Dreaming dreams and seeing visions: Nadia, Rachel, Tony et al.

I had an odd dream last night. Maybe this dream is the result of the spicy bean bowl I made for dinner, maybe it was melatonin gummies that helped me get the best night sleep in a month, maybe it came to me as a result of the creeping feeling that I need to walk away from Christianity all together.  What ever the cause I’d like to share it with you because it is sticking on me like white on rice this morning.

Cue wobbly TV footage and hokey dream sequence music.

It was the one year anniversary of my father’s death and there happened to be an Eastern Star meeting in Tyrone where he last lived and where his Masonic membership is located.  Side bar – the last time I had set my foot on Masonic ground  was in middle school when daddy entered me in a Temple beauty pageant judged by local Masons of pseudo-notoriety and Chief Nock-a-Homa (that part is real y’all, and yes I am troubled by at least three things in that sentence). So with the anniversary of dad’s death in mind, I was compelled to visit the Eastern Star meeting to learn about joining in his honor. I drove into the parking lot of the seed and feed that stood next to the old brick Masonic lodge. My boots crunched soothingly and dust clung to the frayed hem of my faded jeans as I crossed the chicken-feed strewn gravel lot.  As I neared  the open oak door I could see a gaggle of older ladies (YES older than ME!) arranging the evening’s cornucopia of covered dish goodies and then I noticed three rumply looking pieces of paper with big ole block letters taped to the door. As I drew closer the words came into focus and on them was printed – in all caps –




And after a split second of discernment I sighed a heavy sigh, turned and walked away.

Cue wobbly dream sequence interstitial.

When I awoke and recalled this dream I was not sad but I was curious about the particular list of names. I am still perplexed by the randomness of the setting since many Christians eschew all things Masonic.

Maybe it was just the beans.

Or maybe there is a message of hope in there that is just barely pulling me back from the brink of walking away from this screwed up cult religion we call Christianity.  Now I don’t hang my theological or ecclesiological hats on these three leaders and I’m no silly fan girl (I do in fact disagree with them once in a blue moon) but I do know that their persistent voices have pestered me back from the brink more than a few times.  In the latest fray over World Vision’s decision to hire gay and lesbian employees in committed relationships and the nasties who call themselves Christians withdrawing money from hungry children, these three  have indeed been just a few of the Christian voices of reason that have helped me not chuck the whole gnarly baby with the bathwater.  I’m close, but not yet.


Here’s a few snippets of Good News in response to the announcement by WV and the subsequent hissing of the brood of vipers.


On the World Vision Reaction: Some Bad News, Some Good News, and Some Ideas
update: Who’s this child sponsorship about, anyway?

This Is an Important Moment for Progressive Christians

Benjamin Corey (not listed in the dream but definitely on this list): When We’d Rather Let Kids Go Hungry Than Be Reasonable On Gay Marriage


Where have you heard voices of reason, compassion and grace this week?


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1,233 responses to “Dreaming dreams and seeing visions: Nadia, Rachel, Tony et al.”

  1. I was going to write something much more positive that I what I am about say. But my heart has just been shattered like crystal dropped from a great height. If World Vision has reversed its decision to hire married same sex couples, the haters who call themselves Christians have won. My wife and I have just sponsored a child in India through World Vision. The joy we felt has be tainted by this decision. We will continue to support the child we adopted but I would find it hard to donate to World Vision in the future. Today I am embarrassed to call myself a Christian but I will never be ashamed to follow Jesus. For what its worth their are many of who will still support and admire you if you decide to travel another road.

    • I too am left asking, at what point do you man the life boats, put away and let the ship sink? Will anything meaningful be lost? You can still follow Jesus, still seek the to execute his mission on earth, just without the sullied label. Sometimes when the foundation is cracked deep enough, you have no choice but to tear down the house and start over. (sorry for the mixed metaphor) That is where I am. I’m tired of the talk of ‘unity.’ I cannot pretend to share anything with these people. Whatever Christ they follow, I have never met him in my bible, and I have no desire to.