Ann Voskamp speaks out for Silence…

Thank you, Ann Voskamp for this …


A Silence of Mockingbirds

Karen Zacharias is one unflinchingly honest writer, a probing investigative journalist and a passionate Christ follower.

April was National Child Abuse Prevention month. And if you love children? And have a heart to be part of a community that protects children from abuse?

I am grateful Karen unforgettably tells the hard stories and asks us not to turn away. This true, heart-shattering story of Karly Sheehan and how her father desperately worked to protect her — is a powerful read that may drive us to our knees. And to be change in our own communities.


Because the truth is we need change. Children are suffering and dying.


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  • Sharon O

    Ann Voskamp is totally beautiful and with a voice sharing a depth of ‘faith’ we all would hope for.