Response to Matt Haney

Reformed Baptism preacher Matt Haney of Illbehonest ministries recently gave a lecture on baptismal regeneration. He called out Lutherans specifically in this message as heretics and preachers of a false gospel. After numerous requests to respond to this lecture, I am beginning a series of programs in response to this.Here is the first program. Read more

The Regulative Principle of Worship

On today’s program, I discussed the Reformed regulative principle of worship. I went through some of the basic arguments for this position and demonstrated why I believe them to be flawed.Here is the program. Read more

A Discussion of Theonomy

On today’s program I answered two listener questions. The first was about the Reformed movement known as “Theonomy” which seeks to implement Old Testament civil laws in contemporary society. I discussed the problems with this manner of thinking. The second question was about the distinction between predestination and election. I clarified a Lutheran approach to predestination in view of the Calvinistic perspective. Here is the program. Read more

A Brief History and Critique of the Altar Call

On today’s program I discussed the evangelical practice of the Altar Call. I placed it within it’s historical context, and then explained why Lutherans cannot and should not adopt such a practice. Here is the program. Read more

The Effect and Purpose of Baptism: A Final Response to John MacArthur

On today’s program I finished my interaction with John MacArthur’s lectures on the sacrament of baptism.Here is the program Read more

Bapismal Regeneration: A Continued Response to John MacArthur

On today’s program I continued my discussion of John MacArthur’s lectures on baptism. I spent the majority of the discussion demonstrating why MacArthur’s arguments about the meaning and purpose of baptism have no exegetical grounding. Here’s the program.  Read more

Response to John MacArthur on Infant Baptism

On today’s program I discussed a John MacArthur message on the subject of baptism. In this lecture, MacArthur argues against infant baptism and baptismal regeneration. I demonstrate that MacArthur’s arguments are historically and exegetically flawed. I mentioned a blog post on this subject. It can be found here. Thanks to Charles Wiese for a thoughtful post.Here is the program. Read more

Interview with Pastor Douglas Wilson

On today’s program I interviewed Pastor Douglas Wilson about the Federal Vision movement within Reformed theology. Wilson is pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho and professor at New Saint Andrews College. He is a prolific speaker and debater on Reformed theology and various issues related to Christianity and culture. We talked about baptism, law and gospel, liturgy, and various other issues associated with the Federal Vision. Here is the program.Pastor Wilson’s website can be found here, and his blog is here. Read more

The Federal Vision Movement

Listen Here.On today’s program I discussed the “Federal Vision” movement within Presbyterianism. I gave a brief history of the movement, and then explained some of their distinctive ideas. I showed where Lutherans can agree and disagree with various aspects of this theological school.  Read more

Refutation of Limited Atonement Part 5

Here’s the program.On today’s podcast, I finished my series on Limited Atonement. I responded to a lecture titled “Limited Atonement and Hard Texts” by pastor Mathew Haney. I dealt with arguments from John 17 and the nature of propitiation. I also discussed universalistic texts from 2 Peter and 1 Timothy. If you haven’t heard the other programs, here are the other parts of the series:Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4I also mentioned that someone started a petition to send to James… Read more

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