Blue-haired Corinne: We love you; you’re not alone


This is Corinne. Below is the video she made for The Not All Like That (NALT) Christians Project. In her video, she says this:

To those of you who are gay, I just want to say: Don’t listen to those people. Don’t listen to the people who call you faggot, and who tell you that what you’re doing is a sin, or that it’s a choice, and that you should try going out with some nice girl or guy—that you haven’t found the right person yet. You probably have. And you most definitely know that you can’t change your orientation. … God made me this way. And it may be hard, and my family may not accept it; hey may not think it’s legitimate. And I’m this way. And I’m cool with that, and I’m gonna stay this way. I’m gonna keep my hair blue, and you are going to continue falling in love with whoever you want. And no Christian who thinks that taking the Bible literally means that they can talk crap to you is going to let you believe otherwise.

In her NALT video Corinne also says this:

Currently I’m trying to find people like me, people who are “not all like that:—a.k.a., people who believe that being part of the LGBTQ community at all is wrong. … The main reason why I’m having difficulty with my Christianity right now is because I can’t find other people who believe what I believe.

Either here and/or as a comment to Corrine’s YouTube video, would you guys please let our dear young friend here know that she is anything in this world but alone?

And Corrine, if you read this: there are about 17,000 Unfundamentalist Christians who share your vision for what Christianity is supposed to be. I’m one of them.

You, girl, are what the future of Christianity looks like. And it’s just … fantastic. Thank you for your inspiring video.

Your friend,


Co-founder, The NALT Christians Project

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  • John Contabile

    Very cool video!!! I left her a comment on her YouTube page. You Rock, Corinne!!! ;~)

  • EsAyBe

    Corrine –

    You rock. God has blessed you with amazing gifts, and He has some pretty awesome things in store for you. I pray for your strength and courage to radiate to those around you, and beyond the people you can see. But most of all, may you see the love we have for you – because you have a family of fellow Christians praying for you and with you. God bless you, friend.

  • John! You made such a really, really GREAT NALT video!! We love it.

  • tou are FAR from alone!

    i am now a Questioner (former catholic).

    ive found the deepest and most natural love ever in my life in my boyfriend. he is a true Christian.

    you are definitely not alone.

  • Sharmala Haines

    Bisexual Christian here, telling you that the love you’ve been wishing for from the Christian/Catholic part of the world DOES exist! There are people who know that God is loving and loves all his children. Whether you believe in God or not, it doesn’t matter, just know that there are a lot of us out there, who, although tend to be hidden by mainstream media, are fighting for your rights, right by your side! We love you for who you are, and so does Jesus. <3

    Whether you're a believer or not, whether you're gay, blah blah, it doesn't matter to me, you know? What matters is that you're a good person, being the very best you can be, every day. We're going to keep fighting to change how the world sees us Christians and how Christians are taught, and together we can make a difference.

    Believe in yourself; believe in your heart.

  • Lisa

    Great video. I left a message for her.

  • David Riegler

    Bless you, Corrine. It’s hard enough being a teenager, doubly hard when having to deal with bigotry, TRIPLY hard when those bigots are self-described “Christians.” What an inspiration you are to this middle-aged, paunchy, straight Christian male. I can only imagine what an inspiration you could be to an LGBTQ teenager who just wants a friend he or she can talk to, not necessarily about sexuality, but just talk, without judgment, without fear, without preconception. Again, bless you, my dear, and keep it up, you brave, brave soul!

  • Becky Young

    You are far from alone. I am straight as they come. I have straight, grown children. I am a church-going Methodist. I would not and could not fail to love you. 🙂

  • Karen Anikis

    Corinne – I know you must feel like you’re alone but you are not! There are lots of churches out there where you are welcome and loved even by those who don’t know you, just as you are loved by God. I hope you continue exploring your faith until you find the spiritual home that feels right to you.

  • Erik


    I’m a Lutheran pastor who thinks you are the most amazing child of God just the way you are! My wife and I have been fighting for LGBTQ rights and full inclusion in the church long before the letters LGBTQ got put together to mean what they do today. You are not alone but I know it’s hard it is to find a faith community where you feel comfortable. That turns out to be hard for me too! Keep looking and I’ll keep you in my prayers as you continue your search! Peace!

  • Steve

    I was one of the “weird kids” growing up. I had issues other than LGBTQ, but I was a target all through school, nevertheless. Guess what: it does get better. Your life will not always be perpetual high school, or whatever place you are now. Hang in there. Someday you will probably move from where you are now, and you can move to more enlightened surroundings.

  • And.

    Corinne, I was also a “misfit” in my homogeneous hometown high school. The people who looked down on me then never left there; I, along with my weirdo friends, have gone out into other places and found work we love- changing and helping our wounded world, we’ve traveled from one end of it to the other, and everywhere we’ve gone after high school we’ve found people like us: the oddballs, the glbtq, the creative, the obsessives, the makers and doers and cheerful real peoplle.

    Every one of us who was tortured in high school, mostly by conservative, bigoted, fundamentalist pseudoChristians is now a happy adult with a family we love, awesome friends, and a sense of community where we live and work.

    Hang in there. We’re not all like that, and it really truly does get better.

  • Blue hair? Ever since they came out with the primary colors for hair always wanted to try them. But my kids would be horrified. Keep being you Corrinne, Beautiful, individual, completely unique you. Humanity is enriched by your presence.

    Same goes for everyone else.

  • Matt

    Transgender Christian here, just popping on to say how mind-blowingly awesome you are, Corinne. Keep being you, because kind, compassionate truth-tellers like you are desperately needed in the world. You are one of the many, many people I’ve met around here that I’d love to sit down with and chat about everything and nothing.

    As for the blue hair, my partner would adore you for that reason. She had purple hair for awhile back in high school and loved it, but since becoming a Young Adult (TM), she’s had to become a bit more nondescript. You’d probably have her itching to try green next.

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Corrine. My twenty-year-old t-shirt. (So not joking.) The only time I dyed my hair, it was for a play. It was ‘wash-out’ and lasted for three years so I could play the younger version of a brunette.

    An apricot-tinged three years is a long time in high school.

    Very proud of you. Clearly, I’m not advocating violence. But sometimes our words and our Docs are our best weapons. You know?

    (Shared via Facebook because I am old and keeping up with 304 friends is about all I can manage.

  • Elizabeth

    Corinne? Sorry. John, keep the names consistent in the text.

  • God bless you. Being a Christian is about love, family and acceptance. I too have struggled to find people who share my beliefs and have been searching for a church to bring my young children to that will re-enforce what I teach my children. love is love.

  • I, too, am a Christian lesbian. We have shared the same experiences, and they only make us stronger individuals. Since coming out in 1984 I have heard it all. The Holy Spirit sent me to the Episcopal Church and it was like I finally came home. My faith has been rejuvenated and strengthened. We am not lesbians-we are women. We are not queer-we are normal! “All good things come from God”, and that includes us!

  • Carl Catt

    “For God so loved the world” (the WHOLE world, NO exceptions). You are God’s perfect creation. Please believe that you are not alone. Those of us who are NALT are surrounding you with prayer and love. Keep speaking the truth and never be ashamed of who you are.

  • Yeah, exactly what Matt said…except for the stuff about his partner who I’ve never met…but I’m sure if she’s with Matt, she rocks. And I’m sure you rock too. I mean…blue hair is cool and all, but it’s your beautiful words, and the heart with which you say them, that’s so moving to me.

    Thanks so much for this video. And thank you more for being authentic in a space where that challenges other people. That’s brave and tough work that I was too cowardly to do until later in my life.

    Please know you are not alone. At all. I don’t think I’m being presumptuous by saying this online community is a safe space and we are here to support you as you seek to live your life with authenticity and integrity.

    Sending you love tonight from New York City.


  • Darcy McKnight


    You are not alone! This Christian thinks you’re pretty awesome, too!

  • Andy

    Corinne, that was beautiful.

  • Me

    Well, God bless you in all that you do! I must say, that I absolutely hate labels. I hate even being called a Christian, because I am not. I am a believer of God and associate with the understanding of Christianity. I also believe labels any kind limit us on who we are, and how we “should” be in life. Although I understand that labels are often times a great adjective to use to allow for another to understand in a communicative way; please do not put yourself into a label that describes your preference on your orientation. I am saying do not let it define you… you are so far more than that tiny part, of a tiny part of a society standard, in a tiny part of who you are….this may be far out there, but labels really hurt all of us..

  • Jedediah Burkey

    Corrine, you rock! I wish I had known someone like you back in high school, when the “Christians” called me a fag and judged me because of my clothes and my hair. It took me a long time to forgive them but finally I found a person, and a church that made me realize that the social justice causes I had always supported were in fact Christian and that I had been a follower of Christ all a long, I just didn’t know it due to the noise of his so called followers. I have since found a church that is reconciling, been baptisted in the ocean after spending a day cleaning the beach, and gone out of my comfort zone in serving the “least of these”. My advice? Find your own way to Christ. Don’t let others define it for you because they will fail and it limits your way to Christ.

  • Dana

    You go girl! As a mom of a 17 year-old boy who came out a year ago, I applaud your courage and conviction! You are most definitely right; God is not condemning what He created. We were in a fundamental church and school which taught that homosexuality is an abomination to God. What a blessed relief to be out of that church and loving my child with every fiber of my being because I know that he didn’t choose to be gay, but God made in gay. I’m so sick of judgmental Christians who can sit back and condemn others for their behaviors as if they never sin. We all know that every single living person sins in some way every day. It’s so easy to judge when you are not involved emotionally with someone who is gay. I would like to think that they would love their child regardless of their sexual orientation. Whether your family accepts who you are or not, God loves you. Jesus loves you. This entire community loves you for standing up for loving others no matter the cost. After all, that is what Jesus wants us to do. Stay strong and do as Jesus commands and people will follow you. God Bless!!!

  • Cindi Iritsky

    Corinne – you absolutely rock -and there are *many* out here who believe the way you do.

    You are never alone – and don’t you forget that!

  • Jill

    You Young Adults and your hair colors…

    I was 35 before I blue striped my hair. And yes, I work in a professional office.

  • Jill

    I loved his video too.

  • I truly, really and whole heartedly second that!!!

  • Kelly

    Like some of the others who commented, I was a ‘weird kid’ in high school too (I’m now 56) – oh, how I wish I had had the courage to be myself; oh, how I with I had had a friend like you to inspire me.

  • Liz

    If you all haven’t seen Corrine’s video, click that link now. What a cool kid!