Give Kobe & God some privacy please

There seems to be a theme going on this week related to privacy. I suppose this sort of thing is to be expected in the age in which nothing any of us does goes unseen.

Kobe Bryant thought a man was taking photos of him in church on Sunday. (Can I just say kudos to Kobe for being in church, first off? That’s setting a good example for somebody surely.)

Of course it may have not been the best of examples when he grabbed the man’s wrist and wrestled away the cell phone. Turns out there were no photos of Kobe or his family on the phone. That isn’t necessarily proof that the man wasn’t trying to get off a shot. Perhaps he suffers from slow shutter speed.

At any rate, the man went to the hospital (of course) with a slight wrist sprain.


I suppose now we’ll have to worry about who is taking our photos while we are at the altar, heh?

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