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A creationist fights back

A believer in creationism did not at all appreciate my post True or False: Dinosaurs Lived with People, and wrote me to tell me why. Here’s her letter (which of course I share with her permission):  [Read more…]

True or False: Dinosaurs Lived with People

You may have already seen on the Internet this “science” test, which was given to students of a private Christian school in South Carolina: [Read more…]

World War Gay is Over!

Unaware that their cause had been lost, a small number of Japanese soldiers deep in the jungles of the Philippines continued waging guerrilla warfare against an imaginary enemy years after World War II had ended. Via pamphlets dropped from airplanes, newspapers left for them everywhere, and even relatives at the jungle’s edges hollering at them [Read More…]

Can a man act too effeminate?

Hi John, I’m an extremely effeminate (not to the point of transgenderism), homosexual man, and I was wondering: What are your thoughts on males who behave like females (wearing make-up, into fashion, etc.)? Sometimes, I feel that God does not like the way I am. So would you say I should change even though this [Read More…]

Anti-Gay Christians: What’s in Your Wallet?

The reason conservative Christians invariably give for asserting that homosexuality is an egregious sin against God is that the Bible says it’s so. “God said it, I believe it!” is the conservative Christian’s credo. [Read more…]

An Open Apology From Christians to Gay People

[This post originally appeared on my old blog at, from where it was shared some 30K times and generated some 650 comments before I disabled comments.] Last night I dreamed that I was standing in the sanctuary of an immense empty cathedral. Broad beams of jewel-colored light cut through the air high above me, [Read More…]

Kicked out of our church: How I learned the “Christian” view of gays (and what my wife did with that information)

After my wife Catherine and I had spent six years as members of the very first church home for either of us (I, out of freakin’ nowhere, became a Christian when I was thirty-eight years old; a year later Cat was all in), we were asked to sign a document asserting that under no circumstances [Read More…]

What today’s evangelicals are (still) telling gay people

Once upon a time the evangelical Christian’s typical response to homosexuality was that gay people are just messed up straight people who need to become better Christians so that God can stop them from being gay. [Read more…]

Our Devastated Mountaintop (sweatshop edition)

[You guys killed it last time we did this. Just amazing work, all of it. Thank you! Please proofread this one also? Any mistake you find—spelling, punctuation, syntax, anything at all—please leave as a comment. Thank you! It’s because of you that the next edition of UNFAIR will be all it could be.] Here’s the text [Read More…]

Do this easy thing or stop complaining about gun violence

The White House wants Americans to read this, which they sent out Thursday: [Read more…]