Yay for the new day’s new way!

skygirlThis week The Atlantic ran a story, The Rise of the Christian Left in America, the money quote of which is:

According to a new survey by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) in partnership with the Brookings Institution, the religious balance of power is shifting in ways that could make the religious left the new “Moral Majority,” figuratively speaking. If current trends persist, religious progressives will soon outnumber religious conservatives, a group that is shrinking with each successive generation, the data show.

Two years ago I wrote The Inevitability of the Rise of Progressive Christianity.

See? That’s why you should always buy the extra large crystal ball. Sure, it costs more. But you see so much more.


How wonderfully heartening it is that each generation of Christians is becoming more Christian, not less so—that increasingly young people are taking to heart the entire message of the Bible, rather than using bits and pieces extracted from it to forge a Bizzaro Christianity that primarily serves to justify convictions, attitudes, and practices that are the direct opposite of everything Jesus stood for.

So yay, I say! Yay for the new day’s new way!

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  • Mindy

    snerketh??! I love that.

  • Barbara Rice

    Many years ago at work, we had this meeting with The Big Suits about the yearly budget fiasco, and The Big Enchilada memorably said, “Who of us has crystal balls?”

    I don’t remember anything else that happened in the meeting.

  • Snerketh: combination of the archaic form of snarketh, “to find fault with” + jerk, rendering the definition to be: an archaic form of finding fault with jerks.

    Used in a sentence: The majority of Unfundamentalist Christians often snarketh the exasperating musings of the endangered sect of Bizzaro Christians.

    Well played. Always love your writing.

  • Barbara Rice

    It may be combined in a sentence with the modern jerkitude: combination of jerk + attitude.

    I.e. The majority of Unfundamentalist Christians often snerketh at the jerkitude of the endangered sect of Bizzaro Christians.

  • LOL! Yep. That, too.

  • Thank you so very much for the link, loved it. Further down in the article, some conservative religious leader says, if this data is true then “where are the Unitarian mega-churches…?” which is just horrifying to me. What progressive Christian WANTS mega-churches? that’s sort of THE POINT. Anyway, overall I found the article enormously heartening. And kudos for the accurate crystal ball.

  • Yeah, I saw that, Barb. And you’ve had exactly the right response to it.

  • Hahahahahahaha!

  • Linnea

    “Snerketh” and “jerkitude”: LOL! Perfect. I’m going to start using these…