The Christian Right is Wrong

[polldaddy poll=5539666]Okay, so just to be clear. This image came about relative to an online discussion I was having with an Episcopal reverend and a Southern Baptist pastor. The Episcopal reverend thought that in the main progressive Christians, loving Christ as they do, would appreciate this picture, because they would feel that it illustrates Jesus showing his feelings about those who use his name to bring harm or injustice to others: they would appreciate, he thought, the moral indignation it represents, and with which they would identify.

The Southern Baptist thought liberal Christians would still think it too irreverent.

So I said, “Well, let’s find out. Christians of all kinds read my blog. Why don’t I put the picture up there with a little poll, and let’s see what people think?” That’s all it is. Trust me: I have as much respect for Christ as anyone could.

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  • Marsha

    The sentiment is correct (IMO, of course), but the gesture is wrong (and many would consider it blasphemous, I think). That is not the Jesus I have come to love and follow. The Jesus I know, asks God to forgive them for they know not what they do. He is loving and kind and longsuffering. He doesn’t hate or make ugly gestures.

  • ArtFart

    Marsha…I understand that this doesn’t quite depict the Jesus you (and I for that matter) know and love. However, neither by any means does the Jesus constructed by the “Christian” right. Their Jesus would be most accurately depicted as a jack-booted thug packing an AR-15, condemning anyone they don’t like while showering them with Benjamins from heaven.

  • Christy

    If I can’t picture MLK or Gandhi or Mother Teresa or the Dali Lama doing it…’s pretty easy to see this as going too far.

  • Diana A.

    OK, my two cents. I actually voted for “You Christians are so weird” just to be funny. I agree that Jesus probably wouldn’t make this gesture in RL but I think that depicting him doing so is artistically powerful, so I’d keep it.

  • Christy

    But if we alienate our intended audience, what good have we done? The image sings to the choir, but in the process it emptied the sanctuary.

  • Diana A.

    Good point. So maybe it does go too far for that reason.