St. Patrick: One plucky, tone-deaf little alcoholic

Sorry for the linky inconvenience, put the post you’re looking for is “I have had it with these !!#!@&*!! snakes in this !!#!@&*!! glen!” Thanks. Sorry again.

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  • Suz

    I laugh, and Grandpa Joe rolls over in his grave.

  • Mary G

    John, you’re so freaking goofy. I love that about you!

  • Andrew Raymond

    Wonderfully goofy!

  • Crysta Hicks via Facebook

    I didn’t…till I read it today, by accident. =)

  • St Paddy’s my main man. I’m related to people that knew him.

  • Carol

    Even less commonly known is the history of St. Urho…the patron Saint of Finland. HE drove the snakes OUT of Finland and INTO Ireland. For some reason, known only to the Finns I guess (do saunas kill brain cells?) on March 16, it is required (at least in Michigan’s U.P.) to wear purple and don snowshoes for the day…

    You could ask me why, but I haven’t a clue….too much time spent in the sauna, no doubt…HAPPY ST. URHO’S DAY!!! …and March 17 is also my birthday! hmmmm…..that might explain an affinity for funny pipe smoking in my youth……

  • Cindy

    I thought st. Urho drove the grasshoppers out of the vineyards of Finland. I thought my Finnish father made it up to drive my Irish mother crazy. And then learned that he in fact did not make it up it just worked nicely into his shtick. I have then assumed all Finns wanted to mess with the Irish on march 16th and made up the goofy holiday. Causing me as half Finn half Irish girl to party on both days. And or feel a wee bit conflicted!! Top of the morning to you and sisu!!

  • Kathy in KC

    Oy vey. Or something suitably ethnic. I can’t think of anything Irish at the moment. Me grandma would have had something on the tip of her Irish tongue, I can assure ye. Erin go bragh. And didn’t the sainted Patrick have something to do with sailing in a round boat, now? Methinks it was called a coracle. Irish missionaries sailed the blessed things, they did.

  • Leslie Marbach

    How’d I miss this the past two years? Hilarious!!

  • Being of French and Scots descent, I find this funny on a helpless state of giggles level.