Praying the Remembering

“And, God, remember to be the Lord.” 

This young boy’s prayer was recorded by his mother.

The writer Madeleine L’Engle.

This was during one of the many times when the adults had huddled by the radio during a world crisis — but it took a four-year-old to remind me in my own praying that God is the Lord who is in charge of the universe, no matter what we do to mess it up, L’Engle wrote.

God, remember to be the Lord.

Seems like the perfect prayer for my life right now.


God, remember to be the Lord. 

William Stafford once said Every War has Two Losers. 

Maybe the same could be said of presidential campaigns: Every Election has Two Losers. 

Even so, it is just as the little boy prayed: God remembers to be the Lord. 

It is us who needs to be praying the remembering.

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  • Gloria

    Thank your for this Karen. This is absolutely the perfect prayer for my life right now and this was just the post I needed to see and read.