Ten, nine, eight, seven, six …



Well, bye! But only for now! From today until Wednesday, Sept. 4, I will not be posting anything on this blog. (But on Monday, Sept. 2, the front page of this blog will suddenly look a lot different. That’s not really a new blog post, though. But it is pure awesomeness. If you’re me. If you’re you, then fascination-wise it’ll likely fall somewhere between “Nice haircut,” and, “Oh, look, the neighbors washed their car.”)

The reason I’m basically abandoning this blog for the next ten days (though I will continue reading and monitoring whatever comments anyone might write, since I remain El Host con la Most—and, as always, I’ll be here and there on my Facebook page), is because between now and then I will have less time than a fat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Why? Because on Sept. 4, along with a few key organizations and persons with whom I’m working (not the two least of which are It Gets Better founder Dan Savage and Truth Wins Out), I am launching an extremely exciting project that I’ve been working on for … gosh, in some very real ways, two years. This thing is big; it’s happening; in order to assure that it gets done right it’s time for me to focus like a locus on a crocus. (Right: that made no sense. Sorry! I’m fried like a sly fly on a pie in Dubai. Um. Or like a guy who’s been working around the clock hard for weeks. Though, of course, doing the right thing is never really anything other than energizing.)

If you’re a blogger who thinks you might be interested in helping us get the word out about our project, yayeth! Please leave your blog address and your email as a comment below. With great dispatch and all due diligence I will then get back atcha.

All right. Good! Fun! Important! Not inconceivably historic, even—and that’s not hyperbole. I think you’ll agree when you see what we’re doing.

See ya in ten, Sven.

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  • Richard Lubbers

    Oh John, you’ve done it again!

  • I’ll help, if I can.

  • Are my contact info and blog address visible to you?

  • Allegro63.WordPress.com

    Is the blog. You should already have my email. Anything to help.

  • they are, yes. thank you.

  • charles

    we are here to help John…..

  • Hi John, I’m sure the 2.25 people who read my blog would be happy to help!

  • I can write up something for Tumblr if you get me information!

  • Matt

    Just wanted to say I’m ultra-excited about this, especially considering who your co-conspirators are. See you in ten days!

  • I want in!

  • Sign me on! Also, John, I look forward to meeting you, and hearing your talk, at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Louisville next spring.

  • I’m definitely interested.

  • will do what i can.

  • I’ve been watching for your email updates, and L&SJ’d be tickled pink to help however we’re able. <3, CF

  • Jill


  • My blog is totally in!

  • Count me in if it’s not too late…