Steady as she goes

Yo, friends. So just to let you know, I won’t be putting up here any new posts for several more days yet.

About two weeks ago a guy wrote asking me to say a word or two on behalf of the group he represented. While reading his letter I felt that deeply resonant CLONG you hear/feel when out of nowhere your life becomes infinitely larger than you.

So, you know: sudden redirect.

Taking this guy’s letter as seriously as I did meant doing a lot of research on the matter about which he’d written me. And the more such research I did the more fascinated, repelled, inspired, and weirdly grounded I found myself.

Anyway, I need to handle this next post exactly right; it’s not the kind of thing that will forgive the slightest misstep. (And either way, I know, as soon as I publish it verily within the walls of my office will it start raining frogs.)

I’ll be back as soon as I know I’ve got this thing down in a way that does at least some justice to a situation that, God knows, deserves it.

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  • Lyn

    We trust you, John. We’ll just talk among ourselves.

  • Diana A.

    Take all the time you need. Our thoughts are with you.

  • Barbara Rice

    We’ll be here when you get back. If you need anything (chocolate?), let us know.

  • textjunkie

    Huh! I do hope you can say more soon, but best wishes while you sort it out… 😉

  • Best wishes, John. Also I’d like to know how to handle that CLONG. I am not being able to get through it, unfortunately, and feeling incredibly lost instead.

  • Matt

    I admit I had a moment of: “Yup, he’s just jumping off the queer bandwagon, like they all do eventually.” But then, duh! I realized I had no idea what you have dedicated yourself to! And that it was petty of me to assume that. TL;DR: I can be silly sometimes.

    So anyway, best wishes John! Take all the time that you need.

  • Ultimate teaser not even giving us the subject matter.

    “Hey guys, I have some uber big news… for later.”

    “Honey, we need to talk… once I get back from this business trip.”

    “I have a life-changing secret I want to tell you… but after the movie.”

    Don’t make something sound massive, and then say we have to wait *several days* to know what it is… John… John, are you still there?… Shoot.

  • I can’t say before. If I could, I would have, of course. I don’t tease just to tease. I’m lame, but not that lame.

  • Matt: well, basically, four or so years ago I started–or certainly helped build and get rolling—the Christian-Gay Bandwagon, which is now so crowded it’s like a London double-decker during the business commute. (And yay for that!) And it’s true enough that at some point you do become aware that on one subject you’ve said–and over and over and over and over again–all there really is to be said. I’m not saying that relative to the gay issue I’m there yet, but I’d be a fool not to see that day coming.

    But the whole world of what I’m working on now actually has much to do with that which so fully informs the toxic ethos that so tenaciously clings to its conviction that … well, for one, that homosexuality is an abomination to God.

  • Linnea

    Now I’m curious! Will be keeping a close eye on this blog in the next few days. Whatever it is, John, I know you’ll do a great job with it.

  • Gina: you work. If it’s real, it can take a form. Find that form, and work it until it’s fully expressed in that form. That’s the only way to handle it.

  • You’re joking–but, yes: send chocolate.

  • Thanks, Diana! Best to you.

  • Joyce Miller

    Based on your past writings, I have every faith in your discernment. Blessings on your research. I will be awaiting the result.

  • bigger? in a good way?

  • Yes, yes, you’re only torturing us for the greater good…. Just kidding. 🙂 Waiting axiously, though.

  • Don Rappe

    I’m all ears. I love a mystery. And if I think John’s characterization of his project all but describes it, hey, I’ve been wrong before! May God bless your endeavor John.

  • Jill

    Yes we will, and oh boy will your ears be ringing…

    And please don’t forget my book order! 😉

  • Carol VanderNat

    Take your time, and work however you need to….we can all entertain each other in the meantime, right?

  • DJ

    Oh my! From the description, I can’t tell if I’m going to like or detest this news when you finally break it. But I trust and pray that you will do it justice…

  • Matt

    Gotcha. Like I said, I can be irrational sometimes.

  • Lyn

    Whatcha get? I really need to order some stuff.

  • No, you’ve been a really great presence on this blog.

  • Jill

    I’m Ok and Unfair. I’m still a crazy fan of books with real live paper inside.

    Always needing something to prop up my dining table legs. 😉

  • Elizabeth

    Apropos of nothing, I have hard copies of I’m OK–You’re Not and Penguins. John came to my attention when the original 10 Ways Christians Fail essay went viral, and I have a tattered print-out of Seven Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Relationships I think I found on Scrib’d. (Long gone.) You can’t go wrong with any of John’s books.

  • Maria

    “the Christian-Gay Bandwagon, which is now so crowded it’s like a London double-decker during the business commute. ”

    And yet, I have trouble finding anyone else out there other than you, John, a straight ally without an “obvious” agenda of why you should be supporting the LGBT issues… other than because it is the Christian thing to do…

    At least from my perspective, you and your blog are like a voice out in the desert…

    and I rather (selfishly, I realize) hope you decide to stay with your current ministry for the many years that it will be needed…

  • Jill

    I haven’t been able to buy books written on Christianity by Christian authors, but I can and do have John’s books now. Couldn’t find the integrity and readability that is found in his writing.

    I learned through Buddha when the student is ready the teacher arrives.

  • mike moore

    it’s always the hot straight guys who are the biggest teases …

  • Jill

    And I always find it’s the hot gay guys….


  • mike moore

    man, those were the days, indeed.

  • As we say in the theater…in your own time, Mr. Shore.

  • Matt

    Why, Mr. Shore! How you make me blush so! 😀

  • I can dig it! Stoked for some nuggets o’ wisdom!

  • Anne

    If you need a “pre-release” look, I’m happy to help. Yes, I know it’s self-serving but it’s also true.

  • Lyn

    I like paper versions, too. I mean, there’s something nice about having a library in your pocket with your ebook reader, but I’ve had a lot of kids from the local Gay-Straight Alliance pick up and read bits of “Unfair” while they were here hanging out who certainly wouldn’t have paged through an ebook reader to find it and read it. It’s nice to know I can hand a book to someone and not have to explain how to turn pages, adjust the light level, and so on, not have to worry about my loan expiring or the limitations on how many times I can loan it out. And I can donate copies to my church library, which I can’t do with ebooks (yet).

  • Lyn

    You might try Canyonwalker Connections, too. Like John, Kathy Baldock is a straight ally who has no particular personal reason to defend lgbt rights and the place of lgbt people in the church.

    I’m sure there are others, but she sprang to mind.

  • Jill

    how true…

  • Maria


    Thank you for the link and the thoughtfulness. I just spent some time there and will probably be re-visiting often.

  • Scott


    You might also be interested in The United Church of Christ – most congregations (including the one I attend in suburban Cleveland) are Open and Affirming.

  • Here’s another straight Christian ally worth checking out: (naked like the archeaologist, not a nudist)

  • I have a page of resources on Christianity and homosexuality from both straight and LGBQ writers. And my own blog (straight Christian here) tackles these issues as well.

  • Haha it would help if I remembered to include the link:


  • Elizabeth

    Since our fearless leader is busy, I’m posting a personal request here. I have a friend who’s been told she has six months to live. It’s an orphan cancer. She has one more shot at a clinical trial on Monday. She’s been my surrogate mom since I was five. If anyone’s looking for a reason to pray tonight, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

  • Jill

    Elizabeth, I’m on it.

  • My prayers as well, dear Elizabeth.

  • anxious to see what it is. Blessings to you as you process it…

  • That “…one London double-decker…” of which you speak is yet still amongst a sea of tanks… grateful for your courage, John!

    And there is indeed oh-so much work to be done to heal/change that toxic ethos. This non-believer is joyfully and quite selfishly glad to know you are still on the job!

  • Matt

    She is in my prayers as well.

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks so much. I go to see her tomorrow!

  • Maria

    Scott, Christine and Jessica,

    Thank you for all the very interesting links. Loved what you had to say on your own site, Jessica. TY

  • Maria


    I received the same sentence a few months back. I will keep both you and your friend in my prayers.


    P.S. make sure to let her know often how much she means to you!

  • Translator Terminator

    Prayers your way, my friend.

  • Translator Terminator

    prayers for you too, Maria, I hope everything goes well.

  • Maria

    Thank you for your prayers. I certainly can use all the prayers I can get.

  • Jill

    Oh my, sending you all the positive vibes as well Maria.

  • Maria

    Thank you, Jill.