On today’s program, I continued to critique John Frame’s article on the Lutheran distinction between Law and Gospel. On this show, I addressed the positive use of the Law in the life of the believer. I talked about the necessity of the third use of the Law, and why that does not contradict a strict distinction between God’s two words of command and promise. I also briefly discussed the New Perspective on Paul at the end of the program. Here… Read more

 I released a series of three podcasts in response to John Frame’s critique of the traditional Lutheran Law and Gospel distinction.Part 1Part 2Part 3I also recently released C.F.W. Walther’s The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel as volume 7 in the American Lutheran Classics series. It can be found here.  Read more

On today’s program I was joined by Pastor Daniel Emery Price and Pastor Lewis Polzin of Boars in the Vineyard to discuss the first chapter of Henry Eyster Jacobs’ work A Summary of the Christian Faith. We talked about the different branches of theology, the role of apologetics, and the relationship between Scripture and tradition. Here is the program Read more

On today’s program I responded to a recent lecture by Calvinistic Baptist pastor, Steve Lawson from the 2014 Shepherd’s Conference. The lecture was on sanctification in the Christian life, and I showed why his approach is mistaken. This led into a discussion of justification and its centrality in the Christian life. Here is the program. Read more

On today’s program I answered listener questions about the Lutheran doctrine of election as a follow up to the discussion about Arminianism last week. I spent time looking the Formula of Concord’s discussion of the topic, the relevant Scripture texts, and Pieper’s Christian Dogmatics. Here is the program. Read more

On today’s program I answered two listener questions. The first had to do with the idea of prevenient grace in Arminianism and Lutheranism. This led into a discussion of the intuitu fidei approach to election that developed in the scholastic period. I then dealt with some common proof texts for Arminianism. Here is the program. Read more

On today’s program I was joined by Dr. Curtis Leins, the assistant presiding pastor of the AALC, and professor of Church History and Liturgics at the American Lutheran Theological Seminary. He discussed his studies in liturgics, why churches should not abandon the liturgy, and various other topics. Here is the program. Read more

I began a discussion on Eastern Orthodoxy, giving some of the history and basic differences between the Eastern and Western church. This is the first part in a series of shows that will deal with the unique teachings of the Eastern Church. Here is the program Read more

On today’s program I was joined by Dr. Joel Biermann, associateprofessor of systematic theology at Concordia Theological Seminary inSt. Louis. We discussed the controversy surrounding “two kinds ofrighteousness” and its place in Lutheran theology. Here is the program Read more

On today’s program I answered a listener question about limited atonement in the history of the church. I discussed the early church, the middle ages, and the Reformation. I made the argument that limited atonement is absent from the early and medieval church with the exception of Thomas Gottschalk. Here is the program Read more

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