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LGBTQ and Christianity: My 2011 in Review

In 2011 I did an lot of writing about the relationship between LGBTQ folk and Christianity. I wish I hadn’t; I wish it weren’t an issue at all. But it is. So I wrote what I did. Below are links to twelves such pieces I wrote in 2011. Each is followed by a quote from [Read More…]

My Top 10 blog posts (and some stats) for 2011

2012! Almost here! Whoo-hoo! Time to do the laziest blog post ever! Whoo-hoo! [Read more…]

The moment where I seriously dislike Cardinal George

This relates to my post earlier today. In the comments to that post people brought up some great points about how, after all, we must be fair to Cardinal George. I agree; I am never not for being fair to anyone. (And I hadn’t been unfair to the Cardinal in my post, insofar as in [Read More…]

Time to Resign for Cardinal “If You’re Gay, You’re KKK”?

[UPDATE: The moment where I seriously dislike Cardinal George] Our friends over at Truth Wins Out (a non-profit organization that fights anti-gay religious extremism) want you to be aware of what they’re doing in response to the unfortunate statements recently made by Chicago Archbishop Francis George, wherein he compared participants in gay pride parades to [Read More…]

20 Quick Steps From Loving God to Hating Others

Here’s how this happens. [Read more…]

What (if anything) should public schools teach children about religion?

I recently received an email seeking my contribution to a book wherein people prominent in various fields answer the question, “What (if anything) should public schools teach children about religion?” Among those who have already submitted their answer are former US President Jimmy Carter; John Hennessy (president, Stanford University); Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; Katharine Jefferts Schori (Presiding Bishop, [Read More…]

A Primer on Islam: Historical Outline (Lesson 3 of 6)

If you have made it this far into the lessons, then as Muslims are keen to say, you will “seek knowledge even as far as China.” This third lesson is a quick outline that is designed to let you perceive both the major historical periods within Islam, as well as some of the details. With [Read More…]

Outside the Inn: Pastor Bob’s Christmas Eve sermon

(Here’s the sermon preached by pastor Bob last night. Wishing all of you the greatest possible Christmas.) “You know this story by heart—and even if this is your first time ever in a church, you likely know the Christmas songs from sacred places like Target, Walmart, or the new Kohl’s. This story is so familiar, [Read More…]

Now comes God

Christmas is our one chance, once a year, to revel in the truly new. Now comes to us the essence and totality of all that we have ever been or dreamed we might become. Now comes God. Made of man! Made of woman. Made of us. Made of the best of us—and more, of course. [Read More…]

How to go to work as The Twelve Days of Christmas

Wondering how you can go to work every day every day for twelve days in a row dressed like a different character from “The Twelve Days of Christmas”? Great! Here’s how. [Read more…]