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I was in an insane asylum

I don’t wonder too much about what hell might be like. I already know. [Read more…]

I’m Too Sexy for My Codpiece

A look at hormonal-driven fashions through the ages. [Read more…]

The Tortured Old Lady Who Died Holding My Hand When I Was 10

When I was ten an old lady held my hand as she died screaming of her sins. [Read more…]

“Welcoming and Affirming”: Like Lawrence Welk Break Dancing?

What exactly might a church mean by “Welcoming and Affirming”? [Read more…]

Hey There, Dan Savagers

If you’ve come here via the ever-spectacular Dan Savage, looking for the post of mine from which he read in his podcast today, that post is here: How Is Being Gay Like Gluing Wings on a Pig?. (It’s also here.) You’re also of course welcomed to peruse other of my pieces regarding the relationship between [Read More…]

Death, Be Not Stupid

The bad news is that, by all accounts, my father is dying. The good news (such as it is) is that I’ve been preparing for this moment my whole life. [Read more…]

“And Verily Did They All Then Shutteth the [Bleep] Up.”

Why Jesus never gets any credit for this miracle, I’ll never know. [Read more…]

Jesus Christ: Not a Dick; Not a Social Worker Who Got Mugged

We ThruWay Christians are pleased the left has rushed to embrace us. But our issues with the left are as trenchant as our issues with the right. [Read more…]

Alas en un cerdo

(N. de la T.: Alas en un cerdo es una expresión utilizada en inglés muy similar a “cuando las vacas vuelen”)  En estos días, cada cristiano que “está contra la homosexualidad” (sea lo que sea lo que eso quiera decir) presenta el mismo argumento. Dicho argumento es… bueno, este, tomado directamente de un correo electrónico [Read More…]

Window shopping

If this site were a department store, I might display this stuff in its windows: Christian Issues What Would Jesus Do If Invited to a Gay Wedding? An Open Letter From Christians to Gay People What Non-Christians Want Christians To Hear From a Christian Woman Who Chose Abortion Christians and the Blood of Jamey Rodemeyer [Read More…]