Photos show Pastor “Beat the Gay Away” was coddled as a child

Got a son being “too girlish,” or a daughter starting to “act butch”? Then the godly thing to do is violently assault them—punch them, break their limbs—until they stop behaving in ways inappropriate to their gender.

So says pastor Sean Harris, of Berean Baptist Church in Fayettesville, N.C., by way of articulating his support for Amendment One, which seeks to alter North Carolina’s constitution to recognize as legal only the domestic union between a man and a woman. (You can read the transcript of Harris’s rant on the ever-great site Good As You, which first brought it to the public’s attention.)

Readers asked me to comment on this “sermon.” So I looked up Pastor Harris on YouTube, where I captured these pretty random frames from one or two of his talks.

Clearly, Pastor Harris was never, ever beaten as a child.

That said, it’s not too late. And should Pastor Harris ever decide that he is, in fact, in need of a good spanking, I know just the gay-loathing pastor to give it to him.

To see the words of Pastor Harris put to these pictures of him, go here.

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