Miracles anyone?

Editor’s Note: Konnie is home from Sierra Leone. She’ll be sharing some stories with us over the next few days. I hope you enjoy them.


Sierra Leone

by Konnie

Sunday morning came early. I arrived at Portland’s airport at 5:20 a.m. to meet up with the rest of the Willamette Medical Mission team to embark on our 33-hour adventure to Sierra Leone. I’d heard stories of what to expect on our trip but I certainly could not comprehend or dream how I would be stretched in so many ways throughout the week.

We arrived at the Lungi airport in the dark. Everyone tried to greet us, to grab our bags,  to have us pay for a cart to move your bags, or anything. They would go to any length to get some sort of payment. So great is the poverty. Unimaginable poverty.

Loud voices, passport check line, heat, humidity, unusual smells, shoving and trying to get to the vehicle to load so we could take the water taxi to Freetown. I felt out of place, insecure, worried, a little homesick (this is a girl who couldn’t even make it through the night at sleepovers). Oh goodness what had I done? Pray, pray and pray. I knew God had put Africa on my heart for a reason when I was a young girl. He would take all my worries, homesickness and insecurities away. He certainly did, too. As soon as we were on that water taxi to Freetown I never doubted God’s faithfulness from that point forward. We arrived at the Hope Center for a few hours of rest before our early adventure to head to the village of Ronurie where we would be conducting a medical clinic. Hope you enjoy the photo of sweet faces that will forever be stamped in my heart. Stay tuned for more snippets about our adventure.

Our Team Verse for the trip: Isaiah 64:4

You are the only God
ever seen or heard of
who works miracles
for his followers.


We talk alot about miracles, without ever really talking about what we mean by that word. What is your definition of a miracle? Have you ever been privvy to one?

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