A whole new definition of "passing"


I’ve heard of passing away, passing by, and passing gas.

This is my first with a stone.

I hope it’s my last.

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  • Lennie

    So sorry Karen, I’ve had several stones. They are no fun. My friend, Donna just had one 2-3 weeks ago

  • Peg Willis

    Ouch! I must have missed something. This is the first I’ve heard of any “passing.” I’m glad to hear you’re doing well! Fine job, there. Keep up the good work!

  • Karen Spears Zacharias

    Okay, so that national argument over health care? It’s all a moot point. My instructions after leaving the ER on Sunday were to take the medication, stay on clear liquids and call the urologist first thing Monday. But alas, I have to wait a week to even get into a urologist. “That’s usual wait time,” nurse said. “If you have acute pain, go back to the ER room.”
    No worries. There will be no acute pain with my friendly bottle of pain meds nearby.
    Providing people with health insurance is only half the problem — the other problem will be providing providers.

  • Lillian

    Did you have X-ray? How large is the stone? Let me tell you my experience.
    My stone was too large to pass. About the size of a quarter, shut down my left kidney.
    I had to have surgery to remove the stone. (That was before the new crushing treatment used today). I still have it in a plastic pill bottle. I was not drinking enough water while sitting long hours at my typewriter pounding out news stories. Sound familiar?
    I have a Callaway Blue bottle that I fill with Pine Mountain spring water and take it with me
    every where. I hope you are feeling better and can get rid of the stone very soon.

  • Lillian

    The treatment for crushing kidney stones is lithotripsy. I wasn’t sure I knew the correct spelling so I looked it up under “treatment for kidney stones.” If the stone doesn’t pass, you probably will have the lithotripsy. Lots better than having surgery!!!

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Thanks, Lillian. Yes, I’d love to avoid surgery. 🙂

  • God be with you! I have never had to deal with them, but I hear they are not fun.

    Stay blessed…john

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Thanks, John. I agree. No fun.

  • DonnaT.

    What can you do with a stone’s throw? Best wishes for a full (and speedy) recovery!

  • Praying!!!! Darn those stones. I agree with Lillian–find out how big it is. Can definitely make a difference in how it passes (or not).

  • Miss Karen,

    I’ll add you to my prayer list. (I was gonna send an email but I have a new computer and don’t have emails transferred… Techno-Nitwit has stricken me but at least it doesn’t hurt like a kidney stone.)

    Two questions for ya:
    1-What are you going to name your stone?
    2-When do you want me to teach you how to make green smoothies? 😉

    Blessings. And prayers.