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George Michael hospitalized: Christians For a Moral America praying for his death

Word came out last week that George Michael, 48, was admitted to a Viennese hospital for severe pneumonia. (Though he has cancelled the remainder of the tour he was on, Mr. Michael is reportedly responding to treatment and slowly recovering.) [Read more…]

“Keep Awake”: A Sermon by Pastor Bob

“If Christ is coming soon, why care about the environment? If Christ is coming soon, why worry about the future of our children, grandchildren, or beyond? If Christ is coming soon, why care about anyone else who does not subscribe to my precise definition of Christianity, let alone show any compassion to people of other [Read More…]

How Can God Allow Child Abuse?

Within a letter I recently received a reader asked a question I thought worth answering. She wrote: If I were in the room with a man abusing a child, and I could do something to stop him, I would be morally obligated to do what I could, right? So, according to my upbringing, God is [Read More…]

Receiving is Human; Giving is Divine. (Plus: GIANT PILGRIM BELT-BUCKLES!!)

(Here are my notes, delivered Pastor Bob style, from the talk I gave last night at North County San Diego’s 23rd Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving service. The money collected at the service was donated to Community Resource Center of Encinitas, CA.) When I was a kid, I didn’t quite understand exactly how I was supposed to [Read More…]

El inevitable ascenso de los cristianos progresistas

Es inevitable que los cristianos que hoy por hoy podrían ser descritos como “liberales” serán en un futuro la mayoría de los cristianos en Estados Unidos. Ese cambio radical, que ya sentimos moviéndose alrededor nuestro, no puede ser parado, al igual que no se puede impedir que la luna cruce el cielo nocturno. Los cristianos [Read More…]

The Beatitude Attitude: 9 Tips for Avoiding Family Stress Over the Holidays

I’ve lately received a few emails from people looking for tips on how to remain in a healthy emotional space whilst visiting with family over the holidays. So I thought I’d revisit the below, which I first published about this time last year. It’s a way of looking at each of the Beatitudes delivered by [Read More…]

“He Made Us To Be a Kingdom”: A Sermon for Christ the King Sunday by Pastor Bob

“This morning I would like to suggest to you that our gospel reading is one of the hardest texts for us to understand. Not just because of the subtleties of the conversation between Jesus and Pilate, or even because Jesus raises that universal issue of truth to which Pilate will right after our reading ask [Read More…]

I’m On the Radio Today, Live, at 6 p.m. Pacific. CALL IN!

Hello, friends! So today I’m going to be the sole guest on The Practical Christian, the hour-long radio show hosted by Reverend Guy Lynch, of Unity Church of Las Vegas. The show will air live at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 Central, 7 Mountain, and 6 Pacific. (So ignore what you see on the show’s website, about [Read More…]

Si le haces caso a Pablo en relación a los gays, hazle caso a lo que dice Jesús respecto al dinero

El motivo que los cristianos conservadores invariablemente dan para sostener que la homosexualidad es un pecado egregio contra Dios es que la Biblia dice que lo es. “Dios lo dijo; yo lo creo”, es el credo del cristiano conservador. Y es comprensible. Es muy fácil criticar a los cristianos conservadores por tomar la Biblia de [Read More…]

Los Cristianos y la sangre de Jamey Rodemeyer

[Publiqué esto en mi blog el 20 de Septiembre de 2011. Acompañando al artículo había una fotografía de Jamey Rodemeyer. En la fotografía, al lado de la cara de Jamey, escribí: “¿Crees que ser gay es un pecado? Entonces parte de la sangre de Jamey Rodemeyer está en tus manos.”] Jamey Rodemeyer es un chico [Read More…]