My new John’s Prayer for the Week and John’s Monthly Newsletter

11prayerofweekThis week I launched two newsletters. You can sign up for either/both of them here.  John’s Prayer for the Week, sent out every Sunday (or Monday, depending on how my weekend went) morning, is intended to put us in a good mindset to start the new week. In John’s Monthly Newsletter, I’ll catch readers up on personal things happening with me, and offer book deals and giveaways and all that fun stuff. The content of the newsletters will be available nowhere else. You can unsubscribe to either with a click of a button.

Both newsletters have been in the making for a long time. They were designed and Set Up Generally by the ridiculously talented Dan Wilkinson (who writes an awesome blog called Cooling Twilight).

(Oh, speaking of design: I know the title font of the Prayer for the Week looks obnoxiously pretentious. But we chose it anyway, because it’s the same fabulistic font Dan used when he designed this here blog you’re readin’ right here. And I think we can all agree that aesthetic uniformity always outranks mere humility. Though, to be clear, I really mean the prayers I write. So, you know.)

Here’s what the monthly looks like:


If you know anyone whom you think might enjoy either/both of these newsletters, please point them to the sign-up page. If you know anyone you’re sure won’t like them, have them call me. I’m pretty charming on the phone.

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  • Anne

    And pretty charming on the page, too.

  • sdparris

    So looking forward to reading them.

  • Joyce

    But not in Latin, I hope. My Latin’s pretty rusty! 😉

  • Maria


  • Dan Wilkinson

    “aesthetic uniformity always outranks mere humility”

    You have an abundance of both! 😉

  • Michelle P.

    How wonderful! Thanks for all you do! I’ve certainly signed up for both.

  • Leslie Marbach

    This is great, John. Looking forward to reading these.

  • ?

    Cool! I love that it’s in Latin. My kids will love the translation exercise!

  • Roy

    The latin text is a standard filler. It is found by searching “lorem ipsum” and it is freely downloadable. It has no meaning; it is simply text you can put into any text box to show how it would look with text.

    Sorry if this sounds cynical, but I thought you ought to know.