Random Inspiration En Route to Dallas

Hey team! I’m sitting in the airport in San Francisco on my way to Dallas for this weekend’s University of Dallas Ministry Conference. First off, may I wholeheartedly thank SFO for providing the cubicle with TWO plugs where I’m currently sitting and working during my hourlong layover? As a frequent traveler, I commend you. This beats my office in LAX: sitting on the floor next to the Ladies Room where the one accessible outlet is available…

Sharon Smith

As I woke up at 2:45 am today and have neither the time nor the mental prowess to put together any coherent thoughts, I thought I would share a few links with you and invite you to comment on them, or share any interesting articles of your own. Here, in no particular order of importance, are some of the stories which have caught my eye today:

  • Single Mom booted from Air Force for choosing life – CNN shares the Story “Single mom challenges dismissal from Air Force” about Rebecca Edmonds, who became pregnant immediately prior to her commissioning as an Air Force Officer. I found the story to be very compelling and respectfully written. I would love the opportunity to meet and interview Rebecca if anyone has one of those “six degrees of separation” things going on with her…
  • Do Bloggers Need Charisms? – My new Twitter buddy and fellow blogging Californian Marcus Allen Steele is doing an awesome job over at his new blog. During my recent visit to his blog, Marcus’ post entitled “New blogger’s challenge – help me determine charism” really grabbed me. Do I have a charism? Do you? If you’re looking for some guidance, be sure to read the great advice Marcus is given in the comboxes.
  • St. Marianne Cope’s Miracle – If you heard me on Gus Lloyd’s morning show on The Catholic Channel earlier this week, you’ll know that I goofed up on one of Gus’ questions. The “Seize the Day” host asked me about the miracle that led to the approval of St. Marianne Cope’s canonization. Because I had not adequately done my homework, I was stumped. Thankfully, Gus wasn’t. If you don’t already know the answer to that question, you can find it in “The miracle case of Sharon Smith”. I love that Sharon — healed miraculously through the intervention of Mother Marianne — is now well enough to volunteer at Francis House, a home for the terminally ill in Syracuse, cleaning and visiting the residents. I think St. Marianne would definitely smile at that!

OK, I hear them calling my flight, so I’ll sign off here and wish you a beautiful day. If you’ve read any inspirational or thought provoking articles online lately, feel free to share them in the comments.

"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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