The Light in Us All: A Prayer for Thanksgiving

A son whose mother is sliding into dementia. A woman whose husband died of cancer, leaving her alone with their two children. A woman whose baby granddaughter died. A woman diagnosed with inoperable Stage IV cancer that’s metastasized to her liver. A man whose life partner committed suicide. A man who is losing his vision. A wife whose husband suffers from severe arthritis and non-healing seeping leg wounds. A closeted gay person struggling with self-loathing. A man whose daughter was sexually abused by his brother. A man whose 40-year-old family business is struggling to survive. A woman whose exceptionally rare Stage IV cancer has failed to respond to treatment. A young woman struck down by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A transgender man worried he will be “ugly and no longer desired for anything.” A woman whose daughter was again arrested for drunk driving. A woman battling profound loneliness. A man far from home battling the same. A woman so struggling with depression she wishes she were dead. A woman struggling with depression and alienation. A woman who simply wants to quit being so terribly harsh on herself. People struggling with anger, bitterness, loneliness.

Lots and lots of loneliness.

If you’re just joining us, the above are prayer requests from our Thanksgiving 2012 Healing Prayer Exchange. If you haven’t already done so, go read through the requests left on that post. Bring tissue. Bring a box of tissue. Better yet, just screw off your nose and leave it in a drawer somewhere. Where you’re going it will only get in the way.

Man oh man alive.

Here is my prayer around all the beauty, sadness, courage, and love evidenced in the 250-plus comments to that post.

Dear Lord:

As deeply as it pains me to say it, I am afraid that I have no choice but to send you the bill for the Thanksgiving dinner of mine that you totally ruined.

Hello?! Trying to enjoy a little turkey over here! Pretty sure the special secret ingredient for really delicious gravy isn’t tears.

And you also owe me for the plate I broke when I let my head crash down on our kitchen table while I was reading the prayere requests. It wasn’t one of our best plates or anything. But I liked it. It had sunflowers on it. And now it’s useless. Plus now my whole forehead is one giant lump. I look like a Klingon.

I feel like a Klingon.

Only there’s no one to fight. There’s no enemy I can attack.

There’s just us. There’s just us and this overwhelming amount of pain.

Lord, with every last fiber of my being I want to thank you. Thank you for the infinite power of the human spirit. You didn’t give us some of the key things that we at least feel that we should have, Lord. Mainly, you didn’t give us full knowledge of you. I understand why that is. I know that if we knew you the way we know ourselves, Lord, we’d have nothing to hope for, nothing to aspire toward. And without hope we’d have no purpose. I get that. I get the system we’re in.

But in times of real pain and suffering, Lord, we are hard pressed against all that we don’t know of you. And that hurts. That’s when we most want answers. That’s when we most need surety. That’s when your silence leaves us feeling most alone, frightened, vulnerable. When we most need your help is when we feel most helpless.

So what then do we do? We do the only thing we can do: we look back to ourselves.

And then there we are. And some of us will have around us family, friends, spouses, children to love and love us back. Others of us will be surrounded by nothing but cold dark air.

But each of us will have the one thing that cannot be taken from any of us. That cannot be conquered. That cannot be compromised. That cannot be extinguished.

Each of us, no matter what, will remain in possession of the one thing that always wins. That always endures. That always survives. That is always capable of delivering us back into the light, back to wisdom, back to peace, back to love.

And that is the core–the essence, the irreducible fact—of our spirit.

We don’t know shit. We can’t see the future. The past is a phantasm of fleeting images. The present disappears before it’s arrived. We don’t know where we were before we were born, and we don’t know where we’ll be after we die.

We. Know. Nothing.

And yet at the same time we know everything we need to know.

We know that we can survive. We know that we can carry on. We know that we—not you, not someone else, not anyone but we ourselves—get to decide how we process our pain, how we deal with our struggles, what we make of the circumstances given us. We know the only thing any of us most desire to know—the most precious thing any of us can know—which is that we have the inalienable, inviolate, ineradicable, sacrosanct right to claim for ourselves dignity. Grace. Balance. Respect. Compassion. Wisdom. Love. Humor.

Everything that is best and most noble about the human spirit and experience is ours for the claiming.


And you did that. You gave us that light. And you made sure that it was ours, and ours alone, to control: to fan, to nurture, to rekindle, to keep alive no matter what.

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that light.

Please, Lord, be with everyone suffering today. Be with anyone feeling frightened and alone, overwhelmed by their challenges, weakened by despair, crushed by defeat. Let all who are in pain feel relief.

Point us again—inexorably, inevitably—toward that flame. Hold us as we hold our hands toward it.

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  • Judy Volkar


  • amen!

  • Ric Booth

    Amen. And thank you, John.

  • Karin

    amen. *wipes tears*

  • Allie

    Amen, amen, amen!

    John, I notice that although you offered to pray for several people on the list, you didn’t ask for anything for yourself. Nevertheless please know that I am praying for you, and that the burden of sharing everyone’s suffering doesn’t weigh too heavily on you, and also that you don’t break any more plates. 😉

    You did a beautiful thing here, and despite the sadness shared, it was joyful.

  • Jill Hileman via Facebook

    This experience has reconnected me to Christ-like kindness and generosity like little else has.

  • Jill H

    Absolutely. What a blessing you have become in many people’s lives all over the world, John, including mine.

    I am praying also for your poor wounded forehead. Ouch!

  • The only fitting word in response is amen!

  • Simone

    Please pray God will lead us and guide us into all prayer

  • Martha Jean


  • Christine McQueen via Facebook

    :’) Smiling through tears here.

  • Matt


  • francis


  • EsAyBe

    Me too. Thank you, John. Amen. Praying in thanks for the wonderful community here.

  • Carol B.


  • textjunkie

    Amen and amen.

  • Carol B. VanderNat via Facebook

    …and here…..thank you! and amen….

  • I’m so glad there are only a few people in the office today because I can let the tears slip down my face and not worry about it. *tackles John and all her brothers and sisters here in bear hugs*

    Lord, thank you for this beautiful online body of believers. Thank you for their love, understanding, generosity and kindness that is clearly an extension of your very self. Thank you for showing us the light in the darkness and saying to us over and over again that all will be well, all will be well, all will be well.

  • thanks nicole. best to you, sister.

    thanks to all who’ve left your sweet comments here.

  • Thanks, Pastor John. 🙂

  • Maria


    Thank you John and thank you, everyone, for your wonderful prayers. They really touched me and are helping me wade through this last batch of chemo. You are all truly wonderful. I pray hope everyone was able to find some measure of happiness this Thanksgiving. Lots of love to you all.

  • Maria

    Exactly what Alli and Jill said. Amen

  • I first came across this two nites ago and cried so hard I could barely see the videos. The power of our common spirits of love that literally sings here from around the world is overwhelming. If you have not heard of this, STOP everything and absorb this. Here is my prayer for us all. (Click to full screen to get rid of Bieber and Minaj)

    God, whatever He/She/It is, is truly here in this amazing work.

  • Elizabeth

    I just read this. I had an awkward, sad Thanksgiving. That’s not unusual, but it was awkward and sad in new, unexpected ways. I’d give it an eight out of ten on my Elizabeth scale of existential horror, even as I knew it would be barely a blip to anyone else.

    Still, it sucked. I’ve been blessed in thousands of ways, and have hundreds of reasons to give thanks, and that wasn’t my experience at all. Your Thanksgiving prayer exchange and this post lifted me up immediately. It put into perspective the decidedly un-Hallmark day I had, and the God who makes sense of it, whether I see it or not. Thank you, John. Happy late Thanksgiving.

  • Thank you, Elizabeth.

  • Jill H

    Aw Elizabeth, I’m sorry to hear. I’m glad you’re here anyway. It’s good that you reconnect. *A hug for your sadness.*

  • Jill H

    Wow Soulmentor, I love seeing people being awesome. Water Music is amazing. Adding to my spotify playlist. Love seeing the names of the choir in credits. How cool.