Heaven Is For Real: Secrets Colton Burpo Didn’t Tell You in the Book or the Movie

Now, Jesus did many other signs in the presence of his disciples that are not written in this book.

–John 20:30

SAY WHAT?!  I’ve always found that single sentence in the Gospel of John, which was read this morning at Mass, to be one of the most compelling.  I mean, you’re telling me there are other things that happened–other miracles, other healings, other resurrections, other multiplications of loaves and fishes–which the evangelist saw, but which he doesn’t tell us about?

Well, for gosh sakes, TELL ME MORE!!

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That’s a little like how I felt a few weeks ago when I interviewed Todd, Sonja and Colton Burpo, the real-life family whose story is recounted in the movie “Heaven Is For Real.”  Colton is the child who, at the age of three, nearly died and who visited heaven while he was in surgery.  Colton’s stories about sitting on Jesus’ lap, about meeting his great-grandfather “Pop” and his sister who had died before birth, about seeing angels and appreciating heaven’s indescribably rich color pallette, gradually came to light as he talked with his parents after recovering from surgery.

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I was in Hollywood, attending a press screening of the movie before the official release date.  I talked with stars Greg Kinnear (who played Todd Burpo) and Thomas Haden Church (Jay), as well as with the director, producer and screenwriter.  (More on those interviews soon.)

Anyway, I asked Colton whether there were any other stories that he had remembered, but which hadn’t been told in either the best-selling book Heaven Is For Real or in the movie.  (See, I was hoping for a “scoop”!)

“Oh, yes!” Colton assured me.  Then Todd stepped in, explaining that he didn’t want people to misunderstand and think that the other stories were from an entirely different child–but that as Colton grew, his vocabulary increased and he remembered and recounted still other stories, many of them.  Todd and his father told me about two other books:  Heaven Changes Everything is a sequel, written when Colton was a little older, which goes into more detail; and Heaven Is for Real for Kids.  In the kids’ version of the book are illustrations; and Colton told me that he had worked with the artist to ensure that the art, as nearly as possible, represented heaven just as Colton had experienced it.

I haven’t received those follow-up books yet, but I do intend to read them soon.  If you’re a fan of the first book (and now, of course, a fan of the box-office hit movie), you may want to follow up by reading the other books or visiting the family’s website, HeavenLive.

*     *     *     *     *

We spoke of other topics, as well, during our brief interview.

How had their lives changed, following the success of their book and, now, the major motion picture about Colton’s experience?  Here, Sonja stepped in, seeming almost regretful.  “Our lifestyle hasn’t changed,” said Sonja.  “But we travel more.  We have a ‘new normal’.”

The Burpos were resigned to living their lives in accordance with the will of God, wherever He would take them.  But things are complicated now, Sonja told me.  Sure, they still live in the same house; Todd still pastors the same church, Crossroads Wesleyan.  But now they have eight employees, and four attorneys; and their schedule includes frequent travel (such as the trip to Los Angeles to meet with me and other journalists, and a trip to New York City to appear on major media outlets).

They try to maintain a close family; and this year, for example, their daughter is graduating from high school, and the family was busy with party plans and invitations.  They had fond memories of the days when they had free time on their schedule.

*     *     *     *     *

I asked Colton about his plans.  Of course, I asked, having seen heaven and met Jesus personally, you must have a strong faith…. (He concurred.)  So does this make you any more likely to pursue a career in ministry, like your father?

Colton answered my question without hesitation:  No.  He is concerned, he told me, about the number of denominations, about the fact that they teach different things.  He finds that confusing.

“So more than likely,” Colton said, “I won’t become a pastor.  More likely a public speaker.”  And he went on to say that he’d seen many churches where people truly loved God and worshipped God’s presence and spirit.  It has more to do, he said, with obedience and faithfulness.

That was my cue to say, “Well Colton, come on over to the Catholic Church!”  But this was an interview, not a witnessing session; and his father and mother were sitting beside him, happy in the Christian church they ran.  I said a prayer for the Burpos after my interview, asking God, if it be His will, to bring someone into their lives who would talk with them about the Catholic Church’s 2,000 years of continuity and consistent teaching.

*     *     *     *     *

 By the way, Colton is quite an accomplished musician, and a future in Christian music is a definite possibility for him.  Here he performs in Amarillo, Texas, with Read You and Me, the official touring band for Heaven Is For Real LIVE.

Oh–and you can read my earlier post re. the movie here, and my book review months ago, when the movie trailer was first released, here.

UPDATE:  The movie Heaven Is for Real is now available on DVD.  You can get your copy here.

  • Elizabeth McClintic

    Did he mention seeing Mary, the Mother of God?

    • Guest

      Mary was the Earthly mother of Jesus. She was 100% human and nothing more than that. She was not God’s mother as we would refer to God the Father of the trinity. She was simply a human vessel of whom God chose to bear his Son into this place we call Earth.

      • Rose Marie

        Simply a human vessel? Seriously?! Do not downplay Mary’s important role in Jesus’s life. Without her, there would have been no Jesus. And Mary gave birth to our Savior; she was closer to God than any man could even think of being..

        • 1truth1god

          This is the “2000 years of consistent teaching” speaking. Yes, she WAS just a human being and vessel. And without her, God could and would have chosen another. JESUS was and is the salvation that was delivered to us…NOT the birth-canal through which He was delivered. The only thing consistent about catholicism is that its teaching are completely inconsistent with those of Jesus. Pray and confess ONLY to God, call NO ONE else “Father”, do not worship and pray to idols…I’m running out of room here, but I think you get the point.

          • Victoria Wheeler

            Catholic ‘teaching’ is not in the Bible. This surprises most Catholics, who don’t read the Bible on any kind of regular basis. My father, a practicing Catholic, is in that group. He, like most Catholics, take Catholic canonical practices for granted. The Holy Roman Church ensured the man (Tyndale) who translated the Bible to English was burned at the stake. That was because there’s nothing about Catholic dogma in the Bible, worshipping Mary, included. They didnt want the people to know that. 2,000 years of duping people is nothing to brag about.

          • kathyschiffer

            That’s some pretty bold generalization, Victoria. I am Catholic, and I read the Bible. What IS there is Jesus’ assurance that He would send His Spirit, the Paraclete, and that He would guide Peter and his successors. The “Catholic dogma” you are sneering over is nothing more than a deeper understanding which has been guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit.

            And Tyndale was executed by order of the King of England, not the Church.

            If you look around on my blog, you will find answers to many of the scurrilous charges you make against the Catholic Church. Here is just one: Catholics do not worship Mary. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/kathyschiffer/2014/07/dulia-and-hyperdulia-do-catholics-really-worship-mary/

            God bless you.

          • NachoVelardez

            Perfect! and remember Lucas 1:48, it s simple what the Bible says.. She is our mother, not some random human, because God says so.

          • kathyschiffer

            It’s true–from the Cross, Christ gave her to John as his mother (and our mother, by inference).

          • josh77

            I strongly agreed with you. There is only ONE FATHER. And that is Our Father who are in heaven.
            -The prayer has been taught by Jesus himself… It is Our Father; our Father God

        • BIG M

          Without Mary there would have been no Jesus, I thought he said before Abraham was “I AM”, that means also, before Mary was “I AM”. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost created Man in their Image in the Garden, Jesus was the Creator of Mary. He said I AM the way, the truth and the life No One comes to the Father except by Me, he didn’t say except through Me & Mary.
          Mary was a great saint, just like many of the great old testament saints, and she was special to the Lord, just as some others were special in other ways like Lazerus(weeping when he died). But that doesn’t make her Divinity, she didn’t have divine Blood like Jesus, the blood comes through the Father, she had an earth father, his was heavenly so he brought divine Blood for us and her to use.
          She was indeed special, and holy like we are called to be saints and holy today. But to say God couldn’t have chosen another Holy Saint to raise the Only Begotten on Earth as Very Man & Very God to be Savior isn’t accurate.
          What about his brothers and sisters, are they assigned some special Divine status in heaven Since they were Jesus siblings and the Sons and Daughters of Mary, then what about their children and on and on it goes.

          • gus

            Where do you people get that Jesus had brothers and sisters??? Mary is and was a VIRGIN their were no other children from her. SHE IS VIRGIN MARY.

          • NachoVelardez

            they get so from (Mt. 13, 55-56) and (Mc. 3, 32) where it says that Jesus brothers and sisters where looking for him. But what they dont know is that Jesus spoke aramean, and the word that originaly was traslated as brother was a word that means every blood related male. Just with a little study about the language used and the time when was written you got no doubts about it. But sometimes it is easy just to hate and talk like this about The Catholic Church. You have many examples of this in the Holy Bible, another from Abhraham speaking to his nephew Lot (Gén. 13, 8 y Gén 14, 14-16) Labán says «brother» to his nephew Jacob (Gén. 29, 15).
            And please… I m not asking you people to not talk wrong things about Catholic people, not even to The Catholic Church… Just about the mother of Jesus, because… what do you think Jesus would think about his own Mother? Because she was Jesus Mother, and that makes her The Mother of God.

          • kathyschiffer

            Exactly. And the Scriptures give us the names of Jesus’ friends, the women, the tax collector, the disciples–Why is there no mention of the blood relatives? And if Jesus had brothers, why would he ask John to care for his mother after His death on the cross?

          • Nelson Hernandez

            Um james the just, brother of jesus. 1 point for the atheist. lol.

          • monica

            An atheist gets a point for having read the Bible? Too bad God does not grade on the curve. All the points go to the LORD, Nelson gets zip. Time to re-read that Bible, Nelson, repent of your sins, and love the LORD. Time is short; I doubt you want to be left behind.

          • josh77

            For all the good and kind words that we speak; For all the truth and wisdom that the holy spirit revealed to us; For all the answered and unanswered prayers; For all our our victories in our lives;

            For all our new mornings; For all the people we love;
            And for those who love us;

            For your participation in this forum;

            And for you, Nelson, typing the name Jesus in this forum, only shows that you are not really an atheist. There’s a mustard seed within you. Waiting to be nurtured.

            May the the goodness of the Lord shine upon His people including you. God bless

          • Big M

            From something called the bible

          • Nelson Hernandez

            Lmao. So after jesus she and her husband joseph never had children huh? Lmao. James the just. Brother to jesus. I’m an atheist and I know this.

          • josh77

            One important truth about the Bible; God knows everything.
            And this has a direct relation to another important truth about the Bible; God has given man free will; our freedom of choice.

            He is Alpha and Omega. He absolutely knows the future.
            He even knows how we will react at any given circumstances.

            He already know the betrayal of Judas; the hardened heart of pharaoh; the denial of Peter and so on.. and even how we will react in every given circumstances in the future.

            Those reactions will be carried out by our freedom of choice.

            Regarding Mary; she was chosen to be Jesus mother. It is absolute and accurate in God’s point of view. And no other woman can replace that.

            Moreover, i do not think that an argument regarding divinity of a human is one worthy question to be argued upon.

            Let us love God above all; and let us live in His Truth and be a blessing to one another.

            In doing so, one day, we will see even ourselves and our fellow brothers and sisters in our own divinity with our Divine Most High

        • Joel1245

          Wrong. God would have found another. Without her, there would have been no Jesus? Where do you even get that idea? Nothing is stated in scripture to convey that idea. No, if Mary wasn’t there, God would have found another.

          • josh77

            One important truth about the Bible; God knows everything.
            And this has a direct relation to another important truth about the Bible; God has given man free will; our freedom of choice.

            He is Alpha and Omega. He absolutely knows the future.
            He even knows how we will react at any given circumstances.

            He already know the betrayal of Judas; the hardened heart of pharaoh; the denial of Peter and so on.. and even how we will react in every given circumstances in the future.

            Those reactions will be carried out by our freedom of choice.

            Regarding Mary; she was chosen to be Jesus mother. It is absolute and accurate in God’s point of view. And no other woman can replace that.

            Moreover, i do not think that an argument regarding divinity of a human is one worthy question to be argued upon.

            Let us love God above all; and let us live in His Truth and be a blessing to one another.

            In doing so, one day, we will see even ourselves and our fellow brothers and sisters in our own divinity with our Divine Most High

        • josh77

          Every man who love God above all; and who love his neighbors as he love himself has the same closeness with God.
          It is a matter of laying down one’s life to serve God and share His words upon His people.

      • GUs

        Wow, yes, she was human but chosen by God. She was called blessed by Arch angel Gabriel. Mary’s blood runs thru her sons veins. She is part of him he is part of her. As all sons and mothers are. So no she was not just a vessel. A blessed vessel that should be RESPECTED by ALL. She plays a big role in salvation of souls. Jesus is God. part of the holy trinity. 3 in 1

        • Big M

          And I suppose since you are placing a higher significance on Jesus’ earth Family than is assigned by Gods word this may be tough to hear, because Jesus himself addressed family this way:

          Mark 3:35
          35 For whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and MOTHER.
          Yes Mary was a Virgin when Jesus was born, for you to think she went through her marriage as a virgin is a teaching OUTSIDE of scripture. You can choose to believe anything you wish and anything man teaches, but the Bible is the final authority, not man. God said in his word, Let God be true but everyman a liar.
          It doesn’t hurt anyone or anything for you to believe she was a Virgin, and he never had siblings, but the idea of “Devotion” to Mary is found no where in scripture and you better be careful about Idolatry because that was the downfall of the Israelites through much of their history. Mary/Man played no role in Salvation when she was here, no role in scripture and no role now, Jesus is the only one given Power to save.

          • jake

            Wow… the first part in this article mentions how in the gospel of john that there were other things jesus did and taught to his ORIGINAL CHURCH (the catholic church) that r not mentioned in the bible. So the bible is a tool not the toolbox itself. If u just praise and worship the bible you are missing other parts of christianity that jesus had taught but had
            not recorded in sacred scripture.

          • Big M

            Yes, and the Holy Spirit is the author of the Bible, holy men spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost the bible teaches. And Obviously everything couldn’t be recorded, and if it was no human mind could possibly take it all in. But what is there is 100% truth, the word was made flesh and dwelt among men, again is taught. The truth will never contradict itself otherwise its false, so anything the Spirit reveals outside of scripture WON’T CONTRADICT THE BIBLE.

            The Holy Spirit, the author of the Bible is to be our teacher and guide, and Jesus commanded his disciples to tarry in Jerusalem until they were endued with power from on high, and in acts Peter went on to say this promise is to your children and all that are afar off even as many as the Lord shall call. If you try and study the scripture without guidance of the Holy Spirit the result will be misunderstandings and false doctrine and its one of the reasons there are multitudes of denominations, man has mixed his opinion and theory in with the truth.

            They that worship must worship in Spirit and in Truth. He said he is the Way the Truth & the Life, so he is the Word made flesh, and the truth. And so to worship him you must be in the Truth which is in the word. If you think you have other tools and they are contradicting the Bible better see whose tools you are using, the lowly carpenter from Galilee or the Bible speaks of the Devils devices.
            Matt 24:35
            Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. And this was so important its stated several times in the Bible, so take note…

        • josh77

          Yes, Mary, mother of Jesus deserves RESPECT.

      • josh77

        Q: What makes a human human? What makes a human 100% human?

        Or is it just a lot better if we say that man was made in God’s . image? And that what made us special in each and every . way.

        We are His people. And He loves us so much; that he even . gave us His only Begotten Son.

        Q: What does it mean when we say a person is nothing more . than this or that?

        Q: Or are we just going to accept that we are just human . vessels in which God will use only for His plan, just like . . . Mary?

        Or is it rather acceptable for us just to see God in each one of . us? And that we are living testimonies of His goodness?

        Uhh.. Mary is so lucky to be Jesus’ mother.. And I am also so lucky to be a father of my kids… And also, your kids even your grand children were the luckiest people on earth having you as their respected and loving mother and grand mother.

        We are not just human vessels. Though we are 100% human, it does not matter to Him. And we are not just a nothing more than this or that.

        In His sight; in His Heart; we are all special;
        ‘Coz… We are His beloved children.

    • VanTed

      Elizabeth, from what I read, Colton mentions seeing Mary on the right side of her Son Jesus as well as praying at the Altar.

      • Newbiehere

        Akiane Kramarik also depicts Mary in her paintings

  • Kristen Mallett

    Started reading the book this morning and just finished it. Thank you for sharing this amazing story Colton and thank you Todd for sharing it. This is exactly what I needed. I feel closer to god. I felt reassured of everything I’ve been taught. When Colton kept describing how much he loves us I lost it. I knew it all along, but that just gave me complete peace and assurance. Thank you again. God bless you all!

  • Christian

    Catholics are lost. Just as this author.

    • A Convert

      Christian, the fact that you would make such a judgmental and non-Christian statement shouts that you do not “get it”. None of God’s children are ever lost as long as they truly turn themselves over to His will. As a convert to Catholicism, I relish in participating in the one denomination which was founded by Jesus himself via Peter – rather than another which has “man’s reason” interjected into it. In general, Catholics who leave the Church do so for personal reasons; and yet I can name countless of protestants who have joined that Catholic Church after discovering its roots in Jesus’ teaching and scripture. Is one better than another? I don’t think so, whatever brings one closer to God while following the path of Jesus is good regardless of the rites and rituals. I challenge you to research the Catholic Church on your own rather than use spoon fed rhetoric and inaccuracies to draw your conclusions. You may be surprised.

      • Random thought

        But they definitely aren’t the same, just saying., Christians pray to God, Catholics pray to Saints & statues of saints (not God), & God. True we all have the “same” route of whom we are praying to… But wow, you do not have to say to convert to Catholicism, I mean.. His parents are right there & are also Christians.

        • Rhonda

          Catholics do NOT pray to statues or saints they are reminders of what has been and what is to come……

          • Eteternal Questions

            This is simply a lie. Catholics do pray to saints and you know this.
            You can call it whatever you want but it is still praying. When you speak to a supposed spirit being and ask them for help, you are praying. You can deny it all day and call it something else, but just because you claim something is a certain thing does not make it so.
            When you do the rosary and call out to Mary you are praying to Mary, even though Catholics claim that this is not a prayer, it is. You say a hail Mary and then an “Our Father” How is it that the “Our Father” is a prayer to God and the Hail Mary is not a prayer to Mary? Talk about inconsistency!
            The hail Mary is most definitely a prayer! Just because you claim that you are only asking her to pray for you, that request is technically a prayer. Jesus told us that the way to the Father is through him, not through Mary, so she is unable to pray for us.
            Jesus also told us not to call anyone who is on earth “father” because our father is in heaven, so why do Catholics call the priests “father”? This is directly in contradiction to the teachings of Jesus.
            read the bible and learn for yourself instead of listening to the false teachings of a fallible church that has strayed so far from the direction of our King.

          • newbiehere

            So how is it that asking Mary to pray for us is any different than asking the congregation to pray for a family in need or a sick parishioner? Mary would pray to God just as the congregation would pray to God.

          • Ron Murray

            If asking mary to pray for you works, then why not ask your great, great grandmother to pray for you instead. Cotholics worship mary more than they do “Jesus”. They treat mary as being of greater devinity than “Jesus”. Cotholics ask a priest to forgive them of their sins. Only Yahweh can forgive you of your sins. ( Yahweh, thats the name of our heavenly Father, not “god” and his sons name is Jeshua, not jesus. If you call upon His name, call Him by His name.

          • Rhonda

            We do ask our great grandmas to pray for us Like I said before Its easy to dismiss what you don’t understand!!!!

          • Rhonda

            Just don’t read the bible Understand the bible You may learn something that will get you to heaven…..

          • Big M

            Really you need to address that with God himself. Maybe God seeks to strengthen our faith and love, even for one another as a congregation on earth by agreeing in prayer(by this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, ye have love one toward another). Maybe God just wants us to obey his formula that is set in his word (agreeing on earth in prayer is definitely explicitly stated in the other is not). Maybe God just simply doesn’t want those in Heaven to have any cares or troubles (knowing we have a lack of anything may trouble them).
            Jesus said bring your burdens to me, all ye that are weary & heavy laden & I will give you rest, Old Testament there was a Vail that separated us from God, that has been torn down now, and it happened physically at Jesus death in his day. We can go direct to God, we have direct connection if we are righteous, God’s ears are open to the cries of the righteous the Bible says.
            I don’t know all the reasons God has given certain parameters for prayer, but the fact is, there are some definite teachings on prayer, while others are extra biblical and there is no basis in scripture. The Bible should be your safety, if man is your safety and the teachings of man that don’t agree with the Bible then perhaps you should check your foundation.

          • kathyschiffer
          • Rhonda

            You need to be educated, I attended catholic school my entire life, I will not argue this point with you. Catholic teachings are straight from the King James Bible..  Jesus appointed Peter to be the first Pope, Catholicism is truly the first organized religion. Pick up the New Testament and read it in its entirety and don’t pick it apart like most religions do… Thanks…. God Bless You….   I. don’t understand how this families miraculous experience has become an argument over who prays to whom and why……..Let Colton enjoy the miracle that surrounds him.

          • Rhonda

            Have YOU ever asked a friend to pray for you or a loved one?  Same thing.

          • Big M

            Its not the same thing, everything needs to stand the word test, the problem with religion in general and denominations is people accept what is told by their leaders instead of taking everything to the word to see if its the truth being taught. God will never contradict himself, if there is a teaching that in unscriptural, that is a red flag. There is nothing wrong in checking your churches teachings, as long as its in line 100% with the Bible you are fine, if not better be careful…

            Concerning this, the reason it isn’t the same is because there is scripture for people agreeing on earth in prayer, but not agreeing with heavenly beings.

            Matthew 18:19

            Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.
            Jesus specifically taught how to pray, he never prayed for help from heavenly beings to help with his prayers, nor did he teach any of his disciples. Paul said though me or an angel from heaven teach any other gospel than that which we have preached let him be accursed. Its a dangerous thing to add or take away from doctrines of the Bible or to alter its meaning. Be careful. We are in the Latter Rain of the Holy Spirit, everyone needs to listen to Him, he is our teacher, guide & comforter, don’t entrust your eternal soul just to man’s teaching alone.

          • Rhonda

            Hail Mary full of Grace the lord is with thee, blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God, Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death  AMEN

          • Big M

            I don’t find this as a Biblical way to pray, in fact Jesus taught against vain repetitions. When you talk to your heavenly Father you are talking as one person to another, that’s how Jesus did it & all records of old and New Testament saints did it that way as well, just check the Bible if you really believe in Gods word. No where do you find anyone in the Bible, reading, or reciting wrote prayers.
            The Father seeks those to worship in spirit & in truth, that means he wants our heart, and when we speak to him in prayer its supposed from our heart. I suppose if you pour your heart out in a letter and would like to read that to the Lord he will honor that, that’s one thing. But just rattling off repetitious prayers doesn’t draw you any closer to God, nor does it bless the Lord in any great way.

          • Big_D’s

            Rhonda, do you know the term “mother of God” is nowhere in scripture? Do you know Mary didn’t remain a virgin her whole life. She and Jospeh had other children, too. Did you know that nowhere in scripture does it say those who have gone to heave before us can pray for us?

          • kathyschiffer

            Dear Big: The confirmation by the Church that Mary was, indeed, the Mother of God was formally decreed in the fifth century, as the Church sought to understand the Scriptures and the Faith which had been handed on to them from the Apostles. The ruling by the Council of Ephesus was actually intended to oppose the Nestorian heresy, which claimed that Jesus was man but not God; Ephesus defined Jesus as both God and Man, and Mary, in turn, as his mother.

            All Christians accepted this without question until after the Protestant Reformation, when some sects began to break off from the faith of the Apostles. Martin Luther believed it.

            Perhaps this will explain: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/kathyschiffer/2012/09/think-this-not-that-4-ephesus-explains-christ%E2%80%99s-dual-nature/

            There are other errors in your understanding of the Catholic faith–for example, the difference between “worship”, which is only for God, and “veneration” which is accorded to Mary and the saints. Any Catholic prayer to Mary or to the saints will always ask that holy person to pray to God for you.

            Read my blog, would you?

          • John Morrisey

            Big-D, your right the term “mother of God” is not to be found in scripture. It is to be found in fact. Indisputable archeological fact. Mary is known to have been the mother of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus of Nasareth is known from the holy scripture and the dead sea scrolls (archeological relic) to be the son of God. The Bible teches us that God is three beings as one, The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the second part of the holy trinity, therefore Jesus is God. Mary is known to be the mother of Jesus who is God, Mary therefore is the mother of God. Can it be made any simplier for your to comprehend? Catholics do not worship, nor pray to Mary, Catholics respect and revere Mary and ask for her intercedence to God – this is not praying, no more than a child praying to their best friends mother to allow their friend to play “do we call that praying, or interceding?”. Catholicism is the one true Christian religion, founded upon the decree by Jesus to Peter “You are peter and upon this rock I will build my church”. Peter’s legacy is the papacy (The Catholic Church). Have bad things been done in the name of the Catholic Church – unquestionably – but they were done by humans who masqueraded under the banner of Christinaity (as it was known before the reformation). As for other denominations, they came into existence because of the reformation and thus inherited the title “Protestant” because the were protesting against Rome. The rites of the catholic church are steeped in history, and interestingly, a significant number of main-stream protestant churches also use the same rites i.e communion which is the ritualistic last supper as demanded by Christ “Do this in memory of me!”

            More importantly, why as Christians are we entertaining this argument. I am catholic, always have been, always will be. I am happy and content in my practice of my faith. If you are not Catholic but are content that you are living the Christian ideals and practice your faith honestly and with conviction, then you should also be happy. We live in an ecumanical society where there is room for us all to live, Catholics and Protestants, Christians and Non Christians, and even athiests and agnostics to live in the harmony of Gods creation.

            Let us all pray for a more tolerant and harmonious world in whatever way we individually decide.

          • Rhonda

            Mary is Jesus’s Mother,,, The Father The Son and the Holy Spirit are the Holy Trinity….  So. with that being said Jesus is God  so Mary is the mother of God!!!    As far as Jesus having siblings, that makes no difference  Mary was a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus  and that’s all that counts.

          • Big M

            Well that’s not exactly the way it works, the Bible says to study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed RIGHTLY DIVIDING the WORD of TRUTH. Jesus was very God as well as very man, as Son of Man she was his Earthly Human Mother. As Son of God he was 100% divine and had no mother. Mother of God is not biblical, however there are some pagan religions that refer to queen of heaven & so forth, but not the Word of God. And in heaven we are told neither are any given in marriage & etc, so our earthly concepts of relationships will be somewhat different in heaven, how much different I don’t know. You may not accept this but I go by the Bible, not people nor denominations.

            Concerning this young man I believe this is another confirmation of the prophecy in scripture:
            Acts 2:17
            And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.

          • John Morrisey

            Which bastardisation of the bible are you using as reference? There are so many versions proclaiming to be Gods words, but they are not. The biblical texts as used by all the mainstream christian religions differ only marginally in the application of the english language (or others as the case may be) but the message is clear and unambiguous. Most of your references do not seem to come from the accepted biblical texts.

          • Big M

            KJV. Not New Age or altered texts like some, I believe to be considered Textus Receptus(but I am not a Bible Scholar per se, but I know the word & I know Jesus). Its Ok, the Pharisees couldn’t understand what Jesus taught either, it was truth which most people don’t want to hear unfortunately. Again you have to want truth to get it. Believe whatever you wish, you have that right.

          • John Morrisey

            The Latin Vulgate (Which is the officially recognised version of the bible used by the Catholic Church and which is the complete volume of all scriptural texts – all 73 books recognised as the scripture writings of the old and new testaments). The King James Version is the recognised Authorised scriptural text used predominently by the “Protestant” denominations while the Latin Vulgate is the translation used by the Roman Catholic denomination. Both were scribed at about the same time (1609 and 1611 respectively) and both are the recognised Christian versions of the holy scriptural texts.

            If read correctly, the bible is clear on the fact that Mary was the mother of Jesus, Jesus is the son of God and is part of the holy trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit – the three individually and as one). Therefore the bible is unambiguous on the fact that Mary was the mother of God (The son). Catholics do not, nor have we ever “worshipped” Mary. Mary is not, nor ever was, revered as a “God” for that is sacrilege. Mary was and is “honoured” and remembered as the Mother of Jesus (The son of God).

            It must also be considered in view of appropriateness to a time and generation. As recently as the early part of last century, most people were essentially uneducated or at best poorly educated. This was a fact of life, a reality of an economic time. The concepts of the christian faith are deep and complex and far from the ability of most to understand at that time. Therefore, to articulate these difficult and complex theologies explanations were given in real terms that real people could understand. Therefore it followed that terms such as “Queen of Heaven” were employed to impart to a simple people, the high importance of Mary (and others i.e. the Saints, the Apostles, the Disciples etc) in a way that they could easily digest. In the British empire for example, the reference to “Queen” was an easily understood concept and is clearly placed Mary the mother of Jesus in a high and respectful place in people’s minds. Furthermore, in that age, people honestly believed that the book of Genesis was a factual text – we know today that it was nor could not be a factual account, that the world (and the universe) were not created in seven days, that each living thing two-by-two did not march line abreast onto the Ark etc etc… but at that time, the difficult theology was explained to a simple people in simple terms.

            Accept that Mary is important, read the bible with an open and uncluttered mindset much as those from a simpler time did – do not read between the lines fore there is nothing to read between the lines. The bible is as the bible says – the interpretation is time appropriate!

            God Bless.

          • Rhonda

            Its easy to dismiss what you don’t understand…..

          • Nelson Hernandez

            lmao . God will never contradict himself?
            Thou shalt not kill.
            Yet mass geonocide commanded by yahweh. Lol.

          • Big M

            You show your ignorance, Judgement is justified, the wages of Sin is Death. Murder is unjustified, you don’t understand truth maybe cause you don’t want truth, you have to want truth to find it. If you are content to sit in darkness God will allow you to stay there and you can believe a lie and be damned if that’s what you want. Those that choose darkness can enjoy it for all eternity and feel smart about their choice if they wish.

          • maryislove

            why are you here if you don’t believe in what we do? you are just full of hate. if you don’t like it just don’t read it our don’t log in people like you is why the world is how it is as long as we believe in god and love him what is the problem you are judging people on there faith and that more of a sin thou should not

          • Nelson Hernandez

            Lies. The world is in this state because of religion. Whos is busy cutting heads off. Who are the ones trying to implement laws to deny civil rights to others based on their beliefs.

          • kathyschiffer

            Would you be willing to read another article from my blog, and at least CONSIDER the Catholic position regarding prayer to the saints? http://www.patheos.com/blogs/kathyschiffer/2012/04/gods-friends-my-friends-the-precedent-for-intercessory-prayer/

            One reason that Protestants find Catholics’ devotion to Mary and the saints difficult to understand is that they don’t understand the difference between “prayer” and “worship”. Prayer to the saints is always a request for intercession: We ask the saints, who stand in heaven near the foot of God, to ask Him for His blessing.

          • Rhonda

            do you consider your father your father????  REALLY?????  get a hobby for GODS sake  other than this…..

      • Eteternal Questions

        Jesus did not found the church that is the Catholic church of today. He did not come to this earth to inspire men to start an organization that is run by men. He came here to teach of His kingdom (His organization) which is the only one that matters. If you actually read the bible and all of the prophesies including the new testament prophesies. I think you are wrong when you say that is does not matter what the rites and rituals are because if you are a christian it means that you use Jesus Christ as a model for your life and worship. So if you are a christian you must do as Jesus did and not make up your own rites and rituals. For example, look at Jesus’ baptism. When was he baptized? as an infant? no, he was 30 years old. Did John dribble water on his brow? No, he was immersed in water fully. This is but one way that the church veers from the teaching by example of Jesus. Everything that Jesus did on this earth was to provide an example for us, but the catholic church chooses to do these things a different way. So in choosing to do things different than what Jesus taught, the church is not really following the teachings of Jesus – not christian. Sorry, but its true, even if you cant see it or admit it.

        • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

          If you’re so smart, read a former Evangelical’s conversion story where she had all the same questions and pre-dispositions on the Catholic Church as you do. And she was a theologian herself:


          Read it and then go to her blog on that page and argue with her. She loves to take on protestants and show them where they’re wrong. If you’re so smart and know your bible and know Christianity, go and debate her. Let’s see if you stack up.

    • Rhonda

      WHOS LOST?????? Not me my friend I will ask the God to save you!!!!!

  • Becky Torres

    I left the Catholic church many years ago and I did not leave it for “personal” reasons; I left it for many other reasons, too lengthy to go into, but I do remember the emphasis on Mary and when my eyes were opened to the real truth, no, Mary is NOT divine. I was taught that my whole life and she herself claimed she needed a savior (see Luke 1:47 “And my spirit has rejoiced in God my SAVIOR.”). Yes, she is special; she accepted God’s will in her life, but she is in no way an intercessor and cannot hear prayers. Only someone divine can, God the Father, Jesus our Savior and the Holy Spirit sent by God are the only ones that hear prayers. Neither are angels divine, yes, we can ask God to send His angels to watch over and protect us, but not pray to them for help. Nor saints, who are also NOT divine. As far as researching the Catholic church, I have done so and there are countless false teachings in this church, most of them being man-made and not based on Scripture or twisting Scipture. But that being said, I can’t judge a Catholic, only God can do that. I only know that I found the REAL truth and it was not in this church.

    • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

      Either you weren’t taught very well or you didn’t listen very well. Why don’t you read about the distinctions from learned people before you “think” you understand Catholicism? Here, read a former Evangelical’s conversion story where she had all the same questions and pre-dispositions on the Catholic Church as you do. And she was a theologian herself:


      Read it and then go to her blog on that page and argue with her. She loves to take on protestants.

    • Robin

      God, can’t be described by the matter available in this universe. HE is immersed everywhere in this universe and not only earth. We, Human Beings, just try to see his imbibtion in some mankind. Jesus Christ, is the carrier of pure message from God himself. Doesn’t matter to whom He was born. No one protects or harms us, except for GOD’s sweet wish. This whole universe is in Tri-miasmatic state and HE is the dimension beyond our perception except that we concede in HIM.

      • jake

        Catholics dont worship Our Blessed Mother. We honor her

        • John Morrisey

          That is the crux of the matter that non-catholics do not seem to appreciate. I do not, nor have I ever, worshiped Mary. I remember her, I asked for her intercedence, I respect her legacy, but I do not worship her. I was once asked as a young adolescent/adult why catholics revere Mary so much – I had a simple answer… A child will approach his friends mother to ask if his friend can come out to play, so it is with Mary, we ask Mary to intercede with her son “Jesus” on our behalf. Simplistic – yes, but then so is the reason Catholicism places such an emphasis on the importance of the blessed Mary. As for the question relating to her being the vigin. I am in no doubt that she was up until the birth of Jesus, after that – well is it important really? We know from the bible that she took Joseph as her husband, we must presume that the marriage of Mary to Joseph was consumated. Did Jesus have siblings? Quite probably as contraception in that time period was reliant only upon abstinence and we know how reliable that is. I am comfortable with the knowledge that we will only ever know that answer when we are hopefully accepted into eternal life with God.

          • josh77

            Kindly accept my apology. i think your example is somehow not applicable to Jesus. It is because I strongly believed that in order to reach out to God, you do not need Mary’s intercession anymore. It is a false teaching, same thing with spending novenas and devotion to saints. God is everywhere. Why do you still need a divine mother’s intercession or to call on name of saints before God? If you think that you are with God and God is with you, is His presence not enough for you?

          • John Morrisey

            Josh, if we accept your proposition and do not intercede to Jesus through his holy earthly mother Mary, then yes we are still praying to God (the son) and thus by extension God (the trilogy, the three as one, Father; Son; and, Holy Spirit). But… I caution, if we cease honouring his earthly mother and interceding through her, then where do we stop. Do we start with Mary and then move on through to the appointed saints(and yes I accept that this appointments are the work of the human mind – but are done through the chair of Peter the Apostle, in other words – the Pontiff/Pope whom we trust is God’s appointed head of his holy church). Why as human beings should we stop there – lets now not bother to honour his historical disciples, and his Apostles? Let us just stop honouring anyone who has ever done God’s Holy Work and just worship the holy diety we refer to simply as God? You see, the reason why Catholics particularly worship God and honour the Apostles, Mary, Disciples and Saints is because we recognise the vital and pivotal parts that these particular individuals have played in the evolution of God’s Holy Church on earth. Yes, we only need God when all is said and done – but with the reverence to those who have passed before us surely our prayers and hopes are magnified. Believe and worship how you choose – for that is the free will that God has granted you, but do not discount the importance of another’s way of prayer… God Bless.

          • josh77

            i am thinking about the prayer that Jesus Himself taught His disciples. He said : ” Our Father who are in heaven… and so on”..

            It does not involve intercession of any names or any person or any saints.

            And i think that Jesus also does not speak of any provision that later, people should pray novenas, rosaries, litanies and the like.

            It’s some how come just to my realization that the prayer that he taught us is already complete if heartily done.

            And it also made me think on why is there still a need to spend time to anybody or anything other than God, esp. if it is already taking up several minutes to do so?

            The prayer that He taught his disciples
            was straightforward and directed to Father God.
            Why do we still need a detour?

            Furthermore, I do not think that people who already became saints; when they are still living in this world, have said to anybody that ” When I die, it will help you a lot if you will pray through me before God.”

            Nobody who is pious and holy enough will claim that he is an intercessor rather superior in faith. Because genuine God’s servants already humbled themselves before God. And that is what matters most to them. Only if i will be deserving to be one of them, nobody needs to remember my name;Because through my words and through my works, they are just pointing to one name which is “Jesus”. As i become lesser for myself and God be greater in me. Let the people forget me and to God be the glory.

            By the way, i do not discount the value of any body who serve God with all their lives; Mary (whom i also honor and respect); and to saints and martyrs (i also recognized their extreme sacrifices for the glory of God).

            Finally, If we are still not enough on how we perceive things about God; may His graces continuously shine upon us for His deeper understanding.

          • John Morrisey

            Unfortunately Josh, you are adopting a very narrow point of view on this subject. Your position is your belief, and I have no intention of trying to sway you into believing something that clearly you do not. I do not accept your position, but I do respect your right to it. I will simply draw your attention to the dialogue between Jesus and Peter when he was establishing his earthly church… “You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church… whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven…” and so on. Clearly from this statement Jesus was authorising Peter (the first pope) to establish the constitution of the church. It was the succession of pontiffs that placed the high importance on the various individuals referred to in previous posts i.e. Mary, The Saints etc.

            Interceding through his earthly mother is a natural and holy way of praying and I will continue to do so as a true believer and practicing Catholic.

            Enough said.

    • kathyschiffer

      Oh, Becky, I don’t know where to begin. Archbishop Fulton Sheen, the 1950s television priest, once said, “There are not a hundred people in America who hate the Catholic Church. There are millions of people who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church — which is, of course, quite a different thing.”

      That’s you: All of the many charges you level against the Catholic Church are based on gross misunderstandings of Catholic teachings.

      The Church does not teach that Mary is divine. The Church does not worship Mary. The Church does not say that angels are divine.

      Should you pray to the saints? Can they hear you? Here’s an article on that subject. For further verification, click on the embedded link, “Any Friend of God’s Is a Friend of Mine”. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/kathyschiffer/2011/05/god%E2%80%99s-friends-my-friends-the-precedent-for-intercessory-prayer/

    • NachoVelardez

      if you really thougth that, the first mistake is to think you were Catholic. Mary is a person, also all the Saints. Even God is person… but that s philosophy and it s not that kind of discussion.
      Dear Becky.. you are a person, could you ever pray for me? the answer of course is yes… so why other person couldn t?
      that s what Catholic Church believe in. And tell me, who would be the first person that Our Lord Jesus would ever hear?
      The answer can be found in Jn 2 1-10

    • jake

      Catholics dont believe Mary is divine. We believe she is the virgin mother of our savior jesus christ and should b honored not worshiped.

    • jake

      You also missed the part where john is hinting that the bible isnt all there is to religion. Jesus built his church upon his earthly representative and the first pope simon peter and gave them the last super which was the first mass. There is sacred scripture and sacred tradition because the bible doesnt cover it all

      • Nelson Hernandez

        Historically, the church was built on James the just, not Peter.

  • larry007

    The catholic church has many problems, praying to Mary for starters. Calling a mere man (the Priests) Father, is another. There are many. Many of the practices and rites are not biblical at all. Leave his faith alone, if it were not right, I think Jesus would have let him know. Not you

    • kathyschiffer

      Larry, your comment demonstrates that you don’t understand what the Catholic Church teaches. I took time to explain it in this post; I hope you’ll read it, and the link which I’ve included, which show how Catholics do NOT “worship” Mary. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/kathyschiffer/2014/07/dulia-and-hyperdulia-do-catholics-really-worship-mary/

      • larry007

        Kathy, I do not study catholism much, but enough to know the catholic church gives Mary honor she never deserved. She is not a mediator between man and God.

        There are many things the catholic church does that are inconsistent with what the bible teaches.

        Guess we will just have to agree to disagree. You won’t change my thinking, nor will I spend the time studying your religion. I would rather study what I know to be right.

        • Newbiehere

          Larry007 is the perfect close minded example of what is wrong in the world. NOTHING is perfect black and white and you should open your mind to all that is gray in this world. I was going to say more but then decided my point would be lost to someone unwilling to be educated.

          • larry007

            The Bible is black and white. You would be wasting your time. Funny how I am to blame for the condition of the world. Maybe it’s not me but the child molesting catholic priests

          • Newbiehere

            Idiot. The Bible is a collection of books written by man as they remember it. Do you know how many hundreds of years later it was written after Jesus walked this earth? Guess I missed the part when Matthew, Luke, Mark, John, etc. all had photographic memories.
            There are bad eggs in every religion and aspect of mankind. You can only speak to what is in the news….how original. I suppose you think all German’s are Nazi’s too.

          • larry007

            Read your catholic bible, an idiot is not something you are to call people. I am german, I am not a Nazi, and It is not only from what I hear on the news. You know nothing. Your temper and failure to converse without trying to insult has proven to me, I will not waste any more time with this.

          • Newbiehere

            Well said Eternal Questions. Yes, each book of the gospel was inspired by God and guided by divine hand, but still written by man and his perception many years later. There are contradictions in the Bible which is why I still say all is not black and white. There has to be room for gray areas for precisely the reason you stated. Mankind and the writers were imperfect. I too have studied many religions and each and every one has issues. I am not endorsing any one over the other for purposes of the discussion but if it was all so clear, why are there so many versions of the Bible? Why are there books left out of the Bible? Religions pick and choose the parts they want to incorporate for their cause and none are all inclusive. The person that says you will not change my thinking and profess to know what is right is the person that will never know all in their heart what they have missed. It is this kind of thinking that supports discrimination, bigotry, and hate in the world.

          • larry007

            Good remark. I read King James, I even read Enoch which is not in the bible. The scrolks, the septuagint which is the oldest version is also good. I believe there are so many translations because men want to make money.

            Bottom line is God knows the heart.. By their works ye shall know them. Look at the fruits of man. We have to follow our heart and let God lead us. I know there are Christians and Catholics that are saved and not saved

          • Eteternal Questions

            The bible clearly states that it is a work that was inspired by God. True those writers were men who were imperfect, but hey were guided by a divine hand. The books of the gospel were written by different personalities, but they all tell the same story and back each other up, so you cant say that the story is how each remembers it alone. They all experience the same things, but each man has his own perspective, but the stories corroborate each other. Itr was not hundreds of years after Jesus death that those books were written. it ranges from a couple decades to several decades, but I get your point.
            I have studied many religions, including the Catholic religion, which I am still studying. I go to a Catholic church every Sunday. I have to tell you that ALL religions have issues! Perhaps it is because they are all run by humans, or maybe Satan has his deceptive hand in these things in such a clever way that no one realizes. If you believe in God, great! However, the way you worship and the people you follow do make a difference to God. If you read his writing you will see this. Being a christian means following the teachings of christ, not doing something that is vaguely similar. You are either doing it right, or you are not. There is no grey area between right and wrong, it is a solid line. If you cant see the line, there is a problem and maybe you should question what your church is teaching you. If you are catholic you should definitely question what they are teaching you.
            i say these things only because I love you and want you to have favor with God, who (by the way) has a name, and it is NOT “Lord”! but you would not know this if you are catholic because it was removed long ago from the version of the bible that they use. “Lord” is a TITLE, not a name. think about it and learn what you are really doing as your worship. You might be surprised, if you keep your mind open that is.

          • Newbiehere

            Goodness, I didn’t read all the way down and almost missed the sarcasim in your message. Of course that name would be Jehovah, not the title Lord. While we are going there, do you really believe December 25 is Jesus’s birthday? All the good Christians celebrating a pagan holiday? If I took everything literally I guess I shouldn’t call my Dad by Father either. Really, aren’t we missing the point here? Most religions have the same basic beliefs in the teachings of Jesus so as long as we live our lives based on those teachings, why sweat the details? Those wars have been waging way too long and to what resolution?

  • kuma

    Dear son,

    Thank you sharing your story with as. God bless.
    Plz. check oil dropping mother Mary’s and Jesus statues & last lent season 2014 blood dripping in Jesus photo.

  • Rachelle

    Everyone has their thoughts but we all need to know that God is Real. Everyone has to understand that we have to respect others feelings about things. We all need to be guided into the direction of what God wants us to be in. Remember the Burpo Family have a lot to say and so does Colton. Remember everyone this what we will see soon.

  • Rollan McCleary

    Secrets? Truth to Bible? There are things this heaven story needs to sort out.
    See ‘Colton Burpo’s Real Heaven, Akiane’s Jesus and New Christ Images”

  • lili

    anything on dog’s spirits?

  • Bobbie Cline

    I am 67 yrs. old and at the age of 65 I experienced a hemorrhagic cerebral aneurysm. I was flown to a special hospital and taken immediately to surgery. Before being put to sleep I saw 3 angels at the side of my bed, all in white, no wings that I could see, and no hospital surgical garb. I saw them again when I awakened and then they left. I have often wondered if they were there to protect me or escort me home.

    • Rhonda

      Bobbie my dear departed father had polio at age 23 in an iron lung for a year he had an experience that makes everything real for me. He saw a light and wanted to go to it. He had his young bride (my mother) and two young girls (my sisters) the light spoke to him telling him “go back BOB go back” he didn’t want to but god made him. It wasn’t his time… I was born 17 years later and my father and I were the love of each others lives . He died 15 years ago I am now 48. Nothing other than my father will ever be so dear to me…

  • Guest

    Serious? Kid is talking about how he has seen God’s hand at work all over the country in all denominations, how he sees it’s about faithfulness and obedience to God and you want to push the Catholic Church? Lol!!!! Not about any church. About a relationship with Jesus, the Catholic Church is like any other denomination which is one mans interpretation of the Bible. Get with the program!!!

  • les stelse

    When i was 26 i sat with my dad who was pronounced dead 4 times in his life. I asked him what he saw. He told me he talked to his parents and grandparents. THey said everything will be ok and that they are all waiting to be with him.

  • Sol Benedict

    Why in this world would they want to be Roman Catholic?

    • kathyschiffer

      Not for the bake sales, Sol. Because it’s true.

  • catholickaren

    Those of you using solar scriptura as your argument against catholic respect of Mary and our veneration of her..I would challenge you to find where in the bible you find the Holy Trinity? Where does it say that we are to set aside Sunday as a day of worship? I believe these were concepts developed during the early days of the church..the original church. And you might want to read up on your own early church leaders…Luther, Wesely , and Calvin all adhered to the belief of Mary’s perpetual virginity and joblessness. This in no way takes anything away from her son! As she herself said, ” my soul magnifies the lord…he has done great things to me.” Catholics rejoice that God set aside and kept pure a lowly human through which he descended to this earth and became human while remaining fully divine.

  • catholickaren

    Correction..I did not mean joblessness but sinless…my kindle auto correct thinks it is smarter than me

  • charles

    Crazy Catholics.

  • Zion

    I must say i have been almost every religion in my Something-yrs of age and as per now… iam just a believer. No religion. No sect. No rituals. Before every prayer i say…. Dear Lord, creator of heaven and earth, creator of Adam&Eve, God of Noah, God of Abraham, Isaac&Jacob, God of Prophet Moses, God of King David, God and father to Jesus Christ. If that doesnt cover it…i dont know what does.

  • Scott

    Jesus Christ is our savior. There is no use arguing about the technicalities. The only way to Gods eternal kingdom is through the blood that Jesus Christ gave to forgive us for our sins. And all you must do is ask his forgiveness and believe in his Resurrection. He loves us all as sons and daughters and wills that none of us should perish but that all shall be granted eternal life And all that he asks of us is to BELIEVE. I pray this message finds its way to at least one person who needs to hear it. Because God loves YOU.

  • Kimberly Fraga

    My name is Kimberly Ann Fraga. I know his pain with his appendix. I was four years old when they took mine out. I pretty much had the same experience. Only thing is mine didn’t erupt. My parents didn’thave the same feelings as his. Everything was still the same. I would have loved to see my Grandpa’s and my Dad’ s Mom. It also would have been really amazing to see the child my Mom lost. We didn’t know if it was a girl or boy. It would have been the journey that changed my life to see JESUS!!!!

    P.S. I don’t understand why he got made fun of. I love that his sister punched those boys in the movie and it would have been my brothers to punch somebody.

    To Colton if you ever see this…stay strong. Be proud always and forever about what you saw.

  • Josie McMahon

    Please no fighting. What this boy went threw is a miracle. Colton thank you for sharing your experience. Your movie helped a lot of people. My husband and I have struggled for almost 5 years saying our son was in heaven but not fully knowing it ourselves. Thank you!

  • Joseph Bennett

    This is why Colton isn’t wanting to become a preacher but a speaker! There is difference in each belief but it doesn’t make those beliefs wrong. The important things in those beliefs is that it is a positive belief and the love of God.

  • http://www.rkoelectric.com MasterBob

    Kathy – I have some of the answers that Colton didn’t have…(or couldn’t remember)…..unlike his N.D.E at 3 yrs old…I came back from a “clinically dead” (~ 9 minutes – full cardiac arrest) followed by several days in a coma on life support with multiple organ failure – remained in critical condition for days…at 54 yrs.old – and solid recall of the bulk of my experiences (crossed over and back – multiple times) in Heaven. By all accounts – I shouldn’t have survived my ordeal…but it wasn’t my time – and I was needed back here..and that I still have lots to accomplish / contribute….so I am here…in the early stages of a book writing (stuggling to find the words to describe it all ) – with a Powerful set of messages to share…please contact me Kathy Schiffer – I may very well have what you seek.

  • Brennon

    Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah …woah..woah


    I am genuinely appalled at this behavior from anyone.. I only wish people could stop seeing, scrutinizing, analyzing, peering, etc etc etc… over what is so different from one religion to another, STOP for just a second and

    A. See the likenesses between religions

    B. Stop criticizing other people no matter what “religion” they choose and worship God in harmony

    If everyone would do that (yes, everyone, I mean YOU, sitting right there, reading this), the boundaries of what the world could and WOULD accomplish would be limitless. No more hunger? easy, No more war? done..

    You think I’m going out on a limb here? Well, do you believe in God? Does God make all good things possible? Are these not good things?

    I can only pray that more people learn to work together regardless of these minor “details” such as religion; our countries, our earth, our world, our universe, would be so much better it would almost be like heaven.

    Please, people, wake up!! and I beg you, stop criticizing your brethren, and START WORKING TOGETHER, for the sake of mankind!

    Oh, and the Love One Another thing, I am pretty sure he meant what he said.

  • faezeh

    I think Mary was a holly person and he was jesus’s mother but not any more and jesus was only a prophet and it is not true to say he is GOD himself
    am I right?

    • kathyschiffer

      No, Faezeh, you are wrong. Remember when Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth in the hill country, and Elizabeth said, “Who am I that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” Elizabeth knew, and Mary knew, that Jesus was God. Mary, most especially, would have understood the spiritual significance of his birth, since he was conceived without a man.

      So Mary cannot be a “holy person” if she is, at the same time, a liar. There are many other stories in the Scriptures which support this.


    Is God so limited that if no Mary no Jesus? get real. you are talking about God, Creator of everything. Mary was a woman use to birth Jesus. No where in Scripture after Pentecost is she mentioned, nor any of the other women who followed Jesus. She is to be respected but not set up as a god. Worship God alone!!!!!!!

  • Leann

    I had to comment about this I keep reading and everyone is fighting really it does not matter who you believe in I have faith however I believe there is a god and Jesus and I love them some people only believe there is Jesus only that is what they believe in we should never fight over religion I read the bible I do not go to church but that does not mean they are not with me they are always there when you need them to be I believe everyone has the right to believe in what they want too in their heart

  • Patrick

    Really funny how alot of you forget to realize the very first church was a catholic church. Mary was gods choice in women. Without her? He made her and had plans for her long before. The birth of Jesus was something they could rejoice in together! She plays a very important in the life of all Christians today. Everyone to be considered Christian back then were considered catholic and it wasn’t long after people went satisfied with it so they made up a new denomination. I’m not here to fight nor piss anyone off, but the truth is you will never really know until you get to that time anyways. There is no right or wrong people praise some sort of god, they just might have a different name.