Was Jesus Married? No, But He Will Be.

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in the question of whether or not Jesus was married. A Gnostic fragment quotes Jesus as saying "my wife." And Dan Brown's international bestseller, The Da Vince Code, alleges that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and that the church purposely hid this information when it decided on what gospels should be in the New Testament. But Brown's book is so full of historical errors its ridiculous. He is either a sorry researcher or deceptive, and … [Read more...]

Jordan Spieth Is a Christian

In case you are a prepper who has been hanging out in the back country this year--maybe in some cave waiting for the apocalypse to happen so that you don't know what's been going on in the world as of late--the PGA Tour has a new superstar this year. He's 22-year old Jordan Spieth from Dallas, Texas, and he is refreshing. Whether or not he will take over Tiger Woods' previous domination of the world of professional golf remains to be seen. But so far this golfing phenom--who has such a blessed … [Read more...]

Is Trinitarianism Properly Defined as God Existing In or As Three Persons?

For the past 35 years, I have been a student of church and para-church doctrinal statements, also called creeds. These statements, which usually consist of numbered articles, almost always contain an early article about the traditional church doctrine of the Trinity. I have observed in these creeds that the most common method of defining the doctrine of the Trinity goes something like this: "The one God exists in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." What churches mean to say by this … [Read more...]

Trump Will Go Thump!

I have posted a few times about New York City billionaire, real estate mogul, and now television celebrity Donald Trump concerning his campaigning to become the Republican nominee for president of the U.S. in the presidential election in late 2016. I generally stay clear of commenting on politics. My main reason for having this blog is to testify about my faith in God and my Lord Jesus Christ and to give reasons for it. I think getting into politics oftentimes spoils Christian … [Read more...]

Gaza Will Become a Worse Nightmare Without Its Tunnels

In 2006, Israel finally relented and unilaterally relinguished possession of the Gaza Strip to Palestinians. But Palestinians were becoming more divided between the secular Palestinian Authority, which operated mostly in the West Bank, and the fiercely religious Hamas that operated almost entirely in the Gaza Strip. Thus, a battle broke out between them in 2007, and Hamas emerged victoriously in control of Gaza, which remains so to this day.Prior to this, Palestinians living in the Gaza … [Read more...]

The Christological Confusion of Chalcedon

The Bible tells us Jesus of Nazareth was a man who was tempted by Satan, suffered persecution, and died. But the church of later generations said Jesus was and is also God. Thus, Jesus is a God man, 100 percent God and 100 percent human.Yet the Bible says, "God cannot be tempted by evil" (James 1.13). And it also says God is "immortal" (1 Timothy 1.17; 6.16), so that he cannot die. How can Jesus be God when he was really tempted by Satan and Jesus literally died?In 451, the Catholic … [Read more...]

List of All My Posts About Jesus Not Being God in the Bible

(Search the following posts in Archive Index according to date. Bible texts treated mostly in these posts are appended in bold. All scriptures from NRSV unless otherwise noted. Most of these posts are two-three pages in length that represent condensations of my book The Restitution of Jesus Christ, available only at my website kermitzarley.com.)1. 5/1/13: “If Jesus Emptied Some of His Deity, He Could No Longer Be in the Trinity” Phillipians 2.72. 5/8/13: “Incarnation and Trinity Give Us a … [Read more...]

I Like Pope Francis, But Will He Like to Toss Me Out on My Ear?

I like this 266th pope--Pope Francis. Who doesn't? He seems to be the best pope in my lifetime. He's a very warm, friendly person. He's smart and well-educated. He advocates strongly for the poor.After all, how can you not like a guy who used to be a bouncer in a South American nightclub who became the pope. BTW, I wonder if he ever bounced anyone out on ear. If he did, he probably smiled at the guy as he tossed him out.And consider Pope Francis' humility. Everywhere he goes he asks … [Read more...]