What causes Pastor “boycott gay-loving Starbucks!!” to foam so?

You may have heard how last week USA Christian Ministries called upon all Christians to boycott Starbucks.

“Starbucks hates God!” declares USACM’s press release announcing the boycott. “Homosexual laws remove Americans’ Christian freedoms! Starbucks is against our Founding Fathers and God’s liberty!”

And so on.

What you may not know is that USA Christian Ministries consists of exactly one person: pastor Steven Andrew. (Shades of George Michael hospitalized: Christians For a Moral America praying for his death!) Pastor Steven and his “organization” are so obscure that, even though stories of USA Christian Ministries’ boycott of Starbucks went viral, the “group’s” Facebook page still  has only 34 members.

It’s almost sad.

Speaking of sad, below is Pastor Steven talking about God and America and values and stuff. As we listen to him, let us take a moment to ponder the deep and almost impenetrable mystery of what exactly it might be about the gay issue that so fixates him.

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  • Jeff Blackshear via Facebook

    My gaydar just exploded. You owe me a new one! :p

  • damn. now I must drink more starbucks. Damn you ignorant intolerant evangeliclowns whom I am forced to mock and contradict with satanic fervor.

  • Penny

    Crap. Now I have to go spend money at Starbucks even though I don’t really like their coffee. I will, though.

  • could be worse. they could come out in favor of beer and bacon. talk about yer conundrum

  • Maria Tafoya via Facebook

    I sent a thank you note to Starbucks!

  • Jeff Blackshear via Facebook

    Although, I have to wonder if he’s a Poe…

  • Mary Wisner Miller via Facebook

    oh my

  • Politics and religion aside, the coffee is really bitter. I think we can all agree on that.

  • @Catziiis

    My gaydar is going off. This alleged ‘pastor’ is in denial!

  • at first I thought it was a spoof…….. but I guess he’s for real?

  • Perry

    I pray that one day soon he “repents” and finds his true, fabulous self…on a future season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

  • Mary Wisner Miller via Facebook

    I made it to almost the 5 minute mark.

  • I like how he asks God what he wants to say to America, even as he goes ahead with his prepared speech.

  • Jeff Blackshear via Facebook


    Have to wonder.

  • A double carmel mocha for me please.

  • Casi Cielo was released today, that delicious carmelly Guatamalan blend. I bought 2 pounds this morning. Between supporting Starbucks (for supporting gay marriage), Girl Scout cookies (for supporting transgender kids), and Planned Parenthood (for providing free cancer screening to poor women), this is getting to be an expensive month.

    Makes you wonder what would have happened if Pastor Steve had seen an It Gets Better video when he was 14.

  • HA! Right? I don’t want to boycott Starbucks for LBGT issues. but for their crap-ass coffee.

  • Kristen Wack via Facebook

    So let me understand this. Gay marriage ruins Christian families’ lives how??? So an evangelical is having sex with his wife and suddenly, everything starts failing because he is suddenly struck with images of the two gay guys he saw getting married on TV today and now he’s got images of the consummation of this union in his head now and now he just can’t stop thinking about these images and. . . . well, ya’ll can finish the story.

  • Nomg! she’s a mess! First, she shouldn’t be wearing a black jacket that is 2 sizes too big, with a blue crew neck. Second, she really needs to come out of the closet. Thou dost protest waaaay too much Pastor. It’s ok to be gay darlin’.

  • Jeff Blackshear via Facebook

    Dang, now I’m suddenly struck with images…uh…whew.


  • I don’t have gaydar, but if I did, mine would have exploded too, Jeff.

  • Adriana Maldonado via Facebook

    I’m sad for him. He’s a self-loathing, sad little man.

  • Kristi

    I…. Uh…… Dude, come out of the closet!

  • Leslie

    What confuses me about these people is that they pick and choose who they’ll boycott. According to them Starbucks is anti-God because they support marriage equality. There are lots of Washington companies that came out in support of this law–Amazon, Microsoft, others that I can’t remember off the top of my head. Not that I’m in any way thinking they should boycott the other companies–Not At All–but why did they target Starbucks? Oh right, they’re irrational by nature so trying to find logic in these homophobe’s actions is, um, irrational.

  • Let’s see here … simpering, condescending douche? Check. Befittingly reverent and pious strings? Check. Flagrantly erroneous “America is a Christian nation” bullshit? Check. And can’t forget the main ingredient – unabashed hatred for marginalized people whom God loves? Check. The result: A video that will make anyone with a modicum of empathy and decency not sure whether to laugh or cry.

  • If you’re going to boycott Starbucks and claim that they are in bed with Satan, at least do it because of the awful coffee.

  • Chris

    Ummm….bahahahaha! I couldn’t possibly take him seriously. It sounds like no one else does either with 34 likes on the old Facebook page. However, I must admit I’m tempted to like the FB page just to keep up with the tomfoolery.

  • I tried to listen to his sermon, but my dogs started fighting. As soon as I turned it off, they separated.

  • Margaret Gregory via Facebook

    I have this vision, in my head, of these idiots going up to the gates of Heaven where they are met by St. Peter (THAT’s an OXYMORON for ’em, right there…) who says to them (in a very effeminate voice…) “You guys were WRONG; God loves EVERYBODY…and you’re gonna LOVE IT here..!

  • John C Hoddy via Facebook

    I wonder if we give these would-be demagogues too much power by even acknowledging them. That being said, I worry about the humanity of anyone who would boycott salted caramel hot chocolate!

  • When did the United States make a “covenant” with God? Where was this meeting written down? Was it on stone tablets, or double-spaced on plain paper? This guy’s teachings are awful, even though his tone makes it feel a lot less heavy-handed.

  • OMG! It takes lie 2 seconds (less?) to ask “Who is this gay guy and what is he going on about?” He is one sad-self-hating-closet-case. After ten more seconds I stopped listening.

  • I really thought it was a parody too! Cuz he is ssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooo gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 😉

  • She’s got enough gay face to start her own Pride Parade.

  • Suz

    February 14th would be a good safe day to buy Starbucks, but their stores will likely be crowded. Gun rights advocates are going to spend a LOT of money at Starbucks that day, as a “Thank you” for Starbucks’ refusal to ban guns. It seems Starbucks is in favor of all kinds pf rights. I’ll be driving an hour to be there.

  • Gail Sider Brandt via Facebook

    I would think twice before getting in between folks and their Starbucks.

  • Jack

    Grrrlll, if dat preacher man was anymore gay, he’d be fartin’ glitter!

  • dan

    Yeah, he does set off what little gaydar I have, but not in a good way. He’ll likely be the guy at the bar trying to take me home this Friday night while at the same time trying to impress me with something everyone that took social studies already knows — the Puritans were religious and often said prayers –that he doesn’t think everyone already knows, hoping I’ll be sufficiently impressed (and drunk) to leave with him.

    And the size of his organization will likely not be the only stat he’s inflating.

  • I mad it to the 30sec mark and said He sounds like my Gay uncle who is going to get married soon. YAY!

  • LSS

    Ay, pobrecito. That is all i can say to the guy in the video.

  • What got me was this nuts attempt at proclaiming he “knows” what God wants to say.

  • Deborah Robinson Haferkamp via Facebook

    Somehow Pastor Steve reminds me of the Westboro Baptist Church who, by the way, consists of one family. Why indeed does he fixate about a gay issue???

  • I would bet $5 the pastor is not wearing any pants…

  • Brad Bell via Facebook

    Holy closet case!

  • Boycott St. Arbuck’s? Not bloody likely.

  • I don’t think their coffee is very good. Fortunately, their ice cream is YUMMY. I’ll buy extra to support them.

  • Janet Fischer via Facebook


  • Jean Strickler via Facebook

    I’m not a Starbucks fan but I’ll buy a cup soon just to piss this tool off.

  • Lauren

    I think there’s a line from Avatar that’d be appropriate here:

    “Very sad only.”

    P.S. Now i’ve gotta Google the nearest Starbucks so i can gift them with my patronage. I’m not usually a coffee-drinker, but it’s worth getting a hot cocoa or something to let them know i appreciate them.

  • GAAAAH! I tried to watch, I really did. Having a sanctomonious type speak to me like I’m in Kindergarten… GAAAAH.

    I didn’t even see the “gay” parts – just “Founding Fathers, blah blah, blah, let’s ignore the the fact that many of them were Deist, Christian Nation, blah, blah, my book, blah.”

    Skipped ahead and something about how I have to repent if I voted for Barak Obama because he kills babies or something… (In light of I don’t think Presidents from any party do jack crap about the issues the “Moral Majority” cares about but *might* do something about my financial situation/aiding the poor or at least keep us from getting screwed over more, no, I do not repent of my voting habits, sir)! If Jesus sends me to Hell for wanting me and my own to stay alive a little bit longer, I’ll go there with my head held high!

    “Blah, blah, blah, Jesus loves you, but only if you repent and agree with every single opinion I have, given to you in that I think you’re a stupid little child voice, blah, blah, blah.”

    Those of you who got through the entire thing without skipping, I salute your courage and paitience.

  • *Blink* Your little user-image thinger there…

    Is that a Triforce?

    It looks like a specific symbol in among a circular pattern. If you don’t know what I mean by “Triforce” nevermind – it’s my videogame-addled brain seeing things.

  • P.

    Really think he and Mark Driscoll need to team up and take the country by storm!

  • LSS

    That’s like a medium caramel macchiato and a lemon cake. You’re on.

  • LSS

    Seriously do any of the gay christian organizations have interventions for guys like this? They should. It would be a public service. And/or a blessing.

  • LSS

    It’s because of the pagan mermaid. Microsoft and amazon don’t have pagan mermaids.

  • Lorraine Seaman via Facebook

    Starbucks and Girl Scout Cookies… Breakfast of Champions!

  • I already boycott Starbucks over something else, I mean besides high prices and coffee not as good as mine….but this practically makes me want to pretend I would drink it.

  • Sharon K

    Made me laugh!

  • Katy Gillette-Glover via Facebook

    My gaydar is going off in a major way. OMG.

  • Dora Angevine Mcgee via Facebook

    after the Komen mess and the outpouring up support for Planned Parenthood in response this type of hate to raise anti-support could be an interesting funding strategy…
    It’s all getting so confusing…
    let’s see if I can get some hate group to oppose me for loving others then maybe people would come to support me?
    I’m just kidding.
    Good for Starbucks but I don’t think I’m going to do anything extra for them

  • This guy may be sincere in his beliefs, but he is definitely not “for real”. (aimed at Pat, way up the chain).

  • Latent homosexuality?

  • Susan Gale via Facebook

    ignorance? brainwashing? dropped on his head as a kid?

  • anger that gay men dont hit on him?

  • It’s a horrible thing to hate one’s self. :/ This man needs prayer.

  • Kemi Akeju Chavez via Facebook

    Was that a spoof?

  • Adriana Maldonado via Facebook

    I feel sorry for him. His heart is full of self-loathing… He is projecting that onto others. My prayers go out to him. It must be horribly sad and lonely to hate yourself that much.

  • Taking the high road, huh? Forget about a future in politics. :0)

  • Jan Groff via Facebook

    Video display of reaction formation. Mandatory viewing for all Psych 101 students.

  • Lee Walker


  • Betsy O’Leary via Facebook

    Oh, wow. Move over, Marcus! You got a kindred sister, uh, spirit in da house!

  • Orange

    Woah, you’re right… it does look like a triforce, ha ha.

  • Nicole

    Oh, dear.

  • I think he just needs to get laid!!! >;)

  • He is so a Bottom!!! >;)

  • Erika Beseda-Allen via Facebook

    holy homo-man batman! that guy is so gay that he makes the village people look like the praise band at church.

  • There are two battle fronts on the issue of homosexuality that frequently appears as one issue. 1) homosexual/gay rights and 2) the right to not actively support / promote homosexuality.
    Supporters of gay rights should focus more of their energy on the first, and allow the latter to happen naturally. Forcing laws and teachings on people is unAmerican. Yet people are persistent on pushing their values on others. It only leads to hate, and hinders the opportunity to teach. This man’s passion (whether wrong or right) is a reaction to an equal opposing force (whether wrong or right). Who other than God can say who is right, and whose god will make that call?

  • Countdown to him getting caught having anonymous gay sex in a public restroom in 5… 4… 3… 2…

  • John Allen via Facebook

    I’m not giving a bigot a chance to expand his bigotry. I’m sure the same argument was made when blacks became “uppity” and tried to “force” the white communities to relent in opposing their civil rights. I will not stand by and do nothing while good people are mowed down in the name of placating ignorant bigots.

  • Don Whitt via Facebook

    Shut up Keith. This isn’t your day. It’s the day for homosexuals to relish finally being recognized as human beings with the right to love and marry in California – allegedly a liberal state. Your desire to divine between a person’ rights and a person’s nature is the kind of equivocation that racists, sexist and homophobes have used for millennia. Stow it. By the way, I just talked to God and God agrees with me.

  • Kayla Pennington via Facebook

    Wow. I see everyone picked up on the same thing I did!

  • Vince Houmes via Facebook

    Gaydar’s goin’ PING PING PING

  • I stopped watching when he said Mormonism was a cult.

  • Joshua

    …Can’t believe I watched whole thing. Sounds like he should do a little more research on our founding fathers, a little less quote-mining, and consider the logic of only voting for Christians… If we follow his logic, there are no worthy candidates, and Christians would never vote at all. And I guess it’s a sin if we voted for a democrat… or for someone who sins (as if his own crap don’t stink)– even if by accident? Whatever happened to grace, and that whole “we don’t condemn you” thing he said several times at the beginning of the video?

    It’s always weird when I see stuff like this. How can someone expect any random joe watching TV or internet to respond, when all the guy uses is Christianese? “Look at the blood? What’s that supposed to mean?”

    The truth comes out when people go on the offensive about something that isn’t even really pertinent to the situation. Starbucks doesn’t hate God, they like money. End of story. Lots of gays don’t hate God either, many of them are Christians– although more of them will turn away with guys like this floating around on the interwebs.

  • Boy, my gaydar went off pretty quickly watching this video. After the first “geesus” there were no doubts. I hope that for his own sake, pastor Steven takes an honest look at who he really is. Keith: “promote homosexuality”??? Are you suggesting that the LGBT community is looking for converts? Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. I’ve known gay people off and on for most of my life, and as much as I value their friendship, they still haven’t converted me!

  • Rick Haughton via Facebook

    This guy actually had a decent message if you can get beyond his voice. However, in the end God only forgives those who are His children who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior and followed His word. He will not forgive in the end those who continue in sin and don’t repent and give Jesus lordship. His grace abounds in our lives though. He could have snuffed us out a long time ago but He has allowed us to live for now. However, in the day of judgement His character will hold true. He must judge those who haven’t repented and chose Christ as Lord and consequently followed His word. God is just and therefore cannot let sin go unpunished.

  • Don Whitt via Facebook

    Yes, no punishment unturned, that’s God’s motto! Woot!

  • No mentally ill, emotionally unstable, mean-ass God deserves anyone’s attention, let alone worship. If this is the kind of sick bastard fundamentalists want to spend eternity with, they’re in for an interesting awakening when they discover Jesus never preach this version of God. What an infantile religion.

  • Almost reminds me of something The Onion would do.

  • Vince Pardue via Facebook

    The man is clearly as rabid as a possum. I say we just humanely euthanize him.

  • Craig Fox via Facebook

    Back in the day, we’d call this a Ms. Thang. Wait, a purse just feel out of his mouth.

  • carl

    He’s a latent homosexual who is afraid of being gay and he hates himself for it!

  • Jeanette Bill-Cole via Facebook

    I suppose this preacher forgot about the sin of judging other people in God’s name.I guess that makes him “unGodly” too. I can’t believe how BACKWARD our country is becoming.

  • Jeanette Bill-Cole via Facebook

    Rick: What makes you like this message? Its all about hate, judging, and politics. When I go to church I look to my minister to hep me with MY OWN behavior. I don’t ask him to pass judgment on others. That way lies madness.

  • Heidi Thibodeau via Facebook

    Amen to that, Jeanette. If only people spent more time worrying about their own sins instead of the sins of others.

  • Gary

    “He could have snuffed us out a long time ago but He has allowed us to live for now.” ??

    What the hell kind of god do you serve? God loves us and has no desire to “snuff us out”. “Let us live for now”?? It’s no wonder the world is rejecting the Christian message when this is the way the Christian God is portrayed.

  • Shane

    and the Church said “amen”.

  • LSS

    why do people use that phrase?

    All the people i know with traumatic brain injuries (which is, like, at least 10 people, which i think is fairly a lot) try their level best to make sense and remember stuff and not make mistakes, all their waking moments.

    oh maybe it’s because their brain injuries were usually in adolescence or adulthood.

  • LSS

    There are christian groups that do the “we can’t vote for anybody because they are all too awful” type of politics. I have been in one like that.

  • Diana A.

    “Starbucks doesn’t hate God, they like money.” Of course, some of us Christians would pipe up at this point with “The love of money is the root of all evil,” or “You cannot serve both God and Mammon,” but okay.

    “Lots of gays don’t hate God either, many of them are Christians– although more of them will turn away with guys like this floating around on the interwebs.” Nope. On that, I disagree with you. Most of the gay people who are Christians are well aware of the anti-gay sentiment within Christianity and have chosen to stick it out anyway, having decided that it is possible to be both gay and Christian regardless of what the anti-gay folk say. In other words, they’ve already fought that battle and what this guy says is nothing new to them.

  • LSS

    Didn’t mean to imply that i think it’s a good idea. I currently don’t think that.

  • Monica Neiderman via Facebook

    I can’t drink coffee, and don’t care for Starbucks, but I guess I’m going over there today, just to say thanks!

  • They’ve got juice and great breakfast sandwiches! 🙂

  • Starbicks has great Tea for tose who don’t frink Coffeee!!

  • Kimberly

    As we say in the south – well, bless his heart – maybe he just doesn’t know…

  • Lol! Well, methinks he doth protest too much. My gaydar just went over it’s calibrated limit, John. I hope your post didn’t break it!

  • Diana Avery via Facebook

    “It’s almost cute, the way he’s moved a whole desk and flag into his closet.” Not kind, but funny!

  • Diana Avery via Facebook

    If I wasn’t completely broke, I, too, would enjoy something at Starbucks just on principle.

  • Yeah, like none of the Founders were gay.

    I’ve long suspected that, given his wide and varied interests, that Ben Franklin was probably a little bi-curious.

    The idea of calling yourself a ministry and just putting out hateful videos is … just … so … sad.

    The poor guy clearly needs a new hobby. Morris dancing, maybe?

  • Dan

    Oh, my. This is interesting indeed.

  • Lisa Baxter Sajna via Facebook

    You would think he would at least TRY to butch it up.

  • No way! Focusing on our own hearts is really hard.

    Attacking others is easy and makes us feel better, because at least we’re not THAT bad!

  • The first thing the settlers did was planted a wooden cross on the Virginia shore? Then…they hanged the native americans from it…he is so misled. sigh…

  • Nick Van Heeren via Facebook

    Michelle’s brother-in-law?

  • Linda Ford

    Nose, please meet your face!

  • AC Smith via Facebook

    I can’t stand to watch bc of the swarm of angry bees he keeps in the audio recording.

  • Rici Larsen-Young via Facebook

    Try their hot cocoa (with peppermint!) if you don’t care for coffee 😉

  • Rici Larsen-Young via Facebook

    All the things that are going around on Facebook that are *supposed* to be funny? Don’t make me giggle nearly as much as this video did. WOW.

  • Twisted.

  • Jamie Stanek via Facebook

    “…forgives all the Christians, and the Catholics…” like they’re different. Between his mannerisms, the T shirt and suit jacket, the props on the desk cinching him tightly at the desk, I’m betting here and now he has on no pants and will liley be caught foot tapping in an airport bathroom or photographed with Rent-Boys in a few months. May he return to obscurity and I forget him.

  • “He must judge those who haven’t repented” because God is not after all omnipotent and therefore couldn’t choose to extend grace to everyone? If God has no choice but to do something then God isn’t omnipotent. Explain that, if you’d care to.

  • Marise ‘Hightower’ Tuttle via Facebook

    the vanilla bean mini-scones are lower cal than some of the other ones, so you can order those, and a latte! whoot!

  • Marise ‘Hightower’ Tuttle via Facebook

    does that one page print double as a placemat?

  • LSS

    It’s sort of been said already, but can we get a little more emphasis on the fact that it’s Perfectly OK to be a gender-nonconforming male religious leader (contrary to what pointy-haired guy whose name has slipped my memory says). It’s Perfectly OK to have that voice and even that squinchy prayer face. If it’s ok for me to sing like a hoarse duck, and God accepts my joyful *noise*, then God could use this guy’s voice, too.

    … It’s just NOT ok to be that way and condemn other people’s God-given sexuality/orientation… and probably a whole lot of other things that he’s condemning. I obviously didn’t make it very far into the video. But even though he set himself up for ridicule, i just don’t want to forget the humanity of this guy.

  • Lyn

    While true of many mature gay Christians, a lot of LGBTQIA teens and young adults are driven from their embryonic faith by people like this, and a lot more LGBTQIA folks never explore Christianity as an option in their truth search because of guys like this. I know– I have these kids sitting around my kitchen table every weekend, and my family and I are the only Christians they know who accept them as they are. The damage this guy and his ilk does is tremendous. The damage many of the rest of us do by our silence is just as bad.

  • As much as I dislike people who are anti-gay and loud about it– this person is still a person, and mocking them and guessing about their sexuality doesn’t create peace– it only further divides us as society. Please reconsider your words.

  • Clay Rooker via Facebook

    and himself into the closet too.

  • I love how he presumes to know the mind of God. Also since when did the American flag become a christian symbol? This guy is the limit.

  • Lyn

    I think it’s also important to point out that no matter how hard some people ping your gaydar, some of them really aren’t. I find it difficult to believe with this guy, given how he protesteth too much, but there really are flamingly gay straights out there.

    I have an extremely masculine personality to the extent that I’ve been accused, more than once, of being a guy pretending to be a woman for nefarious purposes. I had a sociology professor who told me I was the most androgynous person he’d ever met (and didn’t mean in it any negative way). “Womanly” things bore me to tears. I refused for many years to take the marriage enrichment class at our church because they were using “His Needs, Her Needs” and “her” needs were not mine (nor were “his” needs my husband’s). I’m sure there are people who have met me who have walked away thinking I was a lesbian. I just ping that way. That’s okay. I don’t particularly worry when people misunderstand my sexual orientation, since I’m not shopping for a partner or anything.

    But it does make me sensitive to the idea of not making assumptions. The only real way to know someone’s sexual orientation for sure is honestly to be told. And, for the most part, it’s unlikely to be any of my business. So, I operate from the understanding that the single guy might have or be looking for a boyfriend rather than a girlfriend, that this unmarried female might actually have a long term female partner she’s not discussing because she’s not sure what I would do with that information, that this stranger whose gender I’m not sure of might be either or neither or both or something else altogether, and that until that information becomes relevant, I don’t need to know.

  • Monika Kelly via Facebook

    Bless this man and pray for him.

  • Dan Massoglia via Facebook

    Gotta love that cheesy “Piano Man” soundalike at the beginning.

  • Paul Bogan via Facebook

    Is it just me, or is his “Let’s look at God” schtick a bit reminiscent of the Old Spice Man?

  • Kenn Raaf via Facebook

    This sweetie is gayer than me and all of my friends put together. He was definitely born this way. Just more proof, that God doesn’t make mistakes. He may make some idiots, but they add to our wonderful diversity, but no mistakes. Gotta grab a venti for this one.

  • Tom Maxwell via Facebook

    It’s OK because I know where he ain’t goin’ and I take great solace in that fact.

  • Joshua

    I think all we can do is make the best, most-highly-informed decision we can, but no one fits the criteria for “godly candidates” these days, especially if they are politicians. Just how it is. Christians shouldn’t stay out the democratic process, but at the same time, we have to realize we live in a messed up world where very few people actually choose to take the moral high ground– especially politicians.

  • Gary Lee Hendricks via Facebook

    Seriously? The thought of another human being condemned to hell brings you “great solace”? I think this guy is a nut job…but to find any satisfaction in the thought of eternal retribution is to be just a blind to the true nature of God as this man is.

  • John (not McCain)

    Now THAT would be one helluva Santorum shower!

  • Melissa Striegel Chamberlin via Facebook

    Wow! How much oppression does one man have to experience to deny himself like this? I would love to have a glimpse into his childhood to see why his fortress was built out of well constructed blocks of utter abuse of the Bible’s lovely message. I don’t mean to be Debbie Downer here, but this man is a great example of “hurt people hurt people.” There is much work to be done. His message is no less dangerous than a deadly virus. Starbucks is going to be ok without our rally, but are his victims? Is he? While we are all sipping on our double-shot, skinny Caramel Machiatos perhaps we can discuss how to slowly and carefully, with compassion, tear this man’s fortress down so he can be free.

  • I watched parts of this – and what I find ALMOST as offensive as content of his speech is the poor quality of its writing. Oh, good lord, how I long to be the English teacher to whom he submitted his writing. 😉

  • Gordon

    My gaydar went off so loud that my ears are still ringing.

  • Gordon

    Self hating closet cases are dangerous.

  • ” I refused for many years to take the marriage enrichment class at our church because they were using “His Needs, Her Needs” and “her” needs were not mine (nor were “his” needs my husband’s).”

    Boy am I going to go off topic here, but that one sentence got my attention, and prompted this round of questions that’s been lurking in the back of my brain for awhile.

    Why, if Christian marriage is the perfect ideal for monogamous couple-hood, is there such a plethora of retreats, seminars, books, bible studies, Christian marriage counselors, group sessions with the soul purpose of attempting to ensure the health of that supposed perfect ideal? Why is the message almost always the same? And most importantly, why does this idealistic form of long term commitment have at best, the same, success rate as non-idealistic forms? Why is there supposedly only one formulation that is supposed to be the “right one”, and most importantly, why doesn’t it work better then it is purported to?

    I guess what strikes me about this whole marriage debate is the ones screaming the loudest against allowing more kinds of couples to partake in the debacle of marriage, aren’t really looking at the problems that clearly exist in this form of relationship in more widely held formats.

    Or maybe they are, and are trying to fix it by throwing all those books, inspirational speakers and expensive retreat tickets at the problem…yeah, its working too!

    Now before people think people think I’m anti-marriage, I’m not , gonna give it another go at it in a few months, but this relationship, is hardly that model some aspire to, and I’m glad of it. I’m delighted when two people want to try long term commitment. It just isn’t a one size fits all thing. I guess that is what bothers me about all those “marriage helps” so common in the evangelical movement today

  • well said,Melissa.

  • Joshua

    Diana, you can definitely invoke the “you can’t serve two masters” concept here, I agree. That’s a different issue in that Starbucks is a business looking at the bottom line, and like most American businesses, they’re just trying to do what sustains that bottom line.

    And I’m inclined to agree with Lyn, that there are plenty of younger people of homosexual orientation out there who have grown up in Christian circles– and they know that the way they feel, and who they are, can’t be denied, but at the same time cannot be validated (or even–in the out-of-the-closet long run–accepted) by those circles. It’s really sad.

    I’ve known some individuals myself who grew up in religious or semi-religious environments, felt God’s call to ministry and tried to pursue it, only to find themselves overwhelmed by that sort of anti-gay group think and rhetoric that tends to paint a misguided, and (sometimes unintended) repressive picture of a God who cannot let homosexuals into the kingdom until they renounce their lifestyles.

    I wasn’t trying to imply that homosexuals aren’t aware of the anti-gay sentiment that plagues conservative or evangelical circles. Certainly there are those who stick it out, but we live in a world that leaves people with very little refuge from the polarization that characterizes the enforced political and religious norms.

    What about those people who are both gay and evangelicals/charismatics/Pentecostals? There’s absolutely no place for them to go– and these are the circles that have left so many young homosexually-oriented adult and teen faith-seekers in the dust.

    Since this version of Christianity has power of the media, it leaves a pretty wide path of devastated and confused would-be-believers in it’s wake. I have known, and known of, many people would easily fit into this category.

  • Susan

    BBBBLLLLLLLAAAAAAAHHHHH!! OK, this guy is seriously misguided but his monologue drove me nuts just by the sound!!! Went to the web site. Of course, EVERY comment was in support of his directive. Oh, there was one that quoted Jesus’ answer to the greatest commandment. Maybe that was a subversive Christian Leftist? Yeah, he “sounds” gay. Way too “sweet” and “mamby-pamby”. And he sure is making an awful lot of judgement statements about who is and who is not a Christian. Oh and he looks like he is in severe pain when he prays. I need a Venti triple NOW!

  • Matthew Tweedell

    Perhaps if that’s who they want to spend eternity with, that’s who they’ll spend eternity with. And perhaps they’ll come to realize within the first thousand years or so (depending on how dense they are), that that ain’t exactly paradise. I do hope, for their own sake even, that the true God is more merciful than that; that He doesn’t cut someone off for all eternity from sharing the abode of those they’ve known and loved most dearly, just because of differences in theology or a few mess-ups for which forgiveness was never sought, giving them over in all eternity to the temporal error of their ways and to that lessor god in whom they’d mistakenly—in whom, that is, they’d been misled by others (like Pastor Steven here, who himself is clearly a very, highly damaged individual) to—put their trust. Nevertheless, as regards the afterlife, I do find rather sound and satisfying the concept that whatsoever one might truly expect, in his or her heart of hearts, such indeed shall be the fate unto which he or she is headed.

  • Yes Melissa very well said.

  • Valerie

    You are absolutely right, Laura, we should be praying for him.

  • Matthew Tweedell

    Mine, as always.

    As for this being Pastor Steven’s reaction against an equal opposing force, methinks that force cometh from within.

  • Edwin Ashurst via Facebook

    Let’s be careful not to conflate “effeminacy” with “Gay” Although I do I suspect that this fellow’s hateful nature is possibly due to being bullied and persecuted for his effeminate nature. Something twisted him and warped his mind.

  • Matthew Tweedell

    Hear, hear!

  • Lisa Hellie Linderman via Facebook

    Paul, I thought exactly the same thing.
    My second thought was that there was no possible way to make a parody of this, because it’s self-parodying.

  • vj

    Yeah – I was raised (in the ’70s and ’80s) by a lesbian single mother; about 90% of the adults (and therefore most of the couples) I knew growing up were LGBT – but NEVER for a single moment of my life have I EVER been anything other straight….

  • vj

    * other _than_ straight

  • That is the ONE big thing I never quite get about these “values” protest groups – they go into boycotting CORPORATIONS, as if corporations were supposed to be bastions of values.

    Companies that provide products and services are in it for money – that’s it. I don’t think Starbucks, or any of the major TV Networks, or J.C. Penny, or even Disney ever billed themselves as anything else. Okay, so Disney is specifically a “family entertainment” company, but if they weren’t primarily into it for the profit, their parks wouldn’t be so gosh-darn expensive to go to.

    These guys are into making money and to make money, it is good to market to the widest audience possible. Companies that market to the mainstream, like Starbucks, are going to want to not piss off a lot of people and are going to go with the flow of the greater culture, not cater to increasingly decreasing and increasingly *hated* religious subcultures. Because… that’s business sense. Gay people have money, too and some of them have more money than your “church.”

    More people need to take marketing classes? Just a basic community college course will do. Or common sense.

    Since when did we look to for-profit corporations for our “values?” Oh, wait, we’re America, we’ve always done that, haven’t we? Not that it makes a lick of sense.

  • Great thread. To those who want to tread softly and pray for the pastor, you have the heart of God. When we calm down, we all might pray.

    To those whose gaydar has gone of the chart, I don’t have gaydar but if I did, it would be on OVERLOAD.

    To those whose are angry and/or having a hoot, me too! Where else can you come together and say what you feel? It’s healthy not to repress. And, well, he’s just such a parody…… !

  • I don’t really like those phrases, either. It implies the egoistic idea that “for someone to have an opinion that differs from mine, they must have been brainwashed” or “they must be crazy.”

    It’s not only an insult to people who actually suffer from injuries and medical conditions (my bipolar disorder never made me hate anyone – except maybe the whole human race sometimes – so I’m crazy but I make it work)… it also implies a lot of ego, as in “How can ANYONE ever DISAGREE with me? Or with what I think is the Norm?”

    Can’t people just be genuinely “jerks” anymore? I’m in favor of letting jerks just be jerks rather than them necessarily having to be “funny in the head” to be so.

  • It could be a basic Serpinski (sp?) Triangle, or the ancient symbol of the Hojo Clan, which the Triforce is based off of, or even the company logo of an accounting company I know, or of a trash service I know… “Triforces” are everywhere.

    But, seeing as I’m a nerd, I see one and think “Da na na na na! You found the Triforce!” Courage! Wisdom! Power!

  • Holy Poo, guys and gals, reading through the commentary on this topic is making me crave Starbucks! That is very dangerous! There’s one I can walk to! I’m not made of money! (Though I have a bit on me now, enough for a venti…) And the only thing I ever go out of my way to get from them is a seasonal issue (Pumpkin Spice Latte) that they only serve in the Fall and don’t have right now…

    Hmm… do I listen to that still-small voice telling me that a mocha and maybe a biscotti would be really good right now?

  • Nick K.

    You know, I was at my local Starbucks this morning to get my caffeine fix before work. It doesn’t look like any boycott is happening. They were fully staffed with the coffee machines going full blast to accommodate the usual morning rush. This kind of reminds me of the “Christian” boycott of Walgreens because of their sponsorship of the Gay Games in 2006 as well as the “Christian” boycott of Disney because of “Gay Days.” We remember how well those boycotts worked.

  • Allie

    They seem to have taken the video down. Is he really swishy?

    I recently caught up to an ex-coworker who is gay, now married and with a little boy. After reading through his blog and seeing how good a father he is, and how happy he is, I just sort of wish I had a big catapult to launch people like Steven Andrews out of.

  • Katy Gillette-Glover via Facebook

    My husband, who has ZERO gaydar, said this dude showed him what overloaded gaydar is.

  • I’m showing the video still there.

  • Lyn

    Well, I’ll take a stab at an incomplete answer. Christian marriages fail because there are imperfect people involved.

    I think they also often fail because they have certain vulnerabilities. They’re more frequently entered into idealistically, expecting them to be perfect and loving and beautiful all the time. And they simply aren’t. Marriages take work. And too many Christian young people buy into the idea that God will bless their marriage and make it perfect if they just pray now and again. And that’s, as my dad would say, hogwash.

    I think there are also Christian kids who marry because they got into a sexual situation and feel the lust of the moment requires a lifetime commitment. But they’re young and idealistic and certainly haven’t put in the work of getting to know their spouse and work out their idiosyncrasies before marriage, which can lead to disaster. And then, because they’re married, they don’t put in the time afterward to date their spouse and build up the relationship as they would have done if they’d dated first and then married.

    Once they have kids (and I expect Christian marriages are more likely to produce children than average), they tend to define themselves as Christian parents and ignore their roles as spouse, partner, and lover, surrendering time together for the sake of being the perfect Christian family. And that leaves them more and more as two strangers raising kids together.

    Then there’s the matter of sex and sexuality with their spouse. A lot of Christian kids growing up only ever heard sex portrayed as bad, wicked, and to be avoided — if it got discussed at all. It can be hard to get past that.

    I think there’s also a tendency to think that there’s only “one true love” for them, so if they find themselves in love with someone else, they must, by extension, be out of love with their spouse. And, likewise, adultery becomes this sort of ultimate marriage-ender, more vile than anything else a spouse could do to you.

    So you’ve got a perfect storm of couples who may be marrying younger than their peers, who are more idealistic and less willing to invest effort into the relationship, who know little about their spouse, who still find sexual intimacy shameful and have never discovered their sexual selves, and who view emotional or sexual “straying” as a complete end to any hopes of marriage survival. That’s all in addition to the stresses on marriages that everyone faces.

    Even the church piles on to this, often separating couples and families during church activities– men’s fellowships, ladies’ bible studies, committees and ministries that only one or the other is involved with that have endless meetings. My husband runs the video and lights ministry at church and works with the youth. I resigned from working with the youth over the youth ministers attitude toward lgbt kids. My husband didn’t. I sing on the praise team. He doesn’t usually. I have a discussion group and bible study for LGBTQIA folks and their families on Sunday nights. He works with the youth on Sunday nights. It’s been months since we sat together at a worship service. It’s been even longer since he attended the Sunday school class we’re both theoretically members of. Growing up in this same church, I remember weeks where my dad was at one meeting or another every single night. He and my mom taught different Sunday school classes. But ours is a family friendly church!

    Come March 21, my husband and I will celebrate 25 years together. While I generally disparage the idea of “God helps those who help themselves” I find some truth to it in marriage. God has undoubtedly blessed our marriage and strengthened it. But my husband and I are not passive participants. It’s work and we’re committed to it, even in difficult times. And that’s a truth that doesn’t get taught a lot in our churches.

  • Lyn

    As a side note, we did eventually take a marriage enrichment class at our church. It wasn’t and isn’t touted as a “save your marriage” dealie, but more as a way to improve your marriage at any stage– make a struggling marriage stronger, make a good marriage great. There were parts of it we found stupid, like worrying about how our spouse would like our hair and clothing. But there were good things, things we both needed to hear that improved our relationship.

  • dan (chicago)

    How surprised this ‘pastor’ would be if he could be sent back to the 17th century to practice his brand of Christianity in one of the colonies. Not sure what his beliefs are, but back then they got a little angry if you didn’t fall in line doctrinally.

    I used to be a part of a charismatic church, and on occasion I would sit under someone teaching of the founding fathers intent for a Christian nation. Even then it made me smile. We(charismatics) would have been bounced from the colonies for our beliefs so quickly we wouldn’t have had a chance to pack.

    So unless we want to fight to keep Massachusetts safe from Quakers, lets just say that some of the founding settler’s intentions are best left in the 17th century.

  • Hahahahahaha…. You write the best Blogs ever!

  • Mary Wisner Miller via Facebook

    Literally laughing out loud. But I feel guilty for doing it.

  • Gordon

    Delicious is the word to describe this guy.

  • Shannon Maynard via Facebook

    He can fit a couple rent boys in there too

  • Graham Bengen via Facebook

    MY GOD! He makes Marcus Bachmann sound like Barry White. LOL! WOW.

  • Probably shouldn’t give this “Pastor” even a moment of our time. It just raises his fame quotient.

  • Jeannie

    I’ve tried to watch this all the way through twice. But I can’t stand how boring he is. Really can’t listen to this guy. Anyway, I think a double sugar free vanilla latte is on my list of stuff todo on my errand run this afternoon.

  • wonders if this guy’s whole thing is some sort of existential joke. however, that’s probably too reasonable of an explanation.

  • DavidR in WA

    I feel very sad for Pastor Steven. How it’s possible for one person to be wrapped up in so much hate and turmoil is beyond my comprehension. I hope his anti-gay rhetoric is not somehow directed to an internal struggle he has going on – but it would probably explain a lot.

  • Edwin Ashurst via Facebook

    You shouldn’t conflate effeminate with gay. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if in the past he was persecuted for his effeminancy and thus was born his twisted hate ministry.

  • Pamela Taylor via Facebook

    Is “Pastor” the only one who doesn’t know?

  • Pitiful, if he’s for real. Um…anyone notice he’s not wearing a ring? I confess to my gaydar going up on this one–I think we have a self-hater here.

  • Valerie Epstein via Facebook

    Hmmm…. so I actually went to this guy’s website and his bio mentions nothing about him actually being ordained or having any formal theological training. I sent him a message asking him to clarify this for me. Will let you know if I get a resonse.

  • Valerie Epstein via Facebook

    Kinda creepy…. just sayin.

  • Mare Swallow via Facebook

    well, if this is the case, I’m going to triple my Starbucks consumption!

  • Gordon

    I’ve been a homo for 53 years and I have to say that I think it’s interesting how some people are so concerned about some of us assuming this guy is gay. What? If it turns out we’re wrong is that some sort of indignity he’s had to suffer? Being gay is great. So is being straight. If you’re all about equality, then stop pussy-footing around the gaydar thing. He looks, acts and sounds like he’s gay. That, and the hateful gay bashing, make this one of those things that should make you go “hmmmmm”.

  • Felicia Powers via Facebook

    I feel kind of sad for him.

  • It really looks like a SNL skit…

  • Felicia Shamoomoo Burkhardt via Facebook

    This pastor is quite pitiful…pity pity..

  • p.

    I’m with you all, but I wonder if this isn’t counter productive, now that I’ve thought about it a little longer.

    This fellow will go back to his church fans and say, “look at how I’m being bullied, they just call me gay!”

    Truth is, we can’t ever know FOR SURE. So maybe we should go back to being more direct and attack his arguments on the merits, and leave the poor man to define himself with the same amount of truth or delusion accorded to the rest of us.

  • Kathleen Grimes Ricker via Facebook

    Actually, this is win-win either way! If fundies are desperate for a latte, they might not let the idea of Adam and Steve stand in the way of their fix. But if they do boycott Starbucks en masse, maybe they’ll start patronizing local coffee shops (who are probably pro-gay marriage too, ssshhh). In the meantime, if you just want a fundie-free environment, you can go to Starbucks! You know, kind of like after the Rapture, just not as awesome.

  • Simon Keily via Facebook

    It is a scream that we all came to the same conclusion. Anyhow, in the end he was just advertising his book and asking for money. Pretty cheap really.

  • Karen

    I agree 100%.

  • LSS

    but we are taught by our gay friends that it’s not respectful to Out people unless they want to be Outed.

    also, we are taught by our gay friends to remember that a person’s sexuality is not always obvious to the eye.

    it is a bit hard to reconcile the things you are supposed to remember about respecting LGBTQI folks, when faced with a person so contradictory.

    he SEEMS gay, just as much as he HATES gays.

    granted, this Often ends with the person being outed in disgrace in the news… but you’re right, the disgrace should not be about their being gay after all, but about them having been a hypocrite.

  • LSS

    yeah i was thinking about that, too.

    i wondered if, instead of hating the bullies, he started to hate “the gays” for existing and giving people something to call him. which is illogical, but people are often illogical.

  • LSS

    um, yeah.

    i wish him a middle age with a nice husband, relaxed, and going to heaven when he dies as an old man, so he gets a good long time as a non-extremist.

    cos i know what it’s like to feel like several decades of your life were spent reading the wrong script…

  • LSS

    my dh and i are somewhat gender nonconforming (along with a sizable percentage of our fellow aspies). that’s why i chose that word.

    and yeah i resist ASSUMING he’s gay, for precisely that reason.

    (i thought effeminate was still a mean word, is it neutral now?)

  • Will continue to LOVE Starbucks!

  • LSS

    i could see that.

    (apply to whichever statement, it is ok)

  • I’m guessing people are assuming due to his voice? I don’t judge people on their voices – and his voice struck me as less “camp gay” and more “man talking down to the audience in a soft, soft voice that people typically reserve for telling stories to young children.” In other words, he came across to me as less “gay” and more “Guy trying to be the worst PBS children’s edutainment show host ever.”

    Then, I didn’t bother to watch the entire video. I also found out that my local Starbucks does, indeed, carry white hot chocolate. The latter discovery has made me very happy.

  • Matthew Tweedell

    I’m not gay, but it seems to me that speculating is not the same as outing. If I had photos of him and another man kissing and put them up on Facebook, that would be one thing. If I simply remark—and not anyhow condescendingly—that I think he’s probably gay, then I haven’t exactly outed him. He retains the ability, in the one case, to keep up a charade of plausible deniability, or, in the other, to make me eat my words. But who knows, it might help him to confront a truth about himself that he might rather be the last to know.

  • LSS

    there have actually been studies that showed that less % of people with psych diagnoses are dangerous than % of people in general that are dangerous.

    i say this hoping to have one soon (as far as i know i am Asperger AND crazy, separately. i hope our shrink can see past my apparent functioning level to the actual reality, which is more complex. i have evidence for OCD/anxiety and possibly borderline)

  • This man isn’t ordained and he does not work for or within a church.

    Donations are to him personally to compensate for his “lucrative” career he left to lead America to Christ through his teachings.

    He’s gotten his 15 minutes of fame, let’s keep it at that and no more.

  • He needs to REPENT for his ignorance!

  • Peter Lefevre via Facebook
  • Matthew Tweedell

    I don’t accord anyone any self-delusion that becomes evident to me. (Probably explains why I’ve never really been a very popular person.) I hold delusion to be the root of—if not all—far more than its fair share of evil. I would go so far as to say that delusion–the ultimate perversion of truth, which I hold to be divine in nature—is in essence the evil one himself.

    I say this, of course, in regards to the proper reaction to Mr. Andrews (I don’t reckon him worthy of the title of Pastor) here. It is of course a matter wholly apart from the matter of our debating the matter. As you rightly point out, we really don’t know for certain, in which case someone’s difference in judgment and opinion is not at all to be misconstrued as indicative of any delusion. But if Mr. Andrews knows the truth somewhere deep within, and represses it through delusion—which delusion, moreover, he goes on to infect others with, or at least to encourage others in maintaining—then he is a sinner of the highest caliber—trust me, it takes one to know one. Moreover, he is living in sin. While I am among the worst of sinners (I hope it isn’t just my sinful pride speaking here), I do try (what I am under the delusion is) my best to acknowledge my sins, continually to seek forgiveness (to the extent that I can overcome my pride, or might that really be my fear?), and gradually to amend my ways. Mr. Andrews, on the other hand, *if* this is the case—and it is meet to emphasize again that I do not know with any certainty—would seem refusing to confess it, but rather in his confessions to admonish himself for what, if only he might with a pure, loving heart and clean conscience do, really would be no sins at all.

    Also, allow me to point to Gordon’s much more excellent remarks below, February 8, 2012 at 11:24 am.

  • Matthew Tweedell

    But look also at how he’s dressed, and the way he gestures, and the way he’s coordinated his props for this shoot. Now, don’t get me wrong, the gay guy I know best doesn’t talk or move like this guy at all, but a disproportional number of them, relative to straight guys, do seem to talk and act more like this guy does. And then, of course, there’s a certain issue that seems inexplicably and disproportionately important to him, even for a right-wing “Christian” nationalist (calling him “Christian”, in quotes, I will allow myself here, as he denies Barack Obama and Mitt Romney said label, whilst, in my—dare I say, the orthodox—understanding, Christianity and nationalism are not exactly right bedfellows).

  • bubba

    I think his “deep and impenetrable mystery” has probably been penetrated deeply and often.

    better latent than never, I guess.

  • LSS

    i’m actually rooting for that outcome (pun slightly intended).

  • Matthew Tweedell

    Interesting thought… that the purpose behind the Rapture might not be so much to save the people of God from a corrupt world, as to save the world from a corrupt people of God.

  • Brother Doc

    I could not sit through that “America is a Christian nation” meme more than a couple minutes. He’s just trying to shill his book, which is bound to be a third-rate rehash. I hardly know where to begin refuting that false reading of our nation’s history. I didn’t let him get to the anti-gay or boycott Starbucks stuff before I shut him off. Sorry Steven, you are just one more of those who have been duped by thecorporate power structure into doing their mindless bidding of starting wars, hating “the other,” and using Jesus language to justify American exceptionalism. Yes, Jesus died for the sins of America but first we have to repent of the ones we are most guilty of: neglecting the poor, harassing the aliens in our midst, spending more on weapons than the rest of the world put together, denigrating GLBT people, etc., etc.

  • Gordon

    Kathleen, you are hilarious!

  • Gordon


  • Lyn

    No idea on the acceptability of “effeminate”, to be honest. I know a lot of gay guys who get annoyed at the stereotype that gay = effeminate, though.

  • Andrea Norman via Facebook

    I get that he ‘seems gay’ and that this is therefore ironic and hilarious, but is it appropriate to out a person in your blogpost title? I think it isn’t. I think the titles of your posts about this man are at least 30% as nasty as the attitude he conveys in the video.

  • @Andrea: and here we have the dilemna of those who want to point out hypocrisy, bigotry and other evil. What do we do – slam a fist on the table and tell them they’re damned to hell? Holler them down with epithets? Those are THEIR weapons. We respond in love and kindness, yes, but dammit, there IS a place for anger here. These people are becoming increasingly petty and ridiculous and feel they are winning hearts and minds simply because not many speak out against them, and speak as loudly as they do. Give John a little slack. It may not have been the best title, but I’m certainly sympathetic to the disgust.

  • I agree with Andrea that matching hate with hate is wrong, kind of that old “eye for an eye” attitude. Obviously this man is hateful and horrid, but even our enemies deserve to be treated as we would like to be treated. Disagreement lovingly delivered even when someone is as awful as this is what we are called to do. And I’m sorry but all this “gaydar” stuff is offensive to me. Mocking him for his apparent “gayness” is as wrong as mocking someone who is openly so. Whether he is or not is irrelevant. He is hateful and lost – and laughable – but there is no reason to be cruel ourselves.

  • But … you just called him hateful, horrid, awful, lost, and laughable. That IS rough.

  • Matthew Tweedell

    Say, what brand of calculator allowed you to take *that* ratio (to come up with the 30% proportion)? 😕

    Let me know what happens when you divide by zero. (My hypothesis is that it will precipitate the Rapture.) 😮

    I admire that John isn’t afraid to fight fire with fire.

    Of course, it is true that it only serves to escalate tensions. But from time to time it is healthy for there to be a fire in the forest, a storm out on the plains, to rejuvenate, to renew, to remove the blinding debris of our delusions and revitalize our environs. Sometimes tensions must come to head to be finally dealt with for the betterment of all.

    Moreover, I don’t think someone is outing someone simply by implying he or she is gay (which is not like—or at least shouldn’t be, at least among John’s principle audience—injurious of his reputation or anything {except taken together with the implication of hypocrisy; yet no one seems to complain over anyone’s being outed as a hypocrite}) but rather by witnessing to and/or providing other incontrovertible evidence of the fact that he or she is gay, and John makes absolutely no attempt to do so.

    And finally, John’s a humorist (not that he isn’t anything more than that); so… lighten up, will ya’ 🙂

  • Jeanette Bill-Cole via Facebook

    Sometimes a little honesty is refreshing! He doesn’t really bother me, but his message does!

  • I agree with the SNL skit comment! Some people just seem hellbent on embarrassing themselves by displaying their own ignorance.

  • Matthew Tweedell

    1. Are you saying the God of the Bible is *wrong* that an eye for an eye indeed befits the principle of equitable justice?

    2. This strikes me a bit like the case of someone whose not ever really been in another’s shoes not really properly being able to understand their problems but driven, out of a sympathy and/or justice-seeking heart for them, to misperceive the real issues somewhat (perhaps actually missing much of the real heart of the matter). Mr. Gordan has identified as gay, yet he seems to have no problem himself asserting that his gaydar was blaring.

    3. I really don’t perceive John as coming off hateful here, and I think rather few if any are responding hatefully.

    4. What John said. (Is not how you yourself describe him worse than completely morally neutral presumptions regarding his sexuality?)

  • Sean Northrop via Facebook

    If you are so against gay people, I question whether you have come to grips with you being gay…

  • Matthew Tweedell

    By the way, what sort of computer is uploading these videos from, since both Apple and Microsoft support this legislation as well? Why don’t we hear him calling for a boycott of them? Is he merely in the pocket of some secret organization that’s behind all those Christian coffeshops out there competing against Starbucks? ‘Cause you know he ain’t making money off that book of his, and you know, involving itself with politics as it does, his “ministries” don’t qualify for tax-exempt status as a religious organization.

    In fact, “USA Christian Ministries” is designated an unregistered trade mark, explicitly declaring its commercial intent.

    And it does seem almost a parody. Could perhaps Starbucks itself be ingeniously behind this, figuring that condemnation from guys like this actually does service to their brand image and, in net, their bottom line?

    Of course, I don’t really think any of this is true, but… *something* doesn’t add up. The most likely explanation, of course, is the most obvious: that he’s gay, closeted, repressed, and not thinking very clearly at all.

  • LSS

    I don’t think anybody is hating on this guy for being gay. They’re mad/amazed/bewildered/laughing at him for being a HYPOCRIT by hating gays when he is so similar to gay himself.

  • How do we get so many nut cases in one country?

  • vj

    Hey, Matthew! You’ve been quiet (absent?) for such a long time, I was beginning to wonder if you were still out there and/or ever coming back to John’s blog. Whatever the reason for you recent silence here, it seems that you are back, and firing on all cylinders…. I have been thoroughly enjoying all your posts here 😉

  • Phil

    I think that he is, like most conservatives, against the thing that he is. You can always tell what a conservative is/is going to get in trouble for by what the rage against the most. Anti-gay conservative=gay conservative.

    I like that his “source” is his own book. I might write a book filled with all my beliefs so I can finally have a source to cite in arguments. Who cares if they aren’t real facts?

  • I choose to believe that you just endorsed the idea that the guy should take up Morris dancing.

    I am now looking forward to his next video.

  • I just got a $25 gift card for Starbuck’s and don’t drink coffee.

    Want to go, my treat?

  • Matthew Tweedell

    Thanks, vj! (And you too John. I see you. Or I did, and I’m pretty sure why now I don’t, but I don’t really care.)

    Yeah, I… stepped out for moment. Thanks for welcoming me back. 🙂 I appreciate that you’d think enough of me to take the time to do that. (Not that I think anyone who doesn’t doesn’t notice me or anything; I mean, the comments aren’t *supposed* to be about me or anything. In fact, in general, I prefer they NOT be about me, but I’ll make an exception just this once.)

  • Matthew Tweedell

    Too many nut trees?

  • LSS

    it’s a big country.

  • LSS

    yeah. me too. i even know one gay guy (he presents as pleasantly eccentric personality, but without any hint to let you guess a sexual preference either way) who had his brain tested and apparently for whatever factors they look at, he’s wired like a straight guy, but according to him he’s still very definitely gay. i think they liked studying his brain, too, because he was an exception to the rule.

  • I couldn’t watch the whole video. Even though I took my Adderall today, my attention span is too challenged to spend a whole twelve minutes trying to listen to crap that makes my butt itch.

    In all compassion, I hope that “Pastor” Steven comes to know, either in this life or the next, that God’s love truly encompasses all people and that he finds the ability to be a little more focused on his own personal growth and less on what he deems objectionable in others.

    How dare he suggest boycotting Starbucks? Corporations are people, you know.

  • Diana A.

    “How dare he suggest boycotting Starbucks? Corporations are people, you know.”

    Oh Barnmaven! That was priceless!

  • Christy

    Yes. Good to hear from you again. Hope you are well.

  • Jenna


    I know you’re a funny guy and all (super funny, in fact).

    But are you ABSOLUTELY sure this isn’t a parody?

    Because, DANG. His cute little expressions, his voice, his flowery language, the props–it just screams parody to me.

    Anyone else?

  • Matthew Tweedell

    I hope so too.

    I mean, I am.

    I mean, I did have a bit of a stomach bug earlier today, but I think I’m good now.

    No wait, I mean, TMI.

    I mean, thank you, Christy.

    I trust you all are well as well, or well as well gets, so long as you don’t draw water from a contaminated well, yes?

  • Otter

    I’ll believe a corpoartion is a person when Texas executes one.