A Discussion with Chris Rosebrough about Strange Fire

I was joined by Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith to discuss the recent Strange Fire conference.Here is the program. Read more

Reformed and Lutheran Views of Infant Baptism

I discussed a number of topics on today’s program. I spent the first half hour talking about the Reformed covenantal argument for infant baptism, and how we should approach this subject. I then answered a listener question about people who are called “righteous,” and “blameless” in the Old Covenant. Finally, I addressed the Church of Christ’s view of baptism.Here is the program. Read more

The Imputation of Christ’s Active Obediene

On today’s program I gave some updates regarding upcoming projects, and then intended to answer a number of listener questions, but ended up spending the entire program discussing the imputation of Christ’s active obedience. I discussed whether this is a Lutheran doctrine, and what texts should and shouldn’t be used to support this teaching. Here is the program. Read more

The Preparationism of Paul Washer

On today’s program, I discussed the connection between the preparationist theology of early American Puritanism and it’s connection to the theology of Paul Washer. I review of ten minute segment of a Paul Washer sermon which demonstrates his dependence on this view of Christian conversion, and discussed the danger inherent in this approach. Here is the program Read more

How Lutherans View the Mosaic Law

Today’s program was an eclectic one. I answered listener questions on a variety of topics. First, I answered a question regarding divine monergism and Luther’s work The Bondage of the Will. I then spent the majority of the program discussing the validity of the Mosaic Law for Christians today. I discussed the threefold distinction of the Law and the connection between natural law and the Ten Commandments. Finally I got into a discussion about soteriology in the church fathers, dealing specifically… Read more

Unionism and Mortal Sin

Today’s program covered a number of topics as I answered listener questions. I discussed the nature of unionism and different perspectives of fellowship, the distinction between mortal and venial sin in Lutheranism and Roman Catholicism, and a Lutheran view of perseverance.Here is the program. Read more

Final Response to Matt Haney

This is the final program in response to Matt Haney’s lecture against a Lutheran view of baptism. I dealt mostly with his misrepresentation of Luther and the Anabaptists.Here is the program. Read more

Response to Matt Haney Part 4

This week’s program was a continued response to Matt Haney’s lecture against baptismal regeneration. I dealt with John 3, and Haney’s attacks on Luther’s beliefs and character.  Here’s the program. Read more

Bernard of Clairvaux and Medieval Theology

I took a break from our discussion of Matt Haney’s lecture on baptism to discuss the church of the Middle Ages. I was joined by Pastor David Graves to discuss the importance of Bernard of Clairvaux on Luther’s thought and the best aspects of Medieval theology which led to the Reformation. We try and dispel the common misconception that the post-Augustinian church was a theological wasteland waiting to be saved by Luther.Here is the program. Read more

Response to Matt Haney Part 3

On today’s program I continued my response to Matt Haney’s lecture against a Lutheran approach to baptism. I dealt with Haney’s exegesis of texts such as Acts 2:38 and Romans 6.Here is the program. Read more

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