Gone Sluggin’

As you read this, I’m on the road with my 18 year old high school senior Adam. We’re headed to the coast for the day to attend a college admissions event at UC Santa Cruz. The home of the Banana Slugs is honestly not high on either of our lists, but a road trip to one of Adam’s “safety schools” and a visit to a city we haven’t really seen before sounded like a fun way to spend the day. While we’re there, I hope to sneak in a visit to Holy Cross Church at Mission Santa Cruz, a mission I’ve always wanted to visit.

Mission Santa Cruz was founded September 25, 1791 by Father Ferm ín Francisco de Lasuén, the successor of Father Junípero Serra. “Santa Cruz” means “Holy Cross” in Spanish. The full Spanish name of the mission is “Misión la exaltación de la Santa Cruz,” named after a feast day in the Church calendar which occurs on September 14: The Exaltation of the Holy Cross. For more information, click here.

Adam and I are a few months into his college search process. Along the way, there have been heated discussions, moments of enlightenment, a lot of long nights at Panera sucking down wifi and coffee refills, and already at least one early admission letter. All of the parties involved in this particular college discernment process have strong feelings which at this point are not in perfect alignment. We’ve agreed that at this point our job is to investigate all of the options — now is not the time for decision making. It’s the time to learn, to explore, to put your best foot forward in the application process and to leave a lot of trust in God’s infinite wisdom.

So I hope you enjoy your Saturday as much as I know I will, spending the day in the company of my favorite teenager. If you catch a score on the Notre Dame game, feel free to tweet it to me (@LisaHendey) and make sure you too find time for a little rest and relaxation today.

And don’t worry, if I see a real “banana slug” I’ll definitely share a photo!

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  • http://begojohnson.com maria

    I would totally go to a school whose mascot was a banana slug.

    Look forward to seeing the pictures of the mission. I totally fell in love with El Camino Real, and my daughters indulged me on a short pilgrimage when I visited that part of the world.

    Have fun! And don’t forget the pictures!

    • lisahendey

      Thanks Chica. No doubt, there will be photos! I’m sorry I missed you while you were out here – I hope it was a fantastic trip. Hugs!

  • Hislittlelamb

    Warning: this school is poison for your child’s mind & soul.

    My neice went to UC Santa Cruz. They are soooo liberal that by the time she graduated she was gay, even though prior to attending that school she was hetero.

    My sibling paid big $$ for that school to turn this baptised & confirmed Catholic girl into an Agnostic/Secular Humanist living a gay lifestyle.

    The town & campus couldn’t be more beautiful. Built inside a redwood forest it looks more like a resort than a college campus. Don’t be swayed by it’s outer beauty. Don’t judge this book by it’s cover. What’s going on inside those walls is poison.

  • http://zombiedeathextreme.com Karina Fabian

    I had to laugh at your statement “now is not the time for decision making.” Amber just got accepted to Full Sail University. She’d had her mind made up since Summer before her Junior year. We visited the campus and were all impressed with the profession focus. She’s known for years what she wants to do, and this school is all about getting you there without the campus social lifestyle. So that’s two down for me, and two to go, both of whom are talking Air Force Academy at the moment. (They’re in Junior High.)

    Good luck with the search. It’s an exciting time, and it’s terrific that you are so involved. My parents pretty much said, “Apply wherever you like; we support you.” Different world, then.