A Change.org petition calling for Christians to affirm LGBTQ people

I’ve launched a petition on Change.org called Christians: Affirm that same-sex relationships are not inherently immoral. It’s pretty simple. It just says,

I am a Christian who affirms that there is nothing inherently immoral about same-sex relationships.

It’s time to end the Christian condemnation of LGBTQ people, which is in direct contradiction to everything for which Jesus Christ stands. Being in a same-sex relationship is not, in and of itself, an offense against God. The fact that a person lives in a same-sex relationship is therefore no reason to exclude that person from full participation in all facets of Christian life, including getting married.

Sign it; share it everywhere; make it so large Christian pastors and ministry leaders can’t simply ignore it.

Here’s to a Christianity worthy of the name.

"Very true!!!!! I agree with what you said!!!"

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  • Ashley Prince

    Signed and shared! 😀

  • Natalie Jones

    Most definitely signed and shared.

  • otter

    I loved this…..!

  • Diana A.

    Me too! I hope others on my FB pick up on it and spread it around. The more signatures, the better.

  • Maggie

    Wanted to sign but am getting obnoxious errors adding my email! Will try again tomorrow! Thx for doing this!

  • Signed, John Shore, and shared. Also on change.org, I got so upset by the news a few months ago that I also wrote a petition. A special needs child was gang-raped. The police said her story was inconsistent, keeping in mind she’s a special needs child who had went through something most people would try to forget, that she was already being ostracized, and that nobody wanted to believe her because of how bad the news was. She recanted, but she was under extreme pressure to do so, not only by a brain and a society that wouldn’t want to accept gang-rape, but also by people who were threatening her. Now she’s the one being charged with a felony, the felony being falsifying information. I think she was raped, because I’ve been through similar and the cops were jerks about it, same city. My mother said I should have asked for a female cop; I did, but the only ones there were male and I was impatient. One cop asked me if I took medicine and my friend if I was full of the s-word. Apparently, my medical record became important, specifically the mental health file, and because my mental health is interesting, justice will probably never be had for me. I don’t care about me; when it happens to a special needs child and she’s charged with a felony, then it becomes personal. http://www.change.org/petitions/the-macon-police-don-t-charge-a-special-needs-child-who-was-gang-raped-with-a-felony .

  • FishFinger

    It’s an internet petition.

    Really, it will change nothing, not even “make it so large Christian pastors and ministry leaders can’t simply ignore it”.

    Although I signed just for the hell of it.

  • Fish: You’re wrong about its potential impact. See my latest post.

  • Zach Lattimore

    thank you John Shore! You are truly an inspiration!!!