10 Ways Christians Fail To Be Christian, and Other Such Essays

Here is my new e-book, available as a Kindle book, and a Nook Book. 10 Ways Christians Fail To Be Christian and Other Such Essays comprises revisions of twenty-seven of my best/most popular blog posts on the general subject of its title (being also the title of the first piece in the book, doncha know). The price is $2.99. I’m proud of it. (And I’m extremely grateful to Dan Wilkinson who, when I’d about given up ever getting the manuscript for the book properly formatted, stepped in to save the day. Dan is the cyberjedi who volunteered to build and maintain both the ThruWay Christian website and forum.)

The cover of 10 Ways was designed by Lisa Salazar, who also did the cover of 7 Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Relationships, as well as the logo for ThruWay Christians.

Um … so I’ll just jump in and say this. I really want to thank … well, my readers. So many of you write to tell me you like my stuff, and leave the insanely great comments on my blog, and share and “like” my posts on Facebook, and all that sort of thing. And for this past couple of weeks, while I’ve been combing through the content of this book to make sure everything’s all beautiful and correct—and especially during this past week, what with the Wallis affair making me forget to blink—I’ve really been aware of the value of the encouragement and love you guys send me. Because of you guys I always feel like I’m on this big team of ours that’s just … out here, fighting, loving, trying, believing. And it’s been painful, because lately I’ve just been too busy to respond properly (if at all)  to your emails and blog comments. So I think maybe I’ve been especially aware of my love for you guys, because I haven’t been able to process that love via the responses and little exchanges with you that always mean so much to me.

Anyway, thank you. If there were words to express how much your spirit means to me and sustains me through what I do every day, I’d use them.

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  • vj

    Oh yayeth! Verily have I downloadedeth alreadyeth!

    (Upside of getting your blog on my Kindle: elapsed time from reading this post to starting to read your new book – 30 seconds. Downside: can’t post comments. But yayeth, again, for my new smartphone…)

    But, seriously, these are some of my all-time favourites – it’s great to have them all collected in one place. Already being challenged afresh 😉

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/johnshore/ John Shore

    Hey, VJ! Thank you, as ever.

  • http://allegro63.wordpress.com/ sdgalloway

    ok, Now I need to gets me a kindle. Or wait for the old fashioned version.

  • vj

    OR, you could download the free pc/ipod/android Kindle app… :-)

  • http://wilkinsonweb.com Dan Wilkinson

    Glad to help :)

  • John Shore lives on my bumper sticker (Erin D.)

    Ooh, as soon as Amazon replaces my faulty Kindle I am downloading it!