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I’m no fan of pit bulls, or other dogs with a penchant for biting for that matter, but did you see this story about the pit bull puppy that swallowed the foot-long?

Roy Hoffman, religion writer at the Mobile Press, and I had a sweet visit the other day. He told me about this piece he wrote for the NYT. Can’t believe I missed it earlier and nobody told me but that’s life in the rural lane for you.  Just listen to Roy:  “And so I am the one sibling left to walk the hallways of memory, looking at family photos still propped on the mantels, gazing at the dressing mirror where Mom stood, putting on makeup while chatting with me in the reflection. I am also the one who finds it hard to contemplate letting the house go.”

I spoke at Christ United Methodist in Mobile this weekend, as some of you know. Loved this community. They have five services on Sundays but you can hear the sermons without buying a ticket to Mobile. Click here.

While I was busy in Mobile, Miz Shelby was attending the Justice Conference in Bend, Oregon. She called so exited after hearing Shane Claiborne speak.  I don’t know the official count but I heard rumors that 1,000 some registered for the conference.

I’m thrilled to report that Hermiston Bulldogs have taken the District title in Basketball. Way to go Dawgs! Poor Tim, though, he’s sick as a dog.

And don’t you just love it when you happen upon a person that you immediately admire and love? So many stories I could tell you about that but what a joy it was to share the stage this weekend with Gwen Smith.

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