The whole deal on the straight/gay/Christian thing


Straight people are freaked out by gay (to use a euphemism) relations—the same way gay people are freaked out by straight relations. Everyone fears everyone who is in some key or fundamental way truly different from them. And fear with no way out becomes anger.

So all the straight people who were Christian took their fear and anger of all the gay people they didn’t know, crammed it into the mouth of God, and called it Gospel.

As time goes by, more and more straight people are getting to know gay people, and so coming to realize that there is nothing more frightening about being gay than there is about being red-headed or left-handed.

So every day Christian theology is moving a little bit further away from the terrible idea that God condemns gay people, the same way it moved away from the terrible ideas that God condones slavery and doesn’t want women to vote.

The gay “issue” is being resolved. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” Nothing has ever stopped that truth, and nothing ever will.

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  • charlesmaynes

    Loved it. Great, and succinct. You are are a very good writer John.

  • Andy

    It’s so simple, anyone could understand it.

  • I know the journey seems long and resolution can’t come fast enough for the kid considering suicide. But with that said, it’s astounding to see the rapid pace of change in the church. How often do we actually get to SEE the Holy Spirit at work? It’s so encouraging.

    Soon, we the Church will see the traditionalist theology for what it is: an immoral diminishing of the humanity of gay people. Maybe then, we can bury our dead and they can rest in peace.

    John, thank you for everything you do, every day, being a fierce ally to and advocate for people like me. Your love of God and people is abundantly clear. And I’m so, so grateful.

  • Lamont Cranston

    I’m not freaked out by straight sex, or by women in general. I just don’t have any sexual reaction to them.

  • Andy

    And you aren’t trying to pass legislation to marginalize straight people? Hmm, I wonder if there’s a lesson here…

  • Great words from MLK … had never that quote before. thank you.

  • Jules

    I don’t have any problem with straight people either… they can do what they want in their own bedrooms, but I don’t don’t want to have to explain to my kids what that man and woman are doing holding hands at the mall.

    You know they’re showing straight couples kissing on prime time TV now… like it’s normal? You tell me there’s no heterosexual agenda taking over this country.

  • CastleRockBear

    Thank You, John!

  • Earthbound Spirit

    Catching up on reading your blog, John. I enjoy your writing. Just a note here – MLK was paraphrasing the Rev. Theodore Parker, a 19th Century Unitarian minister, in his “moral arc” quote. Parker was predicting the end of slavery, King was predicting the advent of civil rights for all. Two great prophetic voices!

  • Pavitrasarala

    John – Did you see the Dear Abby column today where she addressed a letter by a couple who was shunning their gay neighbors?

  • JoAnn Forsberg

    My thought of the day:


    I shall never understand why so many Christians walk around with an invisible “banner” each day stating: “Be like me”.

    That they may understand concept of “law”. But, have no concept of personal “humility”.

    Entering the church doors to prove their superior knowledge on law: Placing “self on pedestal attitude”.

    But no concept of entering the church doors recognizing their own: “self still has depravity”.

    Lacking an attitude of “self” bending down in humility and thanksgiving for the Cross.

    Humble love for what Christ has done and continues to do daily for each person.

    For our own “self” and for ALL in humanity. Same grace for ALL who seek Him.

    We are no different than those we point at with our stretched out finger.


    I would rather be compassionate and feel my own depravity. Than, be one who feels it is their “Christian duty” to state what is wrong in another.

    For like many other verses in Bible. We, as Christians, speak these verses at “face value”.

    Failing to do what God requires first:

    Recognizing our depravity and then steeping our own soul in grace, humility, love, appreciation.

    Awareness of the God requirement that: We speak to another to more understand their hurt, pain and thought pattern.

    Than to feel it is our duty to speak to what we believe is their failings. Our “heart-attitude” shown through our pointing finger at their external life. Failing to remember this is a soul beloved by God.

    To speak of law we should be first dripping grace. For we are speaking to another beloved child of Christ.

    Remember… You are speaking to a person beloved by God.