Who Is the God of Heaven?

The Old Testament has the expression "the God of heaven" twenty-one times. In six of these instances, this expression is preceded by God's name YHWH/YHVH. It is translated in English versions, "the LORD, the God of heaven." Thus, we can be pretty sure that in the other fifteen expressions that don't have God's name accompanying them, the authors meant that "the God of heaven" is YHWH/YHVH, which scholars usually translate Yahweh/Yehvah. (YHWH/YHVH is traditionally translated "LORD." One issue is … [Read more...]

North Korea’s Growing Nuclear Capability Is Worrisome

North Korea is led by young Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. He and other North Korean leaders rule the nation unmercifully as a militant state. Its ally, China, and the UN supplies North Korea with foodstuffs because of periods of starvation in that country. Kim John-un makes very hostile threats directed to South Korea and its ally, the U.S., but sometimes also toward Japan.Even though North Korea is a very poor country, with a population of only 25 million, against United Nations resolutions … [Read more...]

Peter Never Said Jesus Was God

I was a Trinitarian for twenty-two years. Then I read myself out of it in the Bible. I began to see that the Bible does not teach a Triune God as the post-apostolic, institutional, mostly Gentile church eventually declared and condemned those who differed. That is, there is no express teaching in the Bible about God being three in one, or God being three co-equal and co-eternal persons as I had been taught. In fact, the word "trinity" is not even in the Bible. This scared me when I thought of … [Read more...]

Who Was Most Guilty for Killing Jesus?

Mel Gibson is still reeling from all the criticism he got for his film, “The Passion of the Christ.” But he didn’t get hardly any criticism for it from Evangelicals. We loved it. Why? The film is pretty much biblical except for some scenes Gibson admittedly drew from documents purporting to be recorded visions of two Roman Catholic nuns of previous centuries: St. Anne Catherine Emmerich and Mary of Agreda. And, yeah, maybe Jews are right that Jewish characters in the film are unfairly presented i … [Read more...]

Mel Gibson and Randall Wallace Are Making a Film on Jesus’ Resurrection

Mel Gibson is in the news about a recent interview with Glenn Beck, Gibson’s attitude toward Jewish people, his blockbuster 2004 movie, “The Passion of the Christ,” and his admission he is working on a sequel with Randall Wallace that will be about Jesus’ resurrection.First, last Friday Glenn Beck, former Fox News political pundit, posted on his website that he interviewed Mel Gibson for 90 minutes a few days ago while they were attending the Venice Film Festival. (Gibson got a 10-minute stan … [Read more...]

This Week Is the 50th Anniversary of “Star Trek”

Next Thursday will be the 50th anniversary of the wildly popular Star Trek. For over ten years, I never hardly paid any attention to it. Then I met its creator, Gene Roddenberry. We sat together on an airplane having a very stimulating conversation, just the two of us, for nearly an hour about the possibility of aliens in space and if they have visited earth. We discussed if there are angels. More importantly, is there a God who made the universe? I posted about this experience on October 8, … [Read more...]

Is the Holy Spirit Neglected in the Book of Revelation?

Throughout much of the history of Christianity, the Holy Spirit mentioned so often in the New Testament was not mentioned very often by Christians. But that really began to change at the beginning of the twentieth century with the emergence of Pentecostals and, later, their younger siblings the Charismatics. In fact, this group has been most responsible for the growth of Christianity during the past century while the mainline churches have been suffering a decline in numbers of attendants at … [Read more...]

No Future One-World Government Until Jesus Returns

Some Christian "prophecy teachers," such as Hal Lindsey in The Late Great Planet Earth (pp. 103-23), assert the Bible predicts there will be a one-world government and a one-world church during the latter days. To support this assertion, they usually cite as their foremost biblical text Revelation 17. But that is not what that text means; moreover, nowhere does the Bible teach any such thing.Bible readers should know that humankind long ago tried to create something like a one-world … [Read more...]