Ramblin Woman: Navarre UMC

Those folks at Navarre know how to treat a gal

Tammy & the Hipster did a terrific job on the worship

Aren’t they precious?

The man responsible for bringing me to Navarre

Sharmon may have been the sister Mama misplaced

The beautiful Elle will study @ the Seattle Ballet this summer

Her performance was breathtaking

The crowd was pretty alert for a Saturday morning

That’s the ballerina’s proud mama & daddy on the front row

This was the first conference where the men were invited

Usually the men serve the ladies lunch but this time some were in the audience & some were on stage

And the food was dished up in a lovely buffet style

Blessed be Your Name was one of the worship songs. The team had no idea that it was the song sung @ daughter Konnie’s wedding, but the poetry of that particular song became evident over the course of the day.

Miz Nedra & Larry (in his Tenn Vol shirt in honor of Dad) were such gracious hosts. Nedra chaired the event and made sure every detail was attended to. And Larry? Well, that Vietnam Veteran blessed my socks off.

Pastor Dan with the Precious Miz Stephanie declared the conference a success: “You had the men bawling & the women fighting.” I think he was kidding but I loved the line anyway.

Larry hosted us at Hulburt for Sunday lunch & I couldn’t help but notice a familiar sign

The only one who didn’t get the thumbs up was holding the camera… so guess who led the prayer?

Remember the circus people I told you about? Huh-uh…here they are. You’d never guess they were professional trapeze artists, would you?

I hate saying goodbye to new friends, or old ones, but you know me — I keep showing up in the most unexpected places.

I hope it won’t be long before I get an invitation from these folks. How can you resist the urge to speak at a place with a name like that?

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