for managing my blog’s comments. The program I’ll be using is Intense Debate. You’ll love, love, love it. You’ll be able to rate comments, and comment straight from your email, and get an email alert when someone responds to your comment, and … all like that. I can’t wait. I’m insane over it.

Stay tuned for other brand-new bloggy goodness.

For now, please do me a favor. If, in perusing around this blog, you come across a link that doesn’t work, or find anything weird going on with it at all (I mean, besides the usual weirdness that goes on here: technical weirdness, I mean), please do let me know, so that I can fix it. Thanks!

And thanks, as ever, for your readership.

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  • Redlefty

    Dang. I was hoping I could just throw sarcastic comments like this out into the ether and not have to worry about things like ratings and responses!

    But if it makes you miserable with computer manuals, then I support it. It's good for us to take on things we suck at. :)

  • John Shore

    Maybe I won't enable that. And I think users can opt out of it.

  • Ace

    Comment rating tends to turn into a childish popularity contest, at least what I've seen on other sites that allow it.

  • Melissa

    How cool! I love the idea of commenting straight from email – so easy! I guess I'll have to admit to being a little childish about the ratings thing as I really like that feature as well. It all sounds great!

  • Robert Meek

    Computer manuals and … you. Hmm. Has anyone called the men with the white jackets yet, to ready them? 😉

  • Mindy

    Way cool, John. I can't wait, either!

  • myfanwe

    It all looks and sounds good to me, so far. Will let you know if I encounter any glitches.

  • StraightGrandmother

    All the comments in the previous topics have disappeared…

  • Don_C

    My guess is that when John moved the blog, the comments stayed behind. Maybe he didn't have enough boxes to pack them all…

  • John Shore

    No, the comments are just syncing up with Intense Debate, the program that’ll be handling them….

  • allegro63

    I have two wordpress accounts now and I can't sync them! Oh well. Looking to see how all this works, as I am considering the possibility of switching my personal blog to this format.

  • tildeb

    Bravely done, John.

    I'm looking forward to better being able to navigate the comments and figure out who said what to whom to follow the thread of comment and response. Although your postings are a treat to stimulate thinking, the comments are the nexus of this growing community so whatever improvements you bring are welcomed.

  • Barnmaven


  • ric booth

    The bad news is that doing so will mean having to read computer manuals. The good news is … well, there’s just nothing good about that.

    Hey, hey. You know, there may be a computer IT consultant type who reads your blog. He may not admit to this publicly but he might leave a vague comment.

  • StraightGrandmother

    ric I sensed a vague comment from you, LOL.

  • Greta M Sheppard

    …..golly gee…and I thought I was daring…at 81 switching to a Mac from a P.C.

  • John Shore

    Good job, Greta. That IS a bit of a switch. I made the same switch about two years ago; I wrote about it here: