History of the Papacy

Listen here.On today’s program I decided not to continue with the Limited Atonement discussion until next week, due to the important events occurring today. I spent the program talking about the office of the Papacy, it’s history and how we should approach it today. Read more

Response to James White on Limited Atonement

Response to James WhiteOn today’s program, I continued my refutation of Limited Atonement by responding to a lecture on the issue by Dr. James White. James White is a Reformed baptist theologian, apologist, and elder and the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries.  Read more

Baptism in the Early Church

On today’s program I discussed baptismal regeneration and the early church. I went through various Patristic sources to demonstrate that there is a strong doctrine of baptism as a means for the forgiveness of sins and reception of the Holy Spirit in the early church. Here is the program. Read more

Atonment Theories and Objective Justification

On today’s program I did a brief overview of the controversy over objective justification and gave some of my thoughts on the matter. Then I answered a question about the Governmental theory of the atonement and launched to a discussion of the various atonement motifs. Here’s the program.  Read more

The Lordship Salvation Controversy

On this week’s program I did an overview of the Lordship Salvation controversy within evangelicalism, and explained why from a Lutheran perspective, both sides of the debate are wrong. Here is the program. Read more

The Reformed View of Patristics and Entire Sanctification

On this week’s podcast I answered a listener question about how the Reformed view early church history and concluded with a discussion of the Wesleyan doctrine of entire sanctification. Here is the program. Read more

Alphabet Soup: Lutheranism in America

On today’s program I discussed the various Lutheran church bodies in America. I gave some history and talked about the various theological and practical issues which divide these churches from one another. Here is the program. Read more

An Explanation of the Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms

I spent the program discussing two kingdom theology as expounded upon by the Lutheran church. I did an overview of the debate in the Reformed world over the issue, discussed the various approaches to the relationship between church and state, defended the two kingdom approach Biblically, and finally demonstrated why Lutheran two kingdom theology is distinct from the theology that goes under that banner in the Reformed world. Here’s the program. Read more

The Eucharist in John 6 and the Sabbath

On today’s program I spent time talking about John 6 and whether or not it is about the Eucharist, and then I answered a listener question about strict Sabbatarianism. Here’s the program. Read more

A Christian Response to Suffering and Tragedy

In light of the recent shootings in Newtown, CT, I spent the program talking about how Christians should deal with suffering in light of the gospel. Here is the program. Read more

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