Now comes God

Christmas is our one chance, once a year, to revel in the truly new.

Now comes to us the essence and totality of all that we have ever been or dreamed we might become.

Now comes God. Made of man!

Made of woman.

Made of us.

Made of the best of us—and more, of course.

Merry Christmas, to all for whom Jesus is enough.

Merry Christmas to all for whom he’s not.

Happy Birthday to the god who knows us all, because he’s been us all.

"you're quite the hypocrite Nicky. You're very prejudiced against gays and people of other races."

The fundamentally toxic Christianity
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The fundamentally toxic Christianity
"I think he read a Bible verse once and thinks that makes him a Christian."

The fundamentally toxic Christianity
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The fundamentally toxic Christianity

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  • Driftwood2K11

    Merry Christmas, John. May it be a blessed one. 🙂


  • Chris

    “Here is to the god who knows us all, because he’s been us all.”

    And that is why I’m still a Christian, in spite of the church.

    Merry Christmas, John! Thanks for all you do…

  • That’s a pretty amazing devotion, there, John. Thank you.

    Blessings to you and Cat, and to the rest of the readers!

  • Suz

    That was beautiful. Thanks John, and Merry Christmas to you and Cat.

  • joan

    Love this.

  • joan

    love this!

  • DR

    So lovely. Merry Christmas!

  • Jody Coaston

    Yes. And as a believer in the Incarnation, all the way, 100%, I’ve NEVER been able to believe that silly

    business about “the little Lord Jesus, no crying he made.” Sure He cried. And fussed. And cooed. And made messes in His swaddling clothes. And chewed on His own toes as Mary and Joseph looked on, saying whatever their linguistic equivalent was of “Awww…” The whole human package. Wow. That’s the Christmas miracle, right there.

  • Pam Martin via Facebook

    Good one…Love it!

  • Karen Pidcock

    Thanks…good news indeed, well said! Let us rejoice for the gift of God with us, on this Feast of the Incarnation!

  • Merry Christmas, John. Keep sharing your light. I appreciate your voice in this world.



  • Jesse Tee via Facebook

    May God bless you and yours, Pastor John! Blessed be His holy name!

  • Rebecca M. Kissling via Facebook


  • John, indeed, Christmas IS good! It’s “gospel” good news!

    On a related note:

    “It doesn’t really matter if Jesus was born to an actual virgin or not – or even if he was born in Bethlehem. The point is moot. Either way, he grew up to be our savior. In fact, if Jesus wasn’t born to a virgin, being born as a bastard to an unmarried teenaged peasant from the sticks on the far eastern fringes of the Roman Empire would have only further highlighted God’s amazing and empowering ways.” p.109 Roger Wolsey, “Kissing Fish: christianity for people who don’t like christianity”

    ♥ Merry Christmas!! :o)

  • He came and made God accessible to each and every one of us, free of restriction, free of the law. That’s a helluva thing to get to celebrate!!

    Merry Christmas to all my friends here and to John and Cat and all of your families and friends.

  • Diana A.

    Blessings on all this Christmas Eve!

  • Allie

    He came that we might have life, and have it more abundantly… abundant life to you all tonight. Merry Christmas!

  • Donald Rappe

    Feliz Navidad a todo. I learned yesterday that the pozole I will soon eat has a pre-columbian rltual significance. Apparently when the Aztecs removed the still beating heart from their sacrificial victims, they cooked the rest of the flesh with mais and ate it. When the missionaries came and stopped this practice, they switched to pork because “It tastes about the same.” Merry Christmas to all my Shorian friends. I’ll be thinking of you!

  • John Bullock

    Thank you very much for those words and have a very Merry Christmas.

  • Beautiful…God bless us all, every one.

  • Susan in NY

    Merry Christmas John!

  • Thanks John. Family dynamic changes have made the past couple of Christmases really weird, this year no exception. You helped, in just a few words, to help put it all into perspective.