Republican Politician Caught with His Gay Pants Down: Whose Shame Is It?

So this morning we have a story in the The Indianapolis Star about Republican state representative Phil Hinkle (above). Mr Hinkle is married with two children. He is a staunch, anti-gay, anti-Planned Parenthood, pro-“family values” Republican.

Which, of course, can mean only one thing: he’s also a profoundly clueless and closeted gay man. (Kidding! No excuse. Sorry.)

At least, he was closeted. But then, last Saturday night, Mr. Hinkle got horny. Really horny. So horny that he went up into the man-to-man “Casual Encounter” listings on his local Craigslist. There he found a picture of shirtless hottie Kameryn Gibson, his pants pulled provocatively down below his underwear. Gibson’s age was shown as eighteen. (Gibson later told The Star that his true age is twenty.)

“Email me and I’ll tell you everything you need to know!” said Gibson’s ad.

So Hinkle (and this is where the “profoundly clueless” part kicks in) emailed the guy, from his publicly-listed personal email address.

“Cannot be a long time sugar daddy,” typed Hinkle, “but can for tonight. Would you be interested in keeping me company for a while tonight?” He also wrote, “I am an in shape married professional, 5’8″, fit 170 lbs, and love getting and staying naked.” He promised to make the visit worth Gibson’s while “in cash.”

Here’s part of the ensuing email exchange between State Representative Hinkle and young gay prostitute Gibson:

Hinkle: “What will make you happy for giving me a couple hours of your time tonight?”

Gibson: “Wat [sic] can you give me?”

Hinkle: “How about $80 for services rendered and if real satisfied a healthy tip? That make it worth while?” [Eighty dollars? Talk about proof we’re in a depression. Still, it’s good to see that Hinkle was taking pains to remain fiscally responsible.]

After the two of them reached a financial agreement (“For a really good time,” wrote Hinkle, “you could get another 50, 60 bucks. That sound good?”), all that was left was for Hinkle to drive his white car over to Gibson’s place, pick him up, and take him to a nearby Marriot hotel.

Oh, one last detail: “If u want to consider spending the night,” Hinkle emailed his paramour, “u might tell ur sis so she won’t worry. Would have u back before 11 tomorrow. No extra cash just free breakfast and maybe late night snack.”

Yes, nothing says romance like, “You can sleep here if you want, but I ain’t payin’ to feed ya. And you’re outta here by eleven.”

Once in their hotel room (which, of course, Hinkle waited to enter fifteen minutes after Gibson), Hinkle, in an act of sheer moronacy, showed Gibson his ID.

Gibson freaked. It’s hard to be sure exactly why, but it could have something to do with discovering that he was about to commit prostitution with a lawmaker.

“Yeah, I don’t want to do this,” said Gibson.

Hinkle’s response (according to Gibson) was, “You need to do this, because I came and got you, and I’m not taking you back until we do what we need to do.”

Ah, love.

Gibson excused himself to the bathroom. From there he phoned his sister, Megan, to come get him the hell out of there.

From the The Star:

When Gibson came out [of the bathroom], he said Hinkle told him he couldn’t leave. Gibson called his sister again. This time, Megan [his sister] told him to put her on speakerphone.

“I started cussing him,” Megan told The Star. She also threatened to call the police and the local media.

“He said, ‘I’ll give you whatever,'” Megan said.

But when they hung up, Kameryn Gibson said Hinkle grabbed him by the right arm, just below the shoulder. Gibson said it was then that Hinkle grabbed him in the rear, dropped his towel and sat down on the bed — naked.

So you can see that, despite Hinkle’s winning ways, this wasn’t going well. And from there it only got worse.

Kameryn’s sister Megan comes to the room; she turns out to be an outstanding person not to cross; Hinkle offers his iPad, his BlackBerry, and $100 cash if the two of them will go away and forget they ever met him.

While Megan and Kameryn were driving home from the hotel, guess who called them on Hinkle’s BlackBerry? Hinkle’s wife, Barbara.

“Your husband is gay,” Megan informs Barbara. Barbara insists that Megan has mistaken someone else for her husband. Megan then reads her Hinkle’s email address, right off Hinkle’s BlackBerry.

What Megan hears next is a lot of silence.

Finally, Megan says, she heard Mrs. Hinkle say, “Please don’t call the police.”

To The Star one more time:

Megan Gibson said she then began receiving a series of calls from various family members — including from Hinkle’s son-in-law, demanding that his wife see proof of the emails.

Megan Gibson dropped off her brother then returned to the JW Marriott, where she showed Hinkle’s daughter the emails.

Megan Gibson said on her way back, she received another call from Hinkle’s wife.

“The first thing she said, she was like, ‘OK, we will give you $10,000 not to say anything,’ ” said Megan Gibson, who said she was now becoming scared. “I was like, ‘OK,’ and I hung up the phone.”

She soon got another call — from the Marriott hotel. It was Hinkle. Megan Gibson told Hinkle that she had informed his wife and family that he was gay.

Megan Gibson said Hinkle’s response was: “You just ruined me.”

When first contacted by The Star about this story, Hinkle would say nothing more than, “I am aware of a shakedown taking place.” He directed further inquiries to his lawyer.

While Hinkle’s closeted homosexuality may not be sufficient cause for all this horrendousness, it is, I believe, a necessary condition for it. The shameful behavior for which Hinkle is certainly culpable grew from a shame for which he is certainly not. That shame—the great, burning inner shame that most every gay and lesbian person is forced to overcome if he or she is ever to claim for themselves the same righteous pride of self that straight people so easily accept as their birthright—should be the shame of everyone who is not today working toward full LGBT acceptance and affirmation. And that holds especially true for Christians, who for far too long have used the Good News of the Gospels to bring nothing but terrible news to homosexuals, who, just like them, want nothing more, and nothing less, than to be loved for who they are.

"That kinda potty mouth got you banned from twitter."

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The fundamentally toxic Christianity
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The fundamentally toxic Christianity
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  • Linda B

    YOu know I don’t know whether to laugh or cry but the whole thing makes me sick. Gay or not what the hell was he tinking>?

  • Linda B

    I just don’t understand the poititions we have elected these days, it seems we have dug under every rock to find the lowest of the low and then given them a free ride to the Capital or to Wahsington. Just occured to me maybe we as the constituants better take a look at ourselves, may be we are the ones with our pants down. Or may be just want our ears to be tickled and our hearts to reamain hard so we don’t have to be accountable to ourselves for taking the easy eay out.

  • melissa

    What is most unfortunate about this is that Hinkle had to sneak around to be who he was sexually. No one should be ashamed of that. What is most excellent about his, however, is that he has spent a great deal of time keeping homosexuals oppressed and it has bit him in the butt. I believe this is what we call charma.

    I never like to see people go down this way. There is so much wrong with this world, and stuff like this happens in the name of hate. How can we celebrate that?

  • AboundingJoy

    John..that story made my afternoon. Could he be a bigger moron?

  • melissa

    Karma* sorry.

  • Anne

    What you fail to mention is Mr. Hinkle is staunchly opposed to gay marriage. I imagine his position is thus because he’s an unhappy gay man posing as a heterosexual and doesn’t want other gay men to be happy being gay in a monogamous relationship recognized by law.

    I think what’s coming to light in so many of these trysts gone bad is that most republican politicians who raise their voices against any gay rights legislation are self-hating gay men. It’s sad, really.

  • Tamborine

    Something about this Megan Gibson rocks!

  • Tamborine

    Kind of like what Storm Thurmond did when it comes to racisim.

  • Diana A.

    I don’t feel the least bit sorry for him. What goes around,comes around.

  • Tamborine


  • Todd

    His statement: “You ruined me,” sticks out the most for me. This putz has no one to blame but himself, but typically passed the buck. I would love to know if he ever spoke out publicly against Anthony W. Would be interesting to know. One more hypocrite bites the dust.

  • To me, what’s fascinating is that we have truly arrived at sexual/gender equality & now the badger game is being played w/a woman entering the scenario & threatening to blow the whistle on the john w/the rent boi. Outstanding! We’ve really progressed!

  • A-holes like this deserve the worst they can get! To be gay or bi-sexual AND to actively fight Gay Rights is nothing short of outrageous and hypocritical…a greater sin cannot be committed!

  • CJ

    A state rep tries to force someone into having sex with him (that would be rape), threatens to keep the person from going home (which is pretty much kidnapping), and his wife tries to pay the person off to keep them from calling the police (and bribery scores the hat trick).** And the first response anyone has is OMGWTFBBQ!!!1!!! HE’S GAY!!!!!11!!!!!


    *that the someone was a prostitute doesn’t matter, kid said no and didn’t take any money

  • Jen

    So, he’s against gay marriage, but gay prostitution and hush-money is okay?

    Oh wait, he’s probably against that, too.

    And I wonder what kind of earful Megan gave her brother.

  • Scott

    Just a small quibble, and I’ll be the first to admit this is just my perspective.

    Hinkle is *not* a gay man. Oh, he’s homosexual, or at least bi, to be sure. In my book, though, a gay man is out of the closet, and at peace with who he is.

    *I* am a gay man. And I thank God daily for that fact.

  • Mark

    I really don’t feel sorry for him at all. He used his time and influence as an elected official to deny rights to a group of people just because they are gay, and then we find out the he himself is gay! What a hypocrite! I imagine that he espoused this anti gay position just so he could be elected. What a pitiful person he is, and what a twisted society we live in when we deny individuals certain rights just because they are gay.

  • Elane

    I’m with you. It’s like the old Sodom story: nobody is ever bothered by the attempted rape and the subsequent fulfilled rape of the daughters.

  • Anne

    Isn’t judging others against the rules? I honestly wouldn’t care if he had sex with/solicited a prostitute, if he weren’t such a judgement, priggish, regressive jerk. I agree with Linda B: “Gay or not, what the hell was he thinking???” Guess we don’t have to ask what he was thinking with.

  • Just to clarify … this isn’t merely gay.

    This is adulterous, soliciting for prostitution, attempted rape (at least by intimidation), borderline kidnapping (in that he refused to bring the guy home … debatable, I suppose), and a cover-up. Whether the almost-lover was a man or woman is really a small part of the story when it comes down to what happened.

    Imagine that, though … a perverted and gay Republican. You never hear about those. :rolleyes:

  • Matt

    Here is an email I sent to Mr. Hinkle. I think every gay man should flood this mans email account.


    Are you serious? You will be lucky if you’re not charged with kidnapping by holding this kid against his will.

    I have a solution to your dilemma. Come clean with your constituency come out of the dark recesses of your closet  Beg for forgiveness to the thousands of parents, brothers, sisters and friends of children who have taken their lives because of homophobia such as yours. Commit your life to fighting for glbt rights in a government that is full of politicians such as yourself. Expose hypocrisy. Only then will you begin to find yourself and only then will you begin to like yourself. I can only imagine the self hatred that you must be experiencing. It is nauseating.


    Sent from my iPad

  • Rebecca

    Not to quibble, but isn’t anyone disturbed by the fact this dbag described himself as “fit”? And in what “shape,” a sphere?

    You stay classy, Hinkle.

  • tish

    I do not feel sorry for Mr. Hinkle at all….it’s just amazing how anti (whatever) he was is the very thing he IS…

  • Thelma Braker

    Sadly, it’s no surprise. Men in power believe they’re above the law . . . decency . . . and morality. The more outing the better, I say. It would, as already suggested, be great if this man owned his shit and made equal rights and defeating homophobia his life work.

  • Lili

    I read this twice to see if I missed something. To be sure, there is no question that what this guy did is reprehensible. His wife should divorce him, the police should arrest him, and the voters of his district should vote him out of office. But I fail to see why a scandal involving a state representative in Illinois had anything to do with the usual topics on this blog – there is nothing here informative, faith-related, or that proves any kind of relevant point. It is just the repetition of salacious gossip about a hypocrite getting caught in his hypocrasy. I’m really sorry to see it posted here, because it is far beneath the level of discourse I usually find here.

  • DR

    This is *exactly* related to what we talk about on this blog – the way that conservative Christianity has demonized being gay to the point where it’s created an inability for this man to be both Christian and gay at the same time – even conservative. This man is a victim of theology that tells him even though he is gay, in order to be a good christian man and a conservative politician, he must be married and against gay marriage. So he had to deny who he is, get married, destroy a woman and kids in the process when he’s ultimately found out. As a result of the shame and condemnation we’ve built around homosexuality as a church, he and others like him reduce it to seedy sex in a hotel room.

    This is absolutely on topic and for you to suggest that it’s somehow “lowering” the discourse is shocking. This is the *fruit* of what we talk about here when it comes to gay and lesbian issues.

  • DR

    I think our anger at this man is misguided as well as short-sided. This is just a symptom of the real problem. It’s our fault as a church we’ve made it impossible for him and others like him to be gay, christian and in power as a politician – even a Republican. This man is responsible for his actions and for his deception, I’m not letting him off the hook, but he had no other way of living out his dreams and perhaps even his talents that could serve his community. The same Republicans who are going off on him, who are so outraged by his betrayal wouldn’t have voted for him had he been gay. I find their outrage ironic – they are the ones who continue to perpetuate this cycle by perpetuating the stereotype that being gay is being sinful.

  • DR

    I think that’s what his wife said – no?

  • Melody

    Yet another filthy example of ultra-conservative hypocrisy. This is becoming a trend: the ones that yell loudest against the “evils” of homosexuality are the ones with the homosexual desires and can’t just come out. Or rather, they won’t come out, because they love their positions of power and don’t want to admit they’re hypocrites.

  • yes

  • Mindy

    Exactly, DR. He shouldn’t have to hide who he is in order to do a job and be a functioning citizen – the irony is that he is a victim of the very system he perpetuates. And yes, it is because of conservative Christian “values,” and where that theology has led us.

  • Mindy

    I’m with you, Todd – that is exactly what I thought when I read the article. WHO ruined you? YOU ruined you. You ran so hard from the reality of who you are that you allowed yourself to go as far as attempted rape to satisfy the urges you could not ignore. And I’d lay money on the fact that this was not the first time. And to DR, no, that is what the good congressman said to Megan the last time she contacted him.

  • Ben

    Agreed. I think the worst thing about this is his attitude toward another human being, regardless of the circumstances.

  • Lil, we could choose to see it for the collision of human suffering that it is, and then ask ourselves how we and the society in which we are a part either contribute to that suffering or work to alleviate it. And *then* do what we can to do a better job of both not contributing to and alleviating it.

  • David

    Repugnicans are all about “personal responsibility”…. right.

  • Lauren


  • Lauren

    I have absolutely ZERO sympathy for someone who tries to coerce sex out of someone. It is utterly repugnant and horrendously awful.

    That being said, i dearly hope this will be the beginning of this man’s coming to terms with who he is. Could we all pray that, instead of saying he’s “struggling with homosexual desires” or whatever horse hockey the folks who think you can “Pray Away the Gay” would like him to say, he will have the strength to admit that he is not heterosexual and, holy crap, it turns out it’s NOT a choice, after all.

    I’m disinclined to rejoice in anyone’s fall; i’d rather pray that something good comes of this.

  • Lauren

    This. All of this.

  • cat rennolds

    Yeah. Because I would make a fabulous, wonderful public servant, lawmaker, ambassador, world dictator, you name it. But to do it I’d have to betray all the reasons I have for ever considering it in the first place. And unless I FLAWLESSLY disguise myself, I’d never get elected to start with.

  • melanie

    I have an awful hard time feeling sorry for him. I made sacrifices when I came out. I still live with the consequences of my decision to be authentic daily. He made his bed, now he gets to sleep in it. I do feel sorry for people in his family who will be hurt by this. He made the decision to marry and then stay married. He made the decision to enter the public world of politics (and surely has reaped benefits from his status). The higher they climb, the harder they fall.

  • Dan

    So when will Boehner insist he resign from his seat? Pelosi did with Weiner just for sending pictures…this guy should be forced to resign IMMEDIATELY!

  • Jeff

    Weiner was asked to resign for lying about it and trying to blame a ‘hacker’ for sending the photos out. Had he been clean about it from the start he probably would still be a sitting member of congress.

  • Don Rappe

    Yes, personal responsibility and family values. And the belief that it can legislate these.

  • Don Rappe

    Indiana, not Illinois, says the former Illinoisan. Illinois politicians seem to trip up over money more. Oh wait, thats the democrats.

  • Annie

    John did mention Hinkle’s politicall views at the top of the article: “Mr Hinkle is married with two children. He is a good, staunch, anti-gay, anti-Planned Parenthood, pro-”family values” Republican.”

    Just a thought, but I don’t think he was forced to do anything by any system. He is a hypocrite scumdog politician, and nobody forced him to voice any of his hate-stances or run for offiice as a “family-values” kind of guy or to commit the crimes he tried to commit in this instance. I’m gonna guess this is not the first time he has solicited sex from a young man. He may well be a predator. I am not buying any of this boo-hoo the system forced him to be someone he is not, and this is what happens. This guy is the system.

  • AdmC

    I guess he won’t be on anyone’s short list for VP

  • Al Zylstra

    *sigh*. Unfortunately, he will most like pull a “Jimmy Swaggart” mea culpa defense, shed a few crocodile tears and proceed to continue to be an “upstanding” “moral” “God Fearing Man” who will seek “reparative therapy” from Michelle Bachman’s clinic and he will suddenly be “cured” of his horrible “urges”….

    It is either that or he will blame the young man he tried to rape…. either way, nothing much will change in this regard.

    The government – both House and Senate need to act immediately against this type of hypocrisy and eject him from his seat, issue a public apology to the American People for lying and maybe be forced to write an essay on why lying about who you are is wrong….

  • How horribly sad. This vignette (and the many others that we see periodically in the news) ultimately result from shaming people for having same-gender attraction. Our sexual orientation is a big part of who we are. I think trying to hide and deny it just twists people up so badly that they ultimately end up acting out in ways they would never have otherwise done. I don’t excuse how Mr. Hinkle treated Mr. Gibson and his sister, but ultimately just like anything else, its a result of how the church treats gay people. If he’d just been allowed to be who he was, all this hurt could have been avoided. Awful.

  • Revjjo

    IOKIYAR. Diaper Dave Vitter is still a sitting Congressman. I’m just sayin’.

  • Rose

    You got the ages wrong. The add said he was 18, but he’s really 20.,0,5456961.story

  • I wrote it as it was reported in the Indy Star–but I kept checking it, because it DID seem backwards. I honestly assumed it was–but, again, stuck with what’s in The Star.

  • Ah, I see The Star has changed their original story. Cool. I’ll go change mine.

  • Sara

    Regardless of his political stance, this man is a classic case of closeted bisexual married man. More than likely, he has been fighting homosexual desires for some years, giving in to them periodically. They’ve grown stronger and he doesn’t know how to deal with them. Often these desires/needs show up in a man’s 40’s…AFTER he’s settled into marriage, kids, career…and coming out of the closet would end all those relationships.

    I’ve counseled and cried with 100’s of men like him – the story is almost exactly the same in repetitive detail. “The Other Side of the Closet” is a good book to learn about this dilemma faced by thousands of men.

    I pity him. I feel sorry for his family, who obviously had some inklings and no idea what to do with them. They have lived in fear, knowing he was leading all of them over a precipice.

    Does all this excuse his behavior? No. It saddens me, grieves me to see how having homosexual desires has caused yet another family to implode, when the situation could have been so different. If he COULD have acknowledged his midlife crisis without jeopardizing his whole life, this whole scenario would have been avoided.

    It’s NOT a shame, NOT a sin to have homosexual desires, to be a bisexual. It IS a sin to lie, cheat and intimidate and backstab others who are trying to be honest in their lives.

  • Yowie

    Its an interesting juxtoposition to what happened last year when a David Campbell, state MP (of the electorate next to mine) and a long time and tireless advocate for the region, was ‘outed’ by paparazzi taking a photo of him leaving a gay club. Like the above senator, he was also a more mature, white, married gentleman with two adult chldren.

    However, instead of outrage, the vast majority of the reaction of the public was that the paparazzi was wrong for outing him – that his sexuality was no-one’s business besides his own and his family’s and it made not an iota of difference to his ability to do his job.

    The difference between Campbell and Hinkle is that Campbell never campaigned against homosexuality. His abilities as tranpsort minister could certainly be debated, but as he never made a political platform out of what other people should and shouldn’t be doing in the privacy of their own bedrooms, and therefore couldn’t be considered much of a hypocrite. The only moral crime he seemed to be guilty of with cheating on his wife – and he certianly wasn’t the first nor will he be the last man on earth to commit that ‘crime’.

  • Suz

    I worked with him years ago, just your average glad-handing salesman/small-time politician. I never got to know him very well, and why try? He’s the sort of person who shows exactly what people want to see. Most politicians are. This utterly self-serving hypocrisy and smug complacency isn’t the least bit surprising. I can’t say I have any sympathy for him, but I sure do pity him for his conflicted, misguided soul.

  • Robert

    His is the banal face of evil. I have no pity, empathy or compassion for him.

  • M J Blue

    It’s sad that it had to come to this…a whole family blown apart…. But it IS important to note that the words “gay” and “homosexual” are not synonyms, as the words “straight” and “heterosexual” are, as nouns, but they are as adjectives. Gay means that the individual is out to at least some. Homosexual is someone who is interested in having sex with someone of the same sex (and would not be seen in a gay bar or in public with other gay men.)

  • ElleBee

    Not that it matters, but Boehner has no say in the matter. Hinkle is a State Representative from Indiana, not a US Congressman.

  • Anne

    He added that after my comment, I believe.

  • JennyB

    Well said. This whole sickening event could be this guy’s wake-up call to being true to himself for the first time in his life.

  • Iolanthe

    But what’s Diaper Dave sitting *in*??? ;->

  • Ian

    True, Weiner could still be a sitting member of Congress. But he also didn’t offer his wares in hush money in exchange for keeping quiet about a homosexual (and hypocritical) affair.

  • Iolanthe

    Not only that, I heard from many a Fundie pulpit, back in the 80s, that it had clearly been the *girls’* idea (the scripture says that, but it sounds like after-the-face editorializing and whitewashing of Lot, to me), proving that the girls had been “infected” with Sodom’s “moral relativism”. In any case, it was all their fault.

    The same churches also used to teach that Bathsheba was bathing on the housetop — on purpose! — to “lure” innocent King David into adultery and murder. Again — look what that evil woman made the Servant of the Lord *do* …

    Sigh …

    Glad to be out of there.

  • Iolanthe

    Yep. People like this, when exposed, are usually just upset about getting caught, and blame the person who caught them. It never occurs to them to take any responsibility of their own.

  • James

    I have no compassion for this man: he brought this upon himself. He was a vitriolic spokesman for the anti gay rights in all forms and at the same time was having sex with men. That is hypocrisy. Had he NOT made a career on an anti gay platform, I could have compassion. karma is a bitch when it bites one on one’s own ass.

  • maemarie

    What a situation. Wow.

    First reaction:

    Shock at the lengths the man Hinkle and his family went to to try to hide this and shock at some of the harsher comments.

    Second reaction:

    Realization that there’s a whole lotta hurt going on in SO many people directly and indirectly involved.

    Third reaction:


    …that Mr. Hinkle chose to behave so poorly overall (possible kidnapping, prostitution, hush money).

    …that he felt he needed to choose prostitution as the avenue by which he was trying to get his needs met.

    …that he had to live a double life, regardless of when his homosexual feelings became apparent to him.

    …that he has this whole very private and emotional situation out in the open.

    Fourth reaction:

    He needs to answer for his illegal actions, but he really needs LOVE right now, too. It makes me almost cry to think about the turmoil he and his family are going through. They all need LOVE.


    I pray that he uses this to receive help in being his authentic self, whoever that is. That he can come out of this feeling shame only for his illegal actions and that he can understand why he acted in the ways he did. Hopefully with time he will understand how the world is flawed and that he is in a place where he might be able to make a positive difference by addressing those flaws in the system.


    On one level, I can somewhat understand what he might be going through, as well as his children. My dad is in the closet to almost everyone but me. I outed him, to himself. My parents divorced a few years later for unrelated reasons, yet my mother still does not know. My fiance and his family don’t know. My dad’s family doesn’t know, with the exception (possibly) of my cousin who is gay. One of the roughest parts of what my dad and I went through during the “discovery period” was that he thought he wouldn’t be loved anymore. By anyone. Not even me. He was TERRIFIED. One of the biggest breakthroughs we had was for him (and me) to understand that I would always love him and that his being gay didn’t affect our relationship in any way that truly matters. He is still my dad, we have lots of great memories together and I love him and always have. He and I both cried so much about that. The only way our relationship has changed is that our conversations revolve now around LGBT rights much more often and how he thinks this guy or that guy is hot. It’s been almost 10 years and really we’ve grown a lot closer because of it.

    Because he is not out yet and I have agreed to keep his secret, I am not giving my name or any recognizable screen name. I am going to clear the history of this computer, too. Almost 10 years later and I still need to do this for my dad… and that sucks. Because the world is not mature enough to handle it.

  • Oh, believe me, the message that being gay is a worse action, crime, sin, everything than being a rapist is coming loud and clear from the christian community, always.

  • DR

    The point is Melanie, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice a damn thing. You should be your beautiful self, gay or straight and if you’ve been given the intellect, desire and talent to be a public servant – regardless of whether or not you are Liberal, Conservative, or something else – you should be able to do that. It’s the church’s fault that you can’t. This is just a symptom and a consequence of what we have done to our country.

  • Diana A.

    “The difference between Campbell and Hinkle is that Campbell never campaigned against homosexuality.” And it is this right here that makes me less than sympathetic toward Hinkle. If Hinkle had campaigned for gay-rights, or even remained carefully neutral, I would have more sympathy.

  • peet

    another home run, John.

  • Mindy

    That is it, exactly. DR. You nailed it.

  • The issue at hand happens to be repressed sexuality, but we all have shadow sides (both golden and dark) that need to be honored and tended to. This article speaks to that: on a related note: http://www.elephantjournal​.com/2010/10/halloween—a​-time-for-me-amp-my-shadow​/

  • Don Whitt

    Really sad. Pathetic. His wife, it seems, knew. One big lie after another and a life dedicated to scrubbing away at the truth like it was a stain. Thanks, John.

  • Bowen

    Where did you get that definition? I considered myself gay long before I came out to anyone.

    “Gay”and”homosexual” are synonyms with only slightly different connotations, nothing more or less.

  • Allen

    I was feeling for Mrs. Hinkle as an “innocent victim” until she offered ten grand to make this go away. It doesn’t sound like she was shocked at the news, more afraid about the repercussions to her comfy life. I agree with others here that, if Rep. HInkle hadn’t been a strident anti-gay force in politics, this would be none of our business. I seem to recall “close-our-borders and ship out those ‘illegals’ ” political figures being found to employ undocumented domestic staff, as well. Is it just me, or is the root problem here when people don’t respect other people? And in Hinkle’s case, there’s some self-respect that’s lacking as well.

    (BTW, John: I know you use the word ironically, but I hope nobody really thinks either of these men thought there was “romance” involved in this transaction.)

  • Dennis Dawson

    Puh-thetic, Mr. Shore. Can’t you just leave the poor man alone, and not drag him through the mud?

    Some people feel affiliation is a choice, but this man was definitely a Republican from birth. I’m sure he wanted to change, and perhaps even sought therapy, but then the Log Cabin guys came along and he was so confused….

    In future, just stick to the pertinent facts. This is an elected representative who publicly opposes his private proclivities, as so many do. His membership in a political party should not enter into the discussion. Besides, it’s a given.


  • Patrick Mahoney

    Getting honest with ourselves and others about our sexuality is challenging. But if we continue hiding, waiting for a more accepting environment, we might be putting the cart before the horse. I remember my dad telling me “Don’t tell your grandmother…it will kill her.”. I told and she handled it better than anyone. Our families and friends may react in negative ways, but if we don’t tell the truth, we never give ourselves or them the opportunity to know who we really are. Coming out is a process that usually occures over time. It took me many year to find the courage to talk to others about my thoughts and feelings. Eventually I “came out” to my family, my friends and my community. It was one the most difficult and rewarding experiences of my life. I lost my job and I was excommunicated by my church. My brother reacted negatively and many of my friends left me. But words can’t describe the sense of relief and adventure I felt. My relationships became more genuine and authentic, my brother and I grew closer, the world became a bigger place. Thirty plus years later I am happy, living a life full of gratitude and meaning, surrounded by people who really know me and still like me (LOL). I share my days with a wonderful partner who has loved me faithfully for 24 years. We may terrorize ourselves about what the future holds if we tell the truth, but the truth really can set us free. Living in fear is not living.

  • Patrick Mahoney

    Getting honest with ourselves and others about our sexuality is challenging. But if we continue hiding, waiting for a more accepting environment, we might be putting the cart before the horse. I remember my dad telling me “Don’t tell your grandmother…it will kill her.”. I told and she handled it better than anyone. Our families and friends may react in negative ways, but if we don’t tell the truth, we never give ourselves or them the opportunity to know who we really are. Coming out is a process that usually occures over time. It took me many year to find the courage to talk to others about my thoughts and feelings. Eventually I “came out” to my family, my friends and my community. It was one the most difficult and rewarding experiences of my life. I lost my job and I was excommunicated by my church. My brother reacted negatively and many of my friends left me. But words can’t describe the sense of relief and adventure I felt. My relationships became more genuine and authentic, my brother and I grew closer, the world became a bigger place. Thirty plus years later I am happy, living a life full of gratitude and meaning, surrounded by people who really know me and still like me (LOL). I share my days with a wonderful partner who has loved me faithfully for 24 years. We may terrorize ourselves about what the future holds if we tell the truth, but the truth really can set us free. Living in fear is not living.

  • Diana A.

    I love this. Especially the last two sentences. Thanks for writing it.

  • Elaine

    Or maybe he already knows that therapy can help you become who you really are but it can’t change who you really are for any length of time?

  • Elaine

    I love this Patrick.

    I’m still not sure what I lost when I came out…..a wonderful church, friends, respect of the general population?…..or just the illusion of these things?

    I’m glad I came out and I would never go back.

    My understanding of God is better, my relationship with Jesus is better, my spiritual and emotional health is a million trillion times better. I wouldn’t say I’m happy all the time. I often re-experience the losses.

    But I’m alive now. And I’m building on solid foundations. So I know that it will only keep getting better. And when I meet Jesus face to face I’ll be able to look him in the eye. I’m living in the knowledge and experience of humility, love and grace. I’m expecting a warm welcome.


  • Elaine

    Not sure I agree on definitions, but people who fall into the categories of gay/homosexual ain’t all the same…..

  • Elaine

    WWJD, a phrase that often annoys me, but in this case so relevant.

    I think Jesus would probably be pretty unsympathetic judging by how he treated the hypocritical lawmakers of his day. I think that sowing and reaping might be mentioned.

    Yes, this man needs love, as we all do, but I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive.

    Love is a more stern and splendid thing than mere kindness (or something like that) – C.S Lewis.

    This man is in spiritual danger and needs help. He also puts others in spiritual danger and we need people like him to be outed.

  • i really feel bad for this family,phil brought this all on his self,this could have been handled better.but now he must do the right thing and repair all the damage including re-signing as soon as possible to end this will only get worse if he lets this drag on.he is retirement age take your pension,social security and move on,i am very disappointed and shocked by all of this from our representive of wayne township,very sad situation,i bet he wished it could all be taken back at this point.,now the ball is in his court on how he handles the rest of this journey..

  • kimberly

    the first comment i read mentions this dishonest man and his potential resignation. we talk a lot on this site about the damage christians, a lot of them powerful politicians, do with their hate and their anti-gay message. these people don’t only turn fellow christians and seekers away from the place all should feel welcome, they do their best to set public policy to hurt them further. it burns me, and yes i have a serious anger issue with the men like this and the women who help them hurt others, that this man could retire and get all the perks that his job offers while men and women who serve in the military have been dumped dishonorably like garbage with nothing for simply being who they really are. no health care, no retirement. the same military this man and others like him use as a campaign prop as they would a baby in front of a camera. it makes me sick to my stomach that christians continue to refuse to let go of the arrogance and ignorance, the sickness of soul that tells us we have the right to use scripture to manipulate the life and love of another.

  • Lee Walker

    To Patrick Mahoney… thanks for sharing your story. Very similar to my experience (though partner and I are only at 5.5 yrs instead of 24!). The freedom that comes with living authentically is indescribably wonderful.

  • Linda B

    Yes John it is shame that made him hide sexual oreintation but I think it is a matter of characher for his behavior. We are all so much more than our sexuatl orintation, yes he had needs ect…. I get that, but gay or strait is it his orentation or his charactor that led to this? I am taking the Psychology of Gender next quarter in college and I am looking forward to understanding things more. As a former chrisitan though I do wonder if it is character that lead to this whole thing or his orientation. Or as I suspect the two are intertwined. Any thoughts all ?

  • Anonymous For Obvious Reasons

    I think that what is most confusing for many people is that they are neither gay nor straight. They are sexual creatures with all kinds of different stresses and self-repressing mechanisms going on, and I think that a lot of people are really confused because they are married and love having sex with women but feel a thrill by the occasional tryst with a guy. At least, I am like this.

    I should point out that even in the extremely liberal, secular parts of America it is very shameful have homosexual sex IF you would like to attract a female mate. I have asked girlfriends in the past what they thought, and its 100% turn off.

    I think that our brains are really experimental and delicate things, and what compels us to do what we do is not always clear.

    But I want to point out that this man is not automatically not attracted to women and he’s not automatically living a lie, in-so-far as his sexuality goes. If anything, the fear of gay might be part of what compels him to be entertained by the idea of it on a sexual level.

    I wish that it was okay to say that I’m not straight, I’m not bi, I’m not gay, I’m just me and I have sex with people for fun, for new experiences and occasionally (and something I’d never admit) I have profited from it. I would never consider being in a relationship with a guy, I’m not even attracted to men and without the anonymity of the sex I think it would be incredibly weird for my psyche to handle. Having done similar things as what is described in your post, I constantly fear that this might eventually come back to haunt me, even though it shouldn’t, but there’s like 3 or 4 layers of taboo going on there at the same time.

  • DR


  • Lon

    His sexuality is not the issue (and quite frankly is no one’s business). WHAT HE DOES as lawmaker, masquerading behind the flag and his “good Christian values” is what makes him a poster child for Fascist evil. The Republicans (and TPs) have not learned that they can’t have it all ways… You may not legislate against what people do in their bedrooms or personal lives and not suffer the consequences from those actions. If you choose to be part of the problem – THEN YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

  • DR

    What is truly creepy is even when it hurts one of their own, they just retreat and hide. I almost feel sorry for this group of people that’s just so deeply and tragically f’d up. Almost.

  • Patrick Mahoney

    Isn’t our charcater formed over time by the decisions we make? The idea that we are “working out our salvation” as we live our lives and faced with numerous choices. Hopefully we mature and grow along the way as we face difficulties, learning more about ourselves, our limitations and our strengths? Gay or straight, we are all at the crossroads at various times in our lives, the path we take determines the direction of our character.

  • Patrick Mahoney

    Your welcome! And best wishes on your 5.5! Everyday is a real gift! I am always amazed by how common our uncommons experences are! God bless.

  • Patrick Mahoney

    Thank you. Stories like these touch me so deeply. Have a great weekend!

  • Dirk

    Except that is not true.

    One is either gay, bisexual or straight.

    You are bisexual, regardless of whether you want to acknowledge it or not.

    As for this vile, filthy piece of excrement – he’s exactly what I mean when I talk about conservative Christians.

    The fact that this nasty piece of work is also a Republican is, of course, no surprise.

    This is the face of Christianity in America: Hypocrisy and hatred.

  • This may be a reallllly stupid question, but he doesn’t have to be gay to want to have sex with a man, does he?

    As someone with a homosexual sibling of each gender, I think the identification is a bit deeper than an appetite for a sexual activity. But you can call me clueless.

    And frankly, I don’t care if he’s gay or not, but I do bet his wife cares if he has sex with someone— anyone—else. Unless she’s into that sort of thing.

  • DR

    It’s my understanding that men and women in this position for whom being gay would mean they lose *everything* – their church, their family, their career and even their own sense of themselves – being “gay” is reduced to sexual acts because there is the illusion that they can control behavior.

  • Dirk

    For a man to desire sex with another man, he MUST be either bisexual or gay.

    There is no other possibility.

    Any other description is a filthy, hateful lie told by conservative Christians to excuse their tearing gay partners apart, to justify their electro-shock therapy, their torture, beating, rape and murder of us.

    There is no such thing as universal heterosexuality. Roughly 10% of all high-order mammals are born either gay or bisexual.


  • Dirk

    And this vicious, nasty, filthy, lying sack of conservative Christian Republican vermin-ridden pile of excrement made character choice to persecute gays, lesbians and the transgender, stripping us of the few rights we ‘enjoy’.

    He’s a typical conservative Christian, a typical Republican.

    The real question here is not his execrable character, but why good Christians permit these monsters to make life for gays, lesbians and the transgender hell of earth.

    That’s the question which really needs asking.

  • Dirk

    On the contrary, the nasty lying back of filthy excrement should stay in office so all can see exactly what it means to be a conservative Christian and a Republican.

    Same thing, actually.

  • Diana A.

    Patrick, this is really good. Thank you for writing it.

  • Susan in NY

    Love the addition of the last paragraph.


  • Don Rappe

    Tell us how you really feel, Dirk!

  • Don Rappe

    I’m pretty sure he wishes he could find some way out of this for only 80 dollars. If he starts lying under oath about being extorted, he may be setting himself up for a substantial prison sentence.

  • Don Rappe

    Are you implying he’s a Democrat in the body of a Republican?

  • Don Rappe

    You can buy a lot of roses for 80 dollars.

  • Uu

    Mr. Patrick, thanks a lot for sharing your story. It is very inspiring. It really speaks to my own condition and fears. Eloquent words fail me, and so I will just say: thanks from my heart

  • Dirk


    I make an earnest attempt to neither take the Lord’s name in vain nor to use swear words.

    Without such terms, it is hard to express the depths of my fury with conservative Christians.

    Hmm, one rather horrid piece of irony over the last months has been that the more people on this blog have defended conservative Christians and Republicans, the more examples of their hateful, filthy, lying, murderous, rapacious behavior have surfaced.

    Rather like the heat wave and drought Mother Nature has decided to visit upon the climate change deniers in Texas.

  • Dirk


  • A happy, authentic life full of meaning surrounded by those who know us best and love us anyway…..isn’t that what we all hope for? To be authentically free……completely at home in our own skin and in the world.

    Just beautiful and brilliant. Thank you, Patrick.

  • Skip Johnston

    Adam – “The woman you put here with me—she gave me some fruit from the tree…”

    Hinkle – “You just ruined me.”

    Is this biblical or what?

  • Dirk

    Not biblical, just typical for conservative Christians and Republican politicians.

    Redundant, I know – good Christians aren’t Republican politicians, but there are limits to the English language.

  • Ruck0752

    It does seem like this young gay man wanted more than just being loved for who he is. He wanted money. Prostitution.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, this older man’s views on homosexuality were created by his first hand experience of it.

    Mine are too, and they aren’t good.

  • Dirk

    Paul speaks out against prostitution, not homosexuality in Romans.

    The services of this young man were bought and paid for by this vile, nasty piece of human excrement. Like all conservative Christian Republicans, he is trying to place the responsibility for his reprehensible behavior on others. “The woman made me do it”, in the words of all those many, many Catholic priests has become ‘the boy made me do it’.

    No. It wasn’t Eve. It wasn’t all those millions of boys. It was Adam. It was the thousands upon thousands of Catholic priests. And it is this conservative Christian Republican. Not the young man who sold his services.

    Ruck, it took 30 years of awful experiences for me to accept that conservative Christians are hateful, vicious, lying people who show their ‘love’ of God through persecution of gays, lesbians and the transgender. One bad experience wasn’t enough to convince me of their evil, nor yet two.

    I have no idea what you ‘experience’ was, but to judge all people sharing an immutable characteristic by the actions of one is just as unfair as if I were to judge all Christians by the actions of conservative Christians.

  • John (not McCain)

    Are your views on straight people determined by the existence of female hookers, or are you just a jerk?

  • Dirk

    Such a brilliant contribution to the discussion, John.

    You are doing a great job of proving my point, though, so keep it up.

  • Ruck0752

    I don’t do internet debates. I made my point and I move on.

    You have your religion, which seemingly is leftist politics and homosexuality. I have mine.

    It is interesting how much you project your own fears, biases and hatreds on to me though. It’s as if I’ve become the part of you own inner self-critic, when all I have said is that the young man involved was a prostitute, which is true and that it’s possible that the married man’s real life experiences with homosexuality have given him a bad impression of it, as it has to many people. That’s my view and the view of many people. It would be tolerant to just accept that I have my views while admitting that we differ. Whatever else it is, the homosexual ideology does not seem to lend it self to criticism or tolerance that other people have a different view of it.

    I’m done here.

  • Dirk

    After self-justification, you’re done here.

    Hypocritical and unreflected.

    But, heh – drive by commenting is always a sign of a weak mind.

  • Robert

    My first hand experiences of homosexuality have been great.

    It is unfortunate that when people say “gay” or “homosexual”… almost everyone thinks about sex… being gay is so much more than having sex…

    When I say I am gay… I am talking about my sense of beingness in the world. It is not just related to what occurs between my legs… it is more related to what occurs between my ears.

    It is about the way I see the world, the way I act in the world and what I bring to the world. The sensitivity, creativity, empathy and decency I give to the world, springs from my gayness as much as it springs from any other parts of me. It is about taking ownership of my inner Diva, my inner Jock, my inner Kid, my own inner Good Samaritan and my inner Adult. It is about creating my own path and personal relationship with god. It is about… understanding that I am a living, breathing, completely integrated spiritual and material being… perfect just as I am and no longer having to prove anything to anyone… and my life, my relationship with the world… is not depended on someone else interpretation of a badly understood, rarely read and triply translated book… that book is not god… and the preachers who willfully use it to control their flocks are not god either. They are the new Pharisees.

    For me being gay has about healing the wounds that straight society dumped on me out of ignorance, intolerance and fear. And understanding that:

    (1) It is not my fault that most people can not tolerate “differences”.

    (2) It is not my problem that most people think is simplistic “black and white”, “all or nothing” and “good and bad” terms.

    (3) It is not my problem that most people seem to be more interested in telling other people how to live than to live a decent live themselves. It is pretty easy to be arm chair quarter backing everyone else and a little more difficult to keep the focus on yourself.

    It now appears to me that we are entering into an age of neo-barbarism. And the new barbarians are Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Rupert Murdoch, Rick Perry, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, Dick Cheney and all the other neo-cons and member of radical right wing think tanks. Oh and Erwin McManus of Mosaic and all the other emergent church pseudo pastors. But the pendulum of history has always swung between reactionary small-minded, mean-spirited forces and expansionistic humanistic ones. Right now, we are swinging to the tune of the tea partiers.

    And in truth, I think straight christians should be a little more worried about how the repulican right wing nut jobs have been selling out the middle class for the last 30 yrs and re-writing all the laws in the country to favor the wealthiest 1% than the “gay threat”. Gays are not the threat…

    we did not cause the housing bubble,

    we did not cause enron,

    we did not cause the lack of job growth,

    we did not cause the current fiscal policy,

    we did not cause the Iran and Iraq wars,

    we did not cause the bloated budget,

    we did not cause the Bush tax breaks,

    we did not weaken the wall between investment banks and saving banks,

    we did not cause financial institutions to become “too big to fail’ and we did not bail them out.

    we are not causing the underminin of the middleclass…

    we have no power…

    We are not your problem…

    When politicians are waving the “gay” flag… you are being distracted. Stay focused on your own self-interest. Stay focused on protecting the middle class’s money from corrupt politicians, wall street bankers and multi-international corps.

  • Dirk

    Very well put.

    I think, however, this country has gone one step too far.

    I was listening to a talk radio program this afternoon. The guest, an economist of international fame and recognition was patiently trying to explain fractional currency to a caller.

    Pointless, he might as well have been trying to convince my hounds that they’ve already eaten five minutes before their evening food.

    The level of education has sunk to the point that there is no longer any basis upon which far too many voters can draw to analyze the lies made by the Republicans and the conservative Christians.

  • DR

    Of course you are, you are a typical drive-by poster who is unwilling to actually stay and defend his point of view. Your tactic, when faced with an effective counter is to get personal and apply a “look over there!” approach. You doing that only acts like a mirror, reflecting your lack of conviction for your own point of view.

  • DR

    I love how people make these inane comments and then say “I don’t do internet debates”. If you don’t “do” them, get off the internets.

  • DR

    It would be tolerant to just accept that I have my views while admitting that we differ.>>>

    Well that’s because you and your “views” are responsible for gay kids killing themselves. I don’t tolerate view points that hurt children. No wonder you don’t want to stick around.

  • DR

    Not every second of every day or every point of every conversation has to be “I am straight and I’m being misrepresented”. Consider not making the point about how defensive you feel and let someone else have the last word on who you are and who we as Christians are, even if it’s rooted in rage. Try it, it won’t kill you (at least I hope not).

  • Robert

    Agreed the educational system in this country has many flaws which is a huge issue.

    But there are also many people with college educations, who have the ability to read and to think but choose not to. Thinking and challenging one belief systems is uncomfortable. Introspection and growth are not easy. It is much easier to deny, distract, dismiss, degrade and blame others for all your problems. It is what the Nazi’s did in the 1930s and look at where that brought the world.

    If you listen to any of the new barbarians… this is exactly what they do. Instead of attempting to understand the complexity and subtly of the world… they condemn it. Instead of seeing commonality… they see differences. Instead of experiencing a shared humanity… they protect their “specialness” by demeaning another group. To be winners, they need someone to be losers.

    These are the new barbarians. These are the intentionally ignorant.

    I have deduced that these “intentionally ignorant” are not ignorant by situation. People who have had little access to an education. Those caught in cycles of violence, trapped in backward cultures with little access to the wider world; these people are the truly ignorant. They are just stuck and I have empathy and compassion for them. This is one reason why I began to work with the homeless over 25 years ago.

    The “intentionally ignorant” are willful in their ignorance. They can be college educated, middle and upper middle class. They can be lawyers, doctors and professionals. They can be in the arts, in banking and in the social services. They can be White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Christian, Jew, Muslim, and Atheists.

    What these people all have in common is (1) their rigid way of seeing the world, (2) their sense of entitlement and (3) their sense of “specialness” is not based on their actions but bases on being better than someone else. They are unable to compromise. They are unable to see the value in ideas that don’t validate them. They live reactive lives based on fear. And they use “god” and “jesus” as their weapons.

    For a personal reason, emergent churches came into my radar about 2 yrs ago and they appear to be filled with the “intentionally ignorant”.

    It is my understanding that emergent churches, like Mosaic LA, were manufactured a number of years ago as marketing device to keep Southern Baptists relevant to “youth” or 18-24 year olds. Sort of like when Catholic Churches added folk singers in the 70’s (I was there… it was silly). These young people are first duped by these churches into believing that they are different than their parents’ churches… more liberal, cooler, more “progressive”… but what the kids don’t realize or don’t question… is that these churches follow the exact same dogma as their parents’ churches. They are homophobic. They are sexist. They are icky.

    These young people are being seduced… and these churches good at seduction. They play on vanity, ego, loneliness, a sense of community, sense of being in the “in” crowd and a sense of “specialness”. And those that question or don’t follow the rules are banished.. You are not suppose to question, inquire or explore. You are required to follow. This is not “progressive” thinking… it is “reactionary” thinking. This is Mosaic. See: It makes some interesting reading.

    My two main problems with all monotheistic religions (Christian, Jewish and Muslim) is the rigidity of thought and condemnation of others. All of the religions appear to follow the same format. It you are not with us, you are against us. If you don’t believe what we believe, you are damned. We have all the answers, you have none. Our thinking is sanctioned by god, yours by the devil. We are Saved and Special, you are damned, sub-human and evil.

    I am not less than. When I came out as a gay person 32 yrs ago, I knew I my whole world could potentially end at that moment. Each and every time I told some one I was gay, I was risking that relationship. When I told my Mother, I knew that I was risking loosing her… and I did loose her for almost 10 years. I also new that every single major religion and their gods condemned me as evil and unholy. When I say this, I am not talk about having an intellectual concept that I was bad. I mean, that I knew to the core of my being that god hated me. Every single particle of my being new that I was condemned. What I did took courage and that step… was the first few steps of me becoming the man, the adult, I am today.

    But, also acknowledge, I was lucky. My friends remained my friends and loved me for who I was. I was able to build self esteem, have good loving relationships and now even have a relationship with my God. But my god has very little to do with the god of the bible. I do not recognize that book as the source of anything but division, subjugation and death. Too many people have died in the name of that book for me to believe it holds the word of god… if it was written by anyone… then it was written by the devil.


    Oh… and by the way… why do Judaism, Christianity and Islam all claim to be Monotheistic? Are they not in reality dualistic religions? Isn’t Yahew just a tribal god on steriods? Does or does not “satan” have the power of a god? Is not the battle between god and satan similar to the power struggles between Zeus and Poseidon or Zeus and Cronus? No member of a monotheistic religion seems to notice or be able to explain this rather large discrepancy. (Maybe I have read toooo much ancient history.)

  • Dirk

    Goodness, Robert, that’s quite a lot and well put.

    I can’t speak for the other two Abrahamic religions, but Christianity claims a trinity as God with the Zoroastrian counterpoint not quite fully developed. Depending on which era of the Bible you take for ‘gospel truth’, you have anything from a questioner (see Job) to a fallen angel, cast out of heaven.

    Neither is of the rank and power of Jehovah, not even to the extent of making the Christian God something of a primus inter pares.

  • Robert

    If my understanding is correct and it might not be… in the pantheon of greek and roman gods not all of the gods were equal in power to Zeus/Jupiter… but they were still considered gods.

    So in the mythology of Christianity/judaism/islam has just decided to call the lower gods something other than gods. So, it seems to be a question of semantics.

    Also if I am not mistaken, this “one god thing” has alot to do with the roman emperor Constantine wanting to consolidate power after a civil war… he wanted one god, one church, one empire and one emperor… and a conservative faction in the earlier church agreed… and then they went about killing everyone who disagreed with them… and let’s face it… christians have been killing people who disagree with them for a very long time… and this includes other christians. Actually, I think, historically speaking, more christians have been killed by christians than by any other group.

    Fo me, it seems that the beliefs most people have today were formed by the politics from 2,000 or more years ago… and most people are blissfully unaware of this… I find this a little annoying… but as they say… ignorance is bliss. And more people want the ease of ignorance than the responsibility which comes with knowledge.

  • Dirk

    Actually, there has never been a true claim that Jehovah was the one and only ‘god’. It is enormously important to distinguish between the religion and the hateful, vile lies which conservative Christians spread.

    The only statement which Judaism and Christianity place upon the matter – I can’t speak for Islam, a religion of which I know only bad things – is that one is to have no gods before Jehovah.

    Robert, it is very easy to assume the hateful American conservative Christians define God’s will and God’s mind. This is not true. Personally, I am so fed up with their hatred, I now call myself a follower of Christ, not a Christian.

  • Robert

    Hi Dirk,

    I tend to over do in seeing the descrepcies in most religions… but to me they are so glaring so it often boogles my mind that other seem to simply ignore them.

    For me, Jesus the god has never been all that important… but Jesus the man was… I have always found the level of compassion, understanding and humanity in his words and actions (healing the sick, helping the poor, standing with the disenfrancised) to be powerful and life changing. The stories of his life are within the fabric of my being. 20+ years ago, They compelled to work with homeless teens on the streets of Hollywood.

    So, again for me, it is painful to see Jesus’s words of compassion, understanding and empathy to be twisted into hate by narrow-minded bigots.

    It is also painful for me to understand that the reason Jesus’s words can be manipulated so easily has to do with the issue of the “one path to god” which is apparently in the bible (I think in the writtings of Paul). I beleive it is this exculsivity that encourages turning Jesus into a weapon.

  • Dirk

    Well, Robert,

    One can prove anything one wishes with some nonsense or other from the Bible. If the Bible is silent on a topic – like homosexuality – then one need only invent a perverted piece of lying filth like the conservative Christians do and, there you go, your heapin’ helpin’ of hate is already to go.

    I don’t take the Bible literally. I especially don’t place any value in the English language versions used by the hateful conservative Christians.

    As for Paul – I ignore him almost totally. I have read him very, very carefully and keep a list of his most absurd contradictory statements with which to attack those filthy, vile piece of human excrement who term themselves conservative Christians and Republicans. He’s worthless otherwise.

  • Diana A.

    But so many of those who do believe in a literal Satan seem to treat him as if he’s within a hair’s breadth of overpowering God. Thus, those outside of the Christian faith can hardly be blamed for thinking of Satan as a demi-God, near equal to the great I AM himself.

  • David J Martin

    Mr. Hinkle is who he is…a gay closeted man who felt the need to express his sexuality…unfortunately, through prostitution. I can understand his fear…being a physician who was awakened to my “gay or bisexual nature” three years past and came out to wife and family before any sexual explorations. I was superficially accepted and rejected simultaneously. I guess that although my family – especially my wife was aware of my sexuality for 38 years but loved me – when it was declared – uncloseted – the rejection started. So, I think Mr. Hinkle was dead wrong (as is any bigot) in his anti gay stances but have compassion for him in his inability to live the truth. The real victims are his family – better they had found out openly and honestly by his word than the grapevine. When I told my wife I needed to tell my daughters openly – she questioned the need. Simply put, it was better for me, their Dad, who loved them to inform so that others could not harm them with the information. Turns out, they knew and have no less loving. My son, the church going Christian assaulted me and has nothing but contempt. He must read different Gospels than I. I’ve always opposed lies – they always unveil themselves. This is a lesson given to our kids through the years. Though physically separated from my family (not divorced) I am happily partnered – he, in turn, is accepted and liked by my kids. Truth, regardless of the cost is always the best avenue. Campbell – well – he is no victim and by his attempts at extortion reveals what he is. He judges himself.

  • Dirk

    I have no sympathy for that politician. None.

    I could not care less whether he is self loathing or smugly satisfied. These closeted gays (or bisexuals, whatever) who treat us gays, lesbians and transgender so very badly deserve every horrible thing which happens to them.

    The only ones I feel sorry for are the members of their family who are so deeply hurt by their actions.

    And yes, truly, the more people thump the Bible, the more hateful monsters they turn out to be.

  • After reading all these posts I sometimes wonder what Jesus would say to many people on here that have so attacked Rep. Hinkles actions…I think he would say to you…”He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone”

  • Dirk

    Or, He might just be furious at this piece of human excrement for having treated gays, lesbians and the transgender so horribly.

    I am through with being told that I have no right to be furious at the conservative Christians who persecute me, they are filthy vermin and the only way to stop them from attacking us, from raping, beating, torturing and murdering us is to fight back with every legal means possible.

    We need to expose more of these filthy Republicans.

  • DR

    I said that when Bill Clinton was caught having sex with another woman in the White House, but everyone who was condemning him seemed to feel quite justified (and still do). Same quarter Brian – just a different side.

  • Robert

    I am not a christian. But I grew up catholic. Between the ages of 15 and 25, I let go of the biblical belief system. I let of orthodoxy. The main reason was the inconsistencies in the bible. And one of the simplest one is the idea of monotheism. (but there are thousands.)

    I don’t understand how could anyone with a brain… and not just someone outside the christianity… but anyone not see the character of Satan as describe in the bible as anything other than a “god”…. Or as an aspect of the creator. It is either one or the other.

    What christianity does it set up a dualistic… all good and all bad… and then denies that it created this system of beliefs. Which is crazy making. And the layers of hyperbole, magical thinking to maintain this conflicting mythology is an assault on common sense thinking which in the end leads to the attacks we have today on science and logic.

    And I love science. Because it is through science that I have come to experience with profound wonder the miracle of life. From Galileo and Copernicus, through Newton, Darwin, Einstein, Hawkins and thousands of others… they all have given me the depth, breath and imagination to feel the universe… to imagine the expanding boundaries, the creation of time and space, the sizzle of sub-atomic particles, the zip between energy and matter, the profound joy and wonder of not knowing, understanding I don’t know and knowing that this magical amusingness it occurring around me, in me and is me… simply knowing that the electrons from my body are being exchanged with the chair I am sitting in and the clothing that I am wearing stupidities and amuses me.

    I see the miracle happening all around me… every single day… I see it because I understand the complexity of life. I see it because of science. When I think of science… and scientists… I see them as the true priests of our times… they are actually attempting to understand the mind of god… and it is amazing.

    But all of this is denied to biblical believers and they want to deny to the next generation. It is an old fight. It is because they are frightened little children that want to control the world and can imagine the splendor life.

    For me… christianity, judaism, islam are anti-life. anti-god. anti-knowledge. They are bordering on being the bane of human existence.

    The words of Jesus are wonderful… believing he is a god… gives them too much power and supports magical thinking… believing the bible is the word of god… even as a metaphor… ignores its history. It was a political tool to consolidate power.

    As far as I can see, my life as a human being as a spiritual being began the minute I shed myself from the weight of the bible while having the words of Jesus the man inside of me.

  • Brian W

    Yup, sure is

  • Don Rappe

    I think your childhood teachings, like mine. gave the impression there was only one theology or worldview in the Bible. This is simply false. There are hundreds of them.Just as you and I and everyone else have our own. The Jahwist ideas are not identical to the Eli-hum or Deuteronomic, the Pauline and Johanine ideas are different from the canonical Gospels, and Luke and Mathew have noticably different theologies. The Satan in the later addendum to Job is not the same as the powers of darkness which Michael and his angels battled in the NT. Apocalypse. Neither have anything to do with the talking snake in the Garden which is clearly described as “the most subtle of the beasts of the field.” The only theology which I can use is my own and when it is not adequate, I need to change it.

  • Don Rappe

    Dirk, I think the point being made here is that the reaction is characteristically human.

  • Dirk

    Don, I am not nearly as D-U-M as you sometimes seem to think I am.

    I got the point. I also made my point.

    You just don’t get upset about these filthy vermin who murder, rape, beat and torture us as I do.

  • DR


    I’ve tried to be really respectful of you and understand why you say what you say. And part of me regrets writing this because I know the people in your mind you’re saying all of this to and I know that the majority of conservatives actually do this kind of thing or actually tolerate these kinds of things.

    That being said I’m getting really frustrated by the way you’re generalizing. I feel like there are a lot of people here, gay and straight who are being effective in combatting this kind of thing. John has made it a point several times for you to watch how you’re calling everyone rapists and murderers and how that detracts from anything productive. While I get that’s how you feel, you are speaking on behalf of a lot of people who are trying like hell to change things and it’s difficult to stay engaged and effective with the people who are here when they take your comments that only contain “murder rapist vile scum of the earth” as an excuse to leave the conversation.

    Please consider changing your tone. I’ll understand if you can’t or you just don’t want to and feel strongly about not compromising and I’ll not say another word about it. But I did want to be honest about how I’m feeling so we might be able to talk about it.

  • DR

    One last point – I’m on the angry, hostile, hateful continuum here. I’m also contributing to the anger so I’m not innocent. Nor any better, really. But Christy and John have had a pretty big impact on me so I’m modifying my behavior (as much as I can).

  • DR

    Dirk I just read John’s most recent post on the Family Research Council and you know what? This was kind of a stupid comment. I’m sorry. These people are evil, to actually condemn the It Gets Better campaign is truly evil. Best to stay focused on that and not ask you or anyone to back off on how you talk about it, I was out of line.

  • SomeYankInRio

    Actually, it’s not at all. Clinton was not actively trying to deny civil rights to people who cheat on their spouses. It’s not that Hinkle is a moron, it’s that he’s a hypocritical moron.

  • Robert


    The other day… after talking with (or emailing with) my ex-BF… who went from being a secular jew, neo-pagan, queer artsie guy… to a straight white christian male. I realized that he thought my being upset about his minister using the phrase “pigs eat their young” to describe gays meant that I was judging him. I was not. I was making an assessment and in my mind a fairly accurate one.

    There is a difference between make an assessment of something and judging something. There is a difference between “common sense” and being judgmental.

    Some people in this comments section may have been a little dramatic (me included) because we are offended by the Hinkle’s hypocrisy.

    When a closeted gay/lesbian/bi/transgender/queer (GLBTQ) person, projects all their self hate out onto out GLBTQ people by creating anti-gay laws … it is offensive

    When these same closeted GLBTQ accept the privileges of the straight white republican christian world has to offer… as they are condemning out GLBTQ people… and as they are dithering with nearly under age boys…. to “satisfy their BAD, VILE, YUCKY URGES…. it is offensive.

    And just plain yucky… esp. when you consider that I actually like my urges and think there kind of fun and special.

    For me, Hinkle’s main crime is the crime of cowardice.

    He failed the test that all GLBTQ people have to go through. It is a test of fire… for ourselves, for our families, for our friends and in the end it is a test of fire for this country… When we come out… we are risking it all. We are risking having our parents, our friends, out families, our communities reject us. We are opening ourselves up and “trusting” other people with our secret.

    When I came out 30 yrs ago in rural rhode island, it was hard. And coming out today in the rural south, Arizona, Utah… is dangerous. But we still do it. But because we have decided to come out… we have grown…and not only has the GLBTQ community grown… but our families have grown and our friends have grown… we have all grown to be more open, more accepting, more loving, more compassionate, kinder and gentler with each other.

    The proof of this growth… is this blog and the comments… 10, 20, 30 years ago this kind of dialogue did not exist… and the only reason why it exists today… is because of the growth and the courage of every single GLBTQ individual who has come out and the growth and courage of their friends and families to love them just as they are…

    Hinkle is a coward.

    And that is an assessment… not a judgment. I am not going to judge Hinkle. The corrupt, oppressive system of hate he propped up… that system will judge him. Not me.

  • Yep. Pretty much says it all…. thanks, John, for the re-post.

  • Horrendousness is my new favorite word.

  • Sibeal Nic An Phearson via Facebook

    This dude had best not mess with my coffee!!

  • Matthew Tweedell

    Hmmm… totally missed this whilst I was without Internet for a month, before being occupied with having at least to try to save others in the world around me from self-destruction for a month, before being rather apathetic for a while. It seems I’d hardly moved away from Indiana when–at long last–things start to get exciting around there! And by the way, Mr. Encinitas-CA (to which I have, by the way, been), Indiana is largely like a third world country (in which I have, by the way, lived for a couple years) compared with where you’re coming from: When you started commenting on the price he paid, I’d have sooner thought you’d admonish him for NOT being fiscally responsible.

  • John, I love your posts and articles, but this one has me somewhat upset. I find myself focused on the callous and usurious behavior of this “person” and his family and I hate to see that associated with the LGBT community, even as a cautionary tale. Examining Mr. Hinkle and his family’s behavior through the lens of a lifetime of repression does little to justify his willingness to devalue another human being, presume his desires are paramount to the freedom of others, and further presume that everyone’s integrity is for sale. I find them all below contempt without even considering the hypocrisy. I think it is important, given the debate that rages, to be clear that being homosexual and discriminated against or repressed by society does not create the kind of pathetic excuse for civilized human beings in this story. Part of what appeals to me about the fight for marriage equality is the fact that most gay people I know would never treat another person in this manner, despite, or perhaps because of, the way they have been treated by our society.

  • Well maybe a pre-requisite for being a well-adjusted Gay person, just like one of the pre-requisites for being a well-adjusted ANY KIND of person in general, is not being a hypocrite???