The Smith Family Chronicles 4: “Hello. I Am Your Son.”

Conservative Evangelical Christian Bob Smith is having one intense day. First he reacted poorly when his daughter Jane revealed to him that she was someone very different than he thought. His reaction deeply hurt Jane—and didn’t exactly endear him to his wife.

And now this.


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You can read about why I’m doing “The Smith Family Chronicles” on my post, “The Secrets We Keep, The Lies We Tell.”

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  • “I just noticed how alike our voices are.”

    Even if it weren’t for Mr. Smith getting a bit of comeuppance, that line alone makes this episode art. Hehehe — I can’t wait for next week!

  • Suz

    Well. Nothing like having your meticulously neat little life BLOW UP IN YOUR FACE! You’ve painted Bob into quite a corner, haven’t you? Presuming that eventually he’s going to figure it out, is he first going to do the rationalization/justification thing? -This is all punishment for his “foolishness,” and Jane deserves her punishment too?-

    I actually feel sorry for Bob. He’s facing some big questions and he’s not accustomed to coming up with his own answers…

    I miss the cat.

  • The cat?

  • Yeah, it’s so weird, right? They only give you ONE “American male” voice. So … there it is. Anyway, thank you.

  • Tim

    Bob is dumbfounded. He waves good-bye to Hussein after his biological son shuts the door. He would have waved earlier, but it seemed obvious that Bob was a little distracted by the involuntary BM he felt in his slacks, when Hussein gave Bob the Islamic 411. I can hardly wait for next week.

  • JauntyJohn

    “My name is Hussein.”

    Mr. Smith: “What?”

    “Hussein al Kalhid.”

    Mr. Smith: “What? I mean, really?”

    The “I just noticed how alike our voices are” was a real chuckle, but the above was LOL funny.

    Well, as much as Mr. Smith has some tough days ahead, it’s Mrs. Smith my heart is going out to right now. Not just for the lie from her husband but the betrayal from her friend.

    I admit to being (very) unfamiliar with Christian drama(s) — other than the original one, that is — but any person of a spiritual bent would find a story like this — something in which one’s deeply held beliefs are challenged from within as much as without — inspiring, interesting, helpful, thought-provoking… a living, breathing faith grows less from a rigid doctrine and much more from trials such as these — so often, trials of our own making. (in my humble opinion).

    The Smith Family Chronicles is an awesome exploration of all that.

    Plus, you gave me a good laugh this morning — what more can I ask for?

    Thanks, keep up the great work, and cheers!

  • Suz

    There’s a cat in the room in Episode 3. Not relevant to the story, but cute.

  • Laura M

    I have been wondering all week where the story was going! Oh my goodness…what a pickle. Well I am feeling sorry for all involved, including Mr. Smith. He is going to have a hard time putting his life back together again. Interesting that he admitted to living a lie all these years. I like the parallel with his daughter Jane, considering he would like her to commit to living a lie. I will be tuning in next week!

  • Stephen Hardie

    This series is definitely an attention grabber and keeps myself and everyone else captivated. I think you have done a great job John… but (sorry yes I have a constructive criticism) I feel like it’s turning way to much into a TV Reality Show (like the Kardashians or Desperate House Wives) because there are so many drama issues / twists showing up. Like the daughter coming out; cheating on wife and finding out about his surprised son; and the surprised son is Muslim?

    What’s next, the mother has cheated on him with the best friend he had the son with? LOL

  • Matthew Tweedell

    First you nailed the emotional drama, and then the suspense, and now humor & irony! Who knows what to expect next? Even at 5 minutes an episode, you throw in a little of everything. Except car-chase, fight, and sex scenes. But by keeping it short, you keep the action moving even though the characters aren’t! Keep up the good work!