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Christian woman: “She’s pulled the plug on her own son, whom I love and cared for. How do I deal with my anger?”

She has long cared and loved as a brother a special needs boy her family essentially adapted. The boy got seriously ill, and his mother pulled the plug on him. In her agony, as her loving “brother” dies, she writes me. [Read more…]

Woman whose 9-year-old was drugged and raped checks in

This just came in, and thought I’d take a moment to share it, for those of my readers who did such a great job of showing our friend here the kind of love and support she needed to … well, end up writing me this (which I’m sharing with, of course and always, her permission): [Read more…]

Satan’s email to founder of National Organization for Marriage, Maggie Gallagher!

How weird is this? I just got in my inbox an email that was obviously supposed to go not to me, but to Maggie Gallagher, co-founder of National Organization for Marriage (NOM)! You can see from the screenshot that the email came from Satan! Weirdness #2: Satan loves emoticons. [Read more…]

Why this white Christian “leader” was silent about Trayvon Martin

A question that’s lately been raised in the blogosphere (here; here; here) is why more white Christian leaders haven’t spoken out against the death of Trayvon Martin. Putting aside the question of whether or not I’m a Christian leader (I’m not), when the story broke of young Martin’s death I did receive a number of requests [Read More…]

Is she addicted to pornography?

Hi John, You seem to be one to never shy away from difficult topics, so I hope this one isn’t too much. Something that has been plaguing me a long time is porn. You see I am a gay woman. A common response from within the LGBT community to others who are still “questioning” is [Read More…]

Your resentment, up in smoke

So, lately (as in, since Ash Wednesday) my wife Catherine and I have been attending church on Sunday mornings. Before that we hadn’t gone to church for five or six years. Then, rather suddenly, we felt like going again. I have no idea why. I didn’t question it. I was happy not going to church; [Read More…]

61, gay, and closeted: is it too late for him?

So here’s a letter I got in: I’m a 61-year-old gay man who is still pretty much in the closet. I’ve very selectively come out to a few friends over the years, and, of course, to my gay friends. But I just can’t seem to build up momentum to come out in a bigger way. [Read More…]

She’s abused no more

This morning I received this from a woman named Barb (who is happy to share it [along with her first name]): Dear John, I want to thank you for your book Seven Reasons Women Stay In Abusive Relationships. After thirty years of marriage to a man abusive on every level, I walked away eight months [Read More…]

“Am I crazy to think God saved me from my abusers?”

Hi, John. This is in response to your post, As a Christian, Must She Forgive the Brother Who Raped Her?  I just want to say thank you—from me, for that lady, and from every single other person out here like us. I want to know if you think that the woman who wrote that letter [Read More…]

Reformation Redux: Eight Ways Indulgences Then = the Gay Issue Today

The splitting of Christianity in two—what I (and others, somewhere, I assume) call Christian Reformation II—is being occasioned by the gay issue, which in many ways is to the Christian church today what the sale of indulgences were in the days of Luther. Like the sale of indulgences then, the condemnation of gay people now: [Read More…]