In the eyes of Martin Luther, the most essential division between himself and the group of reformers in Zurich under Ulrich Zwingli was in the doctrine of the Lord’s Supper. Luther, coming from a monastic background held on to much that he was taught within the Roman church. However, Zwingli, coming from more of a humanistic background, largely abandoned accepted church practice and doctrine, including their sacramental emphasis. Luther’s reformation was from within the church, while Zwingli was much quicker… Read more

Often in evangelicalism, the question is asked “are you a Calvinist or an Arminian?” No other alternatives are given. How should a good Lutheran answer this question? Some would day that they agree with only the first two points of the acronym TULIP but rejects the rest. A more nuanced view, which I would take, is that there is truth to be affirmed in four of the five points. Now to go through each point:1. Total Depravity- The Lutheran language on… Read more

The sermon from the sixth Sunday of Easter, examining Jesus’s statement: “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” I discussed the role of good works in the life of the believer, and the good works that Jesus has done for us. Here is the message. Read more

Sermon from the fifth Sunday of Easter from John 14:1-14, about Jesus who is the way, the truth, and the life. Here is the message . Read more

This message is from Good Shepherd Sunday on the gospel text fromJohn 10. The message contrasts Jesus, who is the Good Shepherd, with thefalse shepherds and wolves who seek to steal and destroy God’s sheep. Here is the message . Read more

Fri, 16 May 2014 Luke 24 Direct download: Luke_24.mp3 Category: — posted at: 3:29 AM Read more

Mon, 28 April 2014 Easter Sunday Sermon from Easter Sunday 2014. Direct download: Easter.mp3 Category: — posted at: 9:33 PM Read more

Wed, 9 April 2014 John 14 Sermon on John 14 Direct download: John_14.mp3 Category: — posted at: 2:45 AM Read more

Sun, 30 March 2014 John 9 Sermon on John 9. Direct download: John_9.mp3 Category: — posted at: 7:59 PM Read more

Mon, 24 March 2014 John 4 Sermon on John 4 Direct download: John_4.wav Category:general — posted at: 1:12 AM Read more

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