Is the Lutheran View of Holy Communion the Same as the Roman Catholic One?

The Roman Catholic view and Lutheran view are similar in some ways, and not in others. The Roman Catholics believe in transubstantiation, which is the teaching that the bread and wine are transformed into Christ's body and blood. Though the appearance and taste of bread and wine are there, they are no longer present. This is done using the philosophy of Aristotle. Aristotle made a distinction between substance and accidents. A "substance" is what a thing is. The "accidents" are the outward … [Read more...]

Limited Atonement in the History of the Church

On today's program I answered a listener question about limited atonement in the history of the church. I discussed the early church, the middle ages, and the Reformation. I made the argument that limited atonement is absent from the early and medieval church with the exception of Thomas Gottschalk. … [Read more...]

How do I know if my child is a Christian?

A response to the Gospel Coalition … [Read more...]

Who is God? Bible Teachings Chapter 1

Here is the first of a long series of studies on Joseph Stump's book "Bible Teachings" which is coming soon from Just and Sinner Publications. The audio is from Hope Lutheran Church in Brighton, IA. This first study discussed the nature of God and how God can be known. … [Read more...]