Our Common Land

We all believe in something. And when it’s all boiled down, what we all believe in is goodness, decency, respect.

We believe in love.

As our race evolves, we will increasingly come to realize that, for all of its drama, life remains sublimely simple.

We yearn to give love; we yearn to receive love.

The rest is just time passing by.


The image is Common Land, oil on board, by Helen Fockhart.

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  • Denise

    Amen to that, John.

  • Amen to that, Brother John.

  • Beth

    As I deal with difficulties within my own family, these words sustain me and help guide my words and actions toward others. Thank you John!!

  • Dave Bowling

    Beautiful! A simple statement of that which often seems extremely complicated.

  • Diana A.

    Love this!

  • Drew

    Getting ready to retire for the evening. What a lovely “place” to end the day. Thanks…

  • Chris Constant

    To love is truly the meaning and purpose of life. To love. To be loved in return is the blessing of life.

  • Donald Rappe

    We may need to learn that if we wish to get love, we must learn to give it. Except for the love which calls us into being and requires nothing of us in return. Returning this love is our free choice.

  • Christine McQueen

    Now if we could all agree on the definitions of those three words – goodness, decency & love – life would be a beautiful thing for all.

  • That’s the crazy thing, Christine: everyone does agree on what goodness, decency, and love are. Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong; everyone knows what it is to give and receive love. These are core human truths 99.99% of all people carry around with them every moment of every day. In essence, all people are the same.

  • Soulmentor

    This is so beautiful, John. It really is that simple. I think Jesus was trying to get that across too but, typically, we’ve messed up even such a simple thing.

    “Religion” spoils everything. We need to be more “Spiritual”. So many “christians” prattle on about the spirit this and the spirit that without a clue. It’s all about “religion” to them and they don’t know the difference.

  • Gary

    So true.