I see a little silhouetto of a sheep

Not that I’ve in the slightest way put behind me the Sandy Hook tragedy, of course: who could—ever, which appears to be the singular blessing that might grow out of this most unholy of events. As far as I know the N.R.A. is still planning to issue its Big Statement on the Newtown massacre this Friday; like all of you, I’ll be paying close attention to that statement.

In the meantime (assuming you haven’t yet seen it—but even then!) enjoy this puppety Christmasy awesomenicity. I hadn’t seen it, and so am grateful to Al Pinto, from Hutton, Havering, United Kingdom, for pointing me toward it.

It’s still Christmas.

God damn it all (he said, with tears in his eyes) it’s still Christmas.

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  • Jill Hileman via Facebook

    Nice one, you’re a wonderful guy. 🙂

  • There should be a love button for this video. Yes, God damn it, its still Christmas.

  • charles

    Mans inhumanity to man is something to be very sad about. I think God is sad about that.

  • Anne

    I think we’re all collectively grieving and it was time to do something besides feel sad. This made my day. Absolutely MADE my day. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Jill H

    so true!

  • Last Friday’s events were brought to us by the letters N, R, and A.

    I rather suspect that after I hear their statement and their proposed contributions to how to prevent future mass-killings, the dominant letters in response will be F and U.

    Anyway … yes, I hope and pray that THIS TIME it sticks. Maybe THIS TIME our passion will last long enough for the NRA and other gun nuts to have to stop saying, “It’s too soon to talk about this.” Usually they keep that up until everybody forgets to care.

    As for the video … cute.

    Have you seen National Review’s article, by the way, blaming the death toll on the lack of men in the school?

    (Warning: Absolutely out-of-character vulgarity ahead.)

    Apparently the presence of dicks stops mass-murderers. If so, then National Review’s offices should be permanently immune.

  • Jill H

    Yes, because while women are made of sugar and spice, men are made from kevlar. Surprised no one else knows that…

  • I keep forgetting.

  • Great comment, Ken.

  • Mindy

    Love this. Really – your timing could not have been better. I think Freddy Mercury would be proud.


    Thanks for making it not-quite-as-painful for a bit.

  • Stacy Cribbs via Facebook

    Jean Pennington Hornsby take a look at this guys blog.

  • Thanks. I find my level of rancor right now to be running really high, and I have used a lot more vulgarity in reference to gun-idolators lately than I usually do.

    I guess it has to do with the idea that the only thing they can think of is putting armed guards in schools. (Side note: these are the same jackasses who helped cut my school district’s funding for a Community Resource Officer. If they won’t let our three schools have one officer between them, they’re now willing to pay for multiple officers per school? Anything to avoid talking about gun control, I guess …)

    I just hope that the passion doesn’t wear out as it usually does.

  • charles

    I think a few more things got cut from the schools than resource officers. or did I miss something?

    theres nothing wrong with more gun control either. the sad fact is that in this crazy last few days, probable a million guns got bought in a panic that wouldnt have. I think thats both sad and dangerous. And frankly, I think the opportunity for actually moving in a direction which would have taken guns off the streets has now been wrecked. the question is- who’s to blame for that?

  • Yeah, Jean Pennington Hornsby. Gander already.

  • thanks, Anne and Jill.

  • thanks jill–and for all your great comments on the blog. i really appreciate you here.

  • Jill H

    I’m hearing you Ken, as are many many others. That’s probably why I’m not talking so much about this now as I have in the past. I felt like I just talked myself into a comfort zone, if you will. Me and my friends lamenting the nation’s poor prioritizing of values over coffee, and then what? Back to life as previously scheduled. Yup. Guilty.

    I need this one to change me. I need this one to shake my very core. I believe that it did, and yet I know my preference of comfort zone is just an extra long nap away. I don’t want to just talk it all out and *go back to life as normal* like I did after Columbine. I know that I will be pretty ashamed of myself if I do.

  • Well, I don’t usually suggest running on emotion, but if it’s what it takes …

    Look for the note that one first-grader wrote to his friend who was shot on Friday. “I liked playing with you. We had fun. I’ll miss you.”

    The coroner remarked that he saw kids who were hit with a dozen bullets. He also remarked that the victims were wearing “cute kid clothes” when they came in.

    Next week, how many Christmas presents are going to be left unopened because they were already wrapped when their recipients died?

    Can you imagine that Christmas will ever be a pain-free time for Newtown?

    The cameras will leave, but the question is what we will have learned and what we’ll do about it.

    Take the nap if you need it, but — please — use some of that energy to help prevent the shootings next week.

    The US leads the “civilized” world in mass-shootings. By a lot.

    I guess that I think my kids deserve a better country than that.

  • Indeed, a lot else was cut. But I find it especially ironic that resource officers were cut because of certain people (cough! Tea Party!) who now want armed guards in our schools.

  • Jill H

    You’re right. The question that remains is how to make a better country than the one we’re making for ourselves now?

  • charles

    here in California we had as many cuts as anywhere and the Tea Party holds little sawy in our State govt. it is fully democratically controlled. I am sure thats not the case everywhere- but we are very much near bankruptcy.

  • Do something.

    No one can do everything, so don’t even try and don’t feel bad about being unable to do everything.

    But find something that you can do. If you’re a parent of school-age kids, please be part of your PTA. Know what your school board and town/city are up to.

    Find something that hits your passion: human trafficking, access to health care, gun policy, bullying, or something.

    On the very small but important scale: stop when you see a broken-down car on the side of the road too see if you can help, give to the Salvation Army kettles (and offer a cup of coffee or hot cocoa to the bell-ringer!), volunteer at a food bank or soup kitchen …

    And notice the world. There are birds, crickets, wind in the leaves, sunsets, sunrises, meteor showers, full moons, kids playing, rainbows, autumn leaves, snowdrifts, and so many other things that we need to notice to stay sane in this world. While we’re trying to make the world better, if we stop enjoying the world as it is then we’re no use to anyone.

    And now I’ll step off the soapbox for a little bit.

  • I can’t and won’t try to speak for California.

    I’m in NH where the TPers did a lot of damage. Thankfully they got their behinds handed to them in the 2012 elections. I’ve never been glad to have so many MA transplants in the state before …

  • charles

    good words.

  • Donald Rappe

    In the days of Christmas, there is a day to remember the birth of Jesus and there is a day to remember the death of the Holy Innocents.

  • Ken Leonard wrote: ******I guess it has to do with the idea that the only thing they can think of is putting armed guards in schools.*******

    And arming teachers and clergy and nurses and……

    Well, got any better ideas? Seriously? I don’t agree with those solutions either but what CAN we do? Round up all 300+ million guns in this country and probably more if you figure in the unregistered clandestine weapons? That’s not feasible and if tried anyway?…….well, that’s a recipe for civil unrest if not civil war. So ok, then what? Laws against the higher powered weapons but not hand guns? Great, then the only ones with them will be the militias and criminals and neither will give them up in a sudden fit of pacific fervor. Leave current ownership alone but stop sales now? Hey. Hello!! There’s 300+ million already out there. So we stop sales yesterday. How does that help when there’s already more guns than people? I got it!! Start a war on guns, like the war on drugs. Another Prohibition. Oh wait……..

    Only way I can think might at least help is to ban ammo. Period. Eventually it will run out…..for most owners….in a generation or two. But those with the connections, the militia and criminals will still find ways to get it. Hell, they have ways to make their own in necessary. But at least then 17-years-olds won’t be killing mothers and children……in a generation or two.

    Think it thru. There’s no easy fix and the pols know it. Why do you think they don’t want to touch it? It’s not just politics. IT’S COMPLICATED!!!!!! The genie is out of the bottle. We’ve passed the point of platitudes and simplistic slogans. We’re in a heap of deep do, folks. Up a polluted tributary without the proper means of propulsion. (polite version)

    BUT, we need to try. We very much MUST try…..to at least put a dent in the problem. We must support our pols who will try. But I fear that’s all we can do anymore. Dent it. Scratch the surface. Even a little is better than nothing.

    Pray, people. That’s really about all we have now.