Mid-Atlantic Congress Begins in Baltimore

After a day and a half of travel related adventures, I am happily ensconced at the Baltimore Hilton to attend and “live tweet” this year’s Mid-Atlantic Congress. If you’re unfamiliar with this event, you can learn more about it here, but this is an overview of the organizing principles:

The Mid-Atlantic Congress (MAC) is organized around three essential themes, one for each of the three days.

  • Thursday—Being Enthusiastic About Our Faith: Creating and sustaining passion about our faith, translating it into mission, sharing that mission with others, and learning successful supportive leadership strategies
  • Friday—Inviting Others into the Life and Mission of the Church as Disciples: Engaging others, especially those of diverse backgrounds and experiences, including emerging voices in the Church, to interact with key speakers and leadership/management experts
  • Saturday—Motivating People to Live a Life of Witness, Service, and Apostolic Action: Moving people into faith and into community engagement through proven leadership and management techniques

Things are just getting into action this morning, so I thought I’d share a few of the “getting ready” photos I shot this morning:

Daughters of St. Paul setting up their booth
Tasty Cake hospitality and a raffle hosted by the Archdiocese of Baltimore
Registration is open! You can walk up at the Baltimore Hitlon to attend.

I’ll be blogging here and tweeting throughout the event at my twitter feed and at the official Mid-Atlantic Congress feed. Check for frequent updates on the action at this special conference.

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