Meet Domenick, a Catholic Voice for Freedom

We’re in Day 7 of the Fortnight of Freedom and here I continue to share some of the young people I’ve been able to spend time with thanks to Catholic Voices USA, a new effort based on a successful British model to better equip lay people to answer the call to be defenders of the Church in the public square, with love and joy.

Yesterday you met Melissa. This morning, Domenick Canale, who works in real-estate property management and at start-up called Catholic Pulse.

What does the Fortnight mean to you?

I view the Fortnight for Freedom as a time for all Americans to rededicate themselves to the principles that has made America unique, that has made her great. The principle of religious freedom is foundational to our country and it is worth defending. It is also a time to look, with fresh eyes, on our Founding Fathers and their wisdom in enshrining this freedom in our Bill of Rights, for they knew only too well the impulses of a powerful government.


What are you doing to make these days different?

I am certainly praying and making sacrifices for the cause, but I am also encouraging family members and friends to get informed about the issues and make their voice heard by attending any available rallies for religious freedom.



What about religious liberty and protecting it resonates with you?

I have studied some history and am quite aware of how strong central governments begin to encroach on the rights of its citizens. They begin with these steps. I truly believe the words of President George Washington when he said, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.” The present government ought to adopt this vision from the Father of our country.

As a Catholic, the protection of religious liberty also resonates because we ought to be free to not only practice our Faith but live our Faith in service to the poor, the vulnerable, the needy, the forgotten without restriction.


What do you wish everyone would appreciate about this moment in our history?

Freedom is fragile. It is not our birthright. In every generation, freedom has needed valiant men and women for her defense. Our time is now.

Is there a war on women?

Yes, there is. There is a war on women from a paternalistic, federal government who insist on telling her what is good for her and what is considered “health care.” This government tramples of the consciences of many women in the process. That is not terribly progressive.


What’s your reaction to what the bishops have been saying and doing?

I think the bishops have behaved exactly as bishops should: they are tending to their flock and are ever watchful for the wolves in the area.


What made you step up to be a Catholic Voice?

I love my Church and am honored to defend Her in whatever way I can. Also, I think the Church today needs a strong defense from the laity, from regular Catholics in the pews.


What do you wish everyone could know about your Church and why?

I have found the Catholic Church to be a place of love, laughter and joy. I have found it to be a place for authentic human fulfillment. In addition, the word “Catholic” means universal, so every person from every nation around the world can find their home in the Church.  We welcome all as a brother or sister in the Lord.

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