American Pilgrims Find Themselves in Rome for Historic Days

Among those I’m following in Rome is my friend Mountain Butorac of The Catholic Traveler. Mountain and the pilgrims he’s leading in a trip to the Vatican this week find themselves in the enviable position of being on the ground in St. Peter’s Square during the Conclave. For great photos and firsthand tweets, follow Mountain on Twitter at

American Pilgrims Find Themselves in Rome for Historic Days

Catholic Tour Group Finds Being in Rome Providential

Mountain Butorac, The Catholic Traveler, prepares for media interviews

ATLANTA, March 12, 2013 – They wanted to see Rome for the first time. Perhaps visit some ancient churches, tour the Vatican, see the catacombs, attend an audience with Pope Benedict XVI, but little did these pilgrims know almost a year ago that they would land in Rome during the most historic of days.

Mountain Butorac, owner and operator of The Catholic Traveler, a unique Catholic tour company, remarks on the sheer providence of being in Rome during these weeks, “When we arrange tours, anything can happen. We obviously had no idea that when we arranged this trip the Pope would resign and, in these particular days, we would be witnessing this kind of history for the Catholic Church and the world, but it’s an incredible opportunity for these pilgrims to be experiencing this.”

Butorac will be in Rome through Palm Sunday leading two back-to-back groups with Lino Rulli of Sirius/XM’s Catholic Channel. His groups will likely experience the white smoke and attend the installation Mass of the new Pope.

Butorac adds, “All my trips are about the groups. I’ve experienced Rome many times, but when I bring a group, I am seeing everything again for the first time. This trip, we are all experiencing this for the first time. It’s very emotional for all of us.”

The group has already been interviewed by many of the major television networks for being in Rome during this unprecedented time and is eager to share their thoughts and experiences.

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