OK, So What Is This?

What is this

I posted this over on Facebook and got lots of guesses.  People thought it might be:A Missionary Priest’s Kit A Vampire Slayer Kit A Display Kit for a Traveling Salesman A Blessing Kit for a Duel An Exorcist’s KitI have no idea.  It’s so cool, though, that I’d love to find this under my Christmas tree! … [Read more...]

Would St. Jerome Go to the Library?

St. Jerome

September 30 is the feast of St. Jerome, Doctor of the Church, patron of libraries. The most scholarly of the church’s early theologians, Jerome has an extensive list of writings.  His commentaries and letters offer a peek into fourth-century life in Rome, but he is probably best known for translating the Bible into Latin (the Vulgate).  Medieval paintings of the saint always show him with a large book.Which has me wondering:  If Jerome, scholar that he was, were alive today, would he go … [Read more...]