Steady as she goes

Yo, friends. So just to let you know, I won’t be putting up here any new posts for several more days yet.

About two weeks ago a guy wrote asking me to say a word or two on behalf of the group he represented. While reading his letter I felt that deeply resonant CLONG you hear/feel when out of nowhere your life becomes infinitely larger than you.

So, you know: sudden redirect.

Taking this guy’s letter as seriously as I did meant doing a lot of research on the matter about which he’d written me. And the more such research I did the more fascinated, repelled, inspired, and weirdly grounded I found myself.

Anyway, I need to handle this next post exactly right; it’s not the kind of thing that will forgive the slightest misstep. (And either way, I know, as soon as I publish it verily within the walls of my office will it start raining frogs.)

I’ll be back as soon as I know I’ve got this thing down in a way that does at least some justice to a situation that, God knows, deserves it.

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