The Rapture and Premillenialism

On today’s program I did another discussion on Dispensationalism, dealing specifically with the teaching of a secret rapture and premillennialism. I demonstrated that the texts used in support of a secret rapture teach the opposite, and that Revelation 20 does not necessitate a premillennial reading.Here is the program. Read more

Mega Church Celebrity Culture

On today’s program, I addressed the Mark Driscoll fiasco and the underlying issues of celebrity culture within evangelicalism. I addressed the recent controversies surrounding both Mark Driscoll and Ergun Caner, and how they reflect a dangerous ecclesiology inherent in contemporary evangelicalism. Here is the program Read more

Antinomianism Part 2

On today’s program I continued the discussion from last week on antinomianism. I discussed antinomian tendencies within contemporary Lutheranism in reference to my recent post on the issue. I went through the quotes I provided and demonstrated how to correctly speak of this issue in a balanced manner. Here is the program. Read more


On today’s program I discussed antinomianism in light of reformed theologian Mark Jones’ new book on the topic. Here is the program Read more

A Refutation of Purgatory Part 2

On today’s program, I continued my response to Karlo Broussard on purgatory. I dealt with his arguments from Scripture. The two texts addressed are from 1 Corintians 3, and Matthew 5. It was demonstrated that these two texts do not say anything about purgatory. Here is the program. Read more

A Refutation of Purgatory

On today’s program I discussed the Roman Catholic teaching on purgatory. I reviewed a lecture by Karlo Broussard, a Roman Catholic apologist, and discussed our differences, pointing out the errors in his argument. This is the beginning of a two part series in response to this lecture. Here is the program   Read more

A Critique of Dispensationalism

On today’s program, I gave a brief overview of the history of Dispensationalism. I critiqued that position by discussing how the New Testament authors interpreted prophetic texts addressed to national Israel.Here is the program.I was also on the Boars in the Vineyard podcast this week, which can be found here. Read more

Response to Steve Ray on Sola Fide

On today’s program, I interacted with a lecture by Roman Catholic apologist Steve Ray in which he argued against the doctrine of justification by faith alone. I demonstrated that this idea is clearly taught in Romans,and also discussed James 2. Here is the program. Read more

A Discussion with Chris Rosebrough about Strange Fire

I was joined by Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith to discuss the recent Strange Fire conference.Here is the program. Read more

Reformed and Lutheran Views of Infant Baptism

I discussed a number of topics on today’s program. I spent the first half hour talking about the Reformed covenantal argument for infant baptism, and how we should approach this subject. I then answered a listener question about people who are called “righteous,” and “blameless” in the Old Covenant. Finally, I addressed the Church of Christ’s view of baptism.Here is the program. Read more

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