Refutation of Limited Atonement Part 2

On today’s program I got back to the discussion of limited atonement. I primarily dealt with 1 John 2:2 and discussed John MacArthur’s comments on the text which are used to support limited atonement. Here’s the program.  Read more

Hyper Calvinism, Bishops, and Christology

On this week’s program I answered lots of listener questions. I read an argument against limited atonement, defined hyper Calvinism, answered some questions from Roman Catholics, and discussed the differences between Lutheran and Reformed Christology. Here’s the program. Read more

Response to Jason Stellman Part 2

On today’s program I finished my response to Jason Stellman’s interview. The conversation focused largely on the relationship between Patristic theology and Roman Catholicism. Listen to the program here. Also, please consider donating if you have benefited from this blog, website, and podcast. Sorry about the occasional chipmunk sound of Stellman’s voice. I’m not sure why that happened in the recording. Read more

Response to Jason Stellman

On this week’s program, I reviewed an interview with Jason Stellman. He is a recent convert to Roman Catholicism, and a former minister in the PCA. Listen to the programhere. You can go to Called to Communion to listen to the full interview. Also, I have added a donate button to the contact page of my website. I am looking for some contributions to pay for a copyeditor for my upcoming wipf & stock book.  Read more

Refuting Limited Atonement Part 1

I spend the entire program discussing limited atonement, primarily dealing with the books of 1 Timothy and 2 Peter. Here’s the program. Read more

Paul, Progressive Sanctification, and Molinism

I spent the entire program answering various listener questions. I talked about the nature of contemporary Pauline scholarship and the New Perspective on Paul, answered a question about progressive sanctification, discussed molinism as a supposed “middle ground” between Calvinism and Arminianism, and finally talked briefly about the reformation. Listen here. Read more

The Importance of the Reformation

This week episode is a special reformation edition of the podcast, in light of reformation Sunday this weekend. I didn’t get to the discussion of limited atonement or listener questions, but discussed the importance of the reformation. I dealt specifically with attacks on the Lutheran understanding of Paul in recent years. Listen here. Read more

Covenant Theology and Romans 9

On today’s program, I answered a couple of listener questions. First I talked about the use of the term “consubstantiation” and why Lutherans don’t use it, and then I answered a question about covenant theology and the Lutheran law/gospel hermeneutic. I then continued our discussion of predestination, looking at Romans 8 and 9. Listen here. Read more

NPP and Unconditional Election

On the third episode of the Just and Sinner podcast, I discussed the content of my upcoming book, answered a couple of listener questions, and then continued the discussion of Calvinism with the doctrine of unconditional election. Listen here. Read more

Depravity and the Sacraments

Episode 2 of the Podcast is out! I took the first half of the program to answer a listener question on the number of sacraments, and then continued the discussion on predestination, defending Luther’s view of the bondage of the will. JustandSinner Podcast: Episode 2Don’t forget to subscribe on itunes. Read more

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